Record time worked

Time accrued on a project or spent working on any record in the Task table is retrieved by the time card from the Time worked field.

This field does not appear by default on the Project Task, Incident, Problem, and Change forms and must be added by personalizing the form. Time recorded in this field is used to populate an existing time card or to create a new time card if one does not already exist. This behavior is controlled by a time sheet policy.

When time worked is updated, a time card is created only if:

  • the user is a time card user, AND
  • the user is assigned to the task through Assigned to or Additional assignee list field.

The Time worked field has a counter that acts like a stopwatch for the duration of the time spent in the record. The counter can be stopped and started by a button in the field. By default, the Time worked counter is enabled and begins recording the elapsed time when the record is opened. Stop the counter with the stop button and restart it with the play button.

Time counter started:

Figure 1. Time worked started

Time counter stopped:

Figure 2. Time worked stopped

If you are creating time cards from time worked entries, you can add the related list to display the time worked records on the time card form. You will also notice an informational message on the time card to let you know that changes to time worked records will override values in the time card. This is displayed using a formatter, which can be added or removed by configuring the form.

Figure 3. Time worked notice