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Key survey terms

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Key survey terms

These survey terms are used throughout the documentation to describe survey management functions and capabilities.

Table 1. Key survey terms
Term Description
Survey definition Root record on which a survey is built. A survey definition contains information such as the survey name, state, and distribution schedule. Each survey definition has its own categories and questions.

Survey definitions are comparable to legacy survey masters.

Public survey Any user can take a public survey, even users who have not logged in to the ServiceNow system. For a completed survey, the Assigned to field value is Guest.
Survey category Represents a theme for survey questions. Categories contain one or more questions. The system creates one category per survey by default. Additional categories are optional.
Survey question A question that appears on a survey questionnaire for the associated survey definition.

Survey questions are comparable to legacy survey questions.

Survey user User who is authorized to receive invitations for a restricted survey.
Survey instance Represents one survey questionnaire assigned to one user.

Survey instances are comparable to legacy survey instances.

Trigger condition Defines a rule that enables the system to send a survey when an action occurs on a table, such as when an incident closes.

Trigger conditions are comparable to legacy survey conditions.

Scorecard Visual representation of survey responses. Scorecards display a variety of data summaries for one survey definition.