Update min and max values to match templates

If you use survey result calculation data, ensure that the Min and Max values for a question that uses a template are equal to the smallest and largest template definition Value.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

When you create a question of the Template data type, the system sets the Min and Max fields based on the template definition values. The fields for existing questions are not updated if you add a new template definition to a template or if you update the Value of an existing template. If the new Value is less than the minimum value or greater than the maximum value of any questions that use the template, update the questions accordingly.


  1. Navigate to Survey > Questions.
  2. Configure the list to show the Min and Max columns.
  3. Add the following list filter condition: [Template] [is] [<select the template you updated>].
  4. Ensure the Min and Max values match the smallest and largest template definition Value for the selected template.
    If the values do not match, edit the Min and Max values directly from the list.
    Note: When the data type is Template, a UI policy prevents the editing of Min and Max from the form.