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Enable using your own POP3 server

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Enable using your own POP3 server

You can use your own POP3 server to store and receive email for the instance.

Before you begin


  1. On your POP3 server, create a mailbox for your instance that has a custom email address. For example, create a mailbox for
  2. Navigate to System Mailboxes > Administration > Email Accounts.
    The system displays the list of available email accounts.
  3. (Optional) If you do not want to receive email sent to the mailbox, locate the record for ServiceNow POP3 and change Active to false.
    An instance can receive email from multiple POP3 accounts at the same time. Leaving theServiceNow POP3 account active allows the instance to receive email sent to the instance default email address.
  4. Click New.
    The system displays a blank Email Account form.
  5. Create an email account record for your POP3 server where the Type is POP3.
  6. From Related Links, click Test POP3 connection.
    If the email account is valid, the system returns a Completion code of Success.


Figure 1. Receiving email using your own POP3 server