Configure a mobile theme

Administrators can configure a consistent theme for the mobile UI.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Theme changes apply to both the mobile app and the mobile web experience.


  1. Navigate to System Mobile UI > Themes.
  2. Click an existing theme to edit, or click New.
  3. Complete the mobile theme form fields.

    Mobile theme form with Theme Colors filled out as purple and teal

    Table 1.
    Field Description
    Name Title for the theme. This won't appear anywhere to your end users.
    Base theme The underlying theme to build your styles on. Use the base theme to determine if the main background is darker or lighter.
    Navigation bar title A title that appears in the navigation bar of the app or mobile web page. For example, your company name or the group you are creating the app for.
    Title image An image that appears below the navigation bar.
    Theme Colors Navigation bar and toolbar colors for the native app or mobile web. Use color names or Hex codes. For example, red or #ff0000.
  4. Copy the sys_id of the theme from the form context menu.
  5. Navigate to System Properties > Mobile UI Properties and copy the sys_id into the Set the active theme for the mobile experience. Should be a sysId from the Mobile Themes table [glide.ui.m.mobile_theme] field.


Mobile screenshot of what the completed theme fields look like on a mobile device