SOAP template execution parameters

You use execution parameters to create the input process script in the Pre processing form of the activity designer.

For descriptions of the SOAP web service command fields, see the table in Configure the SOAP execution command.
Note: You must use the executionParam. prefix with all variables in this table.
Table 1. SOAP execution parameters
Name Variable Type Usage
Web service message web_service_message Reference The sys_id of the corresponding SOAP message.
Web service message function web-service_message_function Reference The sys_id of the SOAP message function.
Web service endpoint web_service_endpoint String URL of the SOAP endpoint.
Parameters parameters Array of JavaScript objects Array of JavaScript objects, expressed with the executionParam. prefix. For instructions on creating arrays using this parameter, see Create a JavaScript array in a SOAP template.
Use mid server use_mid_server Boolean When true, indicates that a MID Server is used.
MidCapabilities midCapabilities String (comma separated) List of references to required MID Server capabilities.
Time out time_out String Allowed duration of the SOAP web service request before it times out, in seconds. The default is 10.
ValueCapabilities valueCapabilities Array of hashmap Capability values used to select the MID Server. For more information, see Set up domain separation for MID servers. Use this example to customize the MID Server selection if there are additional capabilities that are assigned by value:
var valueCapability = {'NEW_MID_CAPABIILTY':'NEW_MID_CAPABILITY_VALUE'}; executionParam.valueCapabilities.push(valueCapability);
Auth Type auth_type Boolean Type of credentials to use. The choices are:
  • basic_auth_pick_credentials
  • use_existing_credentials
Credentials credentials Reference Credentials to use for this SOAP message when the auth_type is basic_auth_pick_credentials.