Approve or reject a time sheet

As a user manager, you can view and approve or reject a time sheet to approve/reject all the time cards for a user for the given week in one go.

Before you begin

Role required: timecard_approver, timecard_admin


  1. Navigate to Time Sheets > Time Sheets > Pending Approval.
  2. Open the timesheet from the list.
  3. Add comments, if required.
  4. Click Approve or Reject.


  • The time sheet moves to the Approved or Rejected state.
  • All the time cards associated with the time sheet are also approved or rejected automatically.
  • If any time cards in the time sheet are pending approval by one of the approvers as defined by the time sheet policy, the time sheet remains in Submitted state.
  • You can also approve or reject the time cards within a time sheet selectively by selecting one or more time cards and approving/rejecting them.
  • If a time sheet is rejected, all the associated time cards in Submitted state are also rejected automatically. The time cards in Approved and Processed state for the time sheet remain unaffected.
  • If all the time cards in a time sheet are approved, the time sheet automatically moves to the Approved state.
  • If a time card in a time sheet is in Rejected state, then irrespective of the state of other time cards in the time sheet, the time sheet also moves to the Rejected state.