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Set the relative weight of a field

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Set the relative weight of a field

To improve search results, the search engine assigns to each potential match a numeric score that represents its relevancy to the query.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Administrators can control the relative importance of a match for each field in a table with the ts_weight attribute. The default weight of a field is 1.


  1. Open the system dictionary entry for the field.
  2. In the Attributes field, enter ts_weight=<value>, where <value> is the relative weight of the field.
    The following fields have elevated scoring weights by default:
    • kb_knowledge.number = 50
    • kb_knowledge.short_description = 10
    • kb_knowledge.meta = 10
    • task.number = 50
    • task.short_description = 10
    For example, if the Title field has a ts_weight=50 and the Description field has a ts_weight=10, then a match in the title is weighted 5 times more relevant than a match in the description and 50 times more relevant than a field without the ts_weight attribute.
  3. Click Update.
    Note: To view the complete scoring system, see Document Scoring.