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Survey trigger conditions

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Survey trigger conditions

Trigger conditions specify when to send a particular survey and the persons to send it to.

Survey administrators can use trigger conditions to configure the system to generate a survey instance each time a specified action occurs on a specified table, for example, when an incident or change request closes. The system sends the survey to users that are related to the triggering record, for example, incident callers or change request assignees. You can choose to send a survey every time the condition is met, or you can set a probability for the system to send a survey at random when the condition is met.

Trigger conditions are ideal for sending transactional surveys. Transactional surveys generally measure satisfaction with a recent experience, such as closing an incident or purchasing an item.

Note: Trigger conditions are comparable to survey conditions in legacy surveys. If you migrate a legacy survey that has survey conditions, ensure that the survey conditions are deactivated before you recreate them as trigger conditions.