Search sources

A search source is a record that describes the behavior and source of searchable data.

A search source defines:
  • Where search data is retrieved from.
  • Whether search suggestions can populate the search field based on user input.
  • How a search entry displays in the search result page.

Search sources have simple and advanced configurations.

  • Simple: Define a table within your ServiceNow instance as a source of searchable data. To learn more, see Define a search source.
  • Advanced: Define a data fetch script to return data. A data fetch script executes on the server and returns a result array to the search widget. This method is more complex, but offers complete power over how a search is executed. You are not limited to records and tables within ServiceNow and can define a script that fetches data from anywhere on the web. To learn more, review the Tutorial: set up an external knowledge base search source.

Typeahead settings

Typeahead returns search results in real time as a user types in the search field. You can configure typeahead settings, or disable the feature entirely, within the search source record.

  • Simple: Define an icon to display beside typeahead results and the target page to display typeahead selections.
  • Advanced: Define a template for the typeahead result. See Create an advanced typeahead template.

Search engine and custom settings

When a simple search source is defined, Service Portal uses the search engine settings configured on your instance. To learn more, see Search administration.