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Create a workflow for an SLA Definition

Create a workflow for an SLA Definition

Automate a multi-step process by creating a workflow from an SLA definition.

Before you begin


  1. Open a list of SLA definitions. For example Facilities > SLA Definitions or Service Level Management > SLA Definitions.
  2. At the top of the form, next to SLA Definitions, click New New icon.
  3. Select Contract SLA or Service Offering SLA.
    The SLA Definition or Service Offering SLA form opens.
  4. Next to the Workflow field, click the lookup icon.
  5. Next to Workflow at the top, click New.
    Create a workflow from an SLA definition

    The Workflow Version dialog shows in the New Workflow view. The Table field is set to SLA Definition (contract_sla) or Service Offering SLA (service_offering_sla) and is read-only.

  6. Enter Name.
  7. [Optional] Enter Description
  8. [Optional] Edit conditions fields as necessary.
  9. Click Submit.
    The new workflow is created with the Begin and End activities connected by a single transition.

    New workflow

  10. Finish creating the workflow by adding activities, validating, and publishing so the workflow is available to other users.
    For more information, see Work on workflows.
  11. [Optional] To change advanced settings for the workflow, click the Properties icon Properties icon. If you make changes, click Update.

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