Overview: Monitor how your subscriptions are allocated

Your organization purchases ServiceNow subscriptions. You use the modules in the Subscription Management application to manage and monitor subscriptions throughout the subscription life-cycle.

You must be a usage administrator (usage_admin role) or an admin user to allocate subscriptions and to use other modules in the Subscription Management application. ServiceNow notifies usage admins by email when subscriptions are added or updated on your instance.

Figure 1. Subscription life cycle
Table 1. Subscription Management tasks
Task Description Module to use to perform the task
Receive and view subscriptions Your instance downloads subscription information and notifies you by email. Now you can review the subscriptions to decide which actions to take. Subscriptions module:

View your subscription applications and allocation levels

Allocate users You allocate fulfiller users to Per-User subscriptions. (The ServiceNow instance auto-allocates all other subscription types.) Allocation is typically a one-time task with minor maintenance. Subscriptions module:

Overview: Allocate users to a Per-User subscription

Monitor and adjust You monitor usage of subscription applications: How many subscribed users, can you allocate more users, are there users who are not subscribed, and so on. As needed, reallocate users. Subscription Overview module:

Monitor how resources are allocated to subscriptions

Compliance Overview module:

Monitor subscription compliance

Plan for renewing subscriptions Review historical activity to prepare to renew subscriptions: How have usage patterns changed over time, is there high demand for a particular application, and so on. Subscriptions module:
Review the subscriptions that your organization has purchased View the list of all types of subscriptions and check allocation levels at a glance. Subscriptions module:

View your subscription applications and allocation levels