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Set up a notification device in UI15 and earlier

Set up a notification device in UI15 and earlier

You can add devices for a user to receive notifications. A device is a mobile device, email account, or voice message system that the user has access to.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Notification devices include email addresses, service providers for SMS messages, and mobile applications.


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click Notification Preferences.
  4. Click Create New Device.
  5. Fill in the fields on the form (see table).
  6. Click Submit.
    Notification Device form
    Table 1. New Device form
    Field Description
    Name A descriptive name of the device or account.
    Type The type of device:
    • Email: for email messages.
    • SMS: for SMS messages.
    • Mobile: for push notifications.
    Email address The user's email address.
    Mobile application The mobile application for push notifications.
    Phone number The user's phone number for SMS messages.
    Service provider The service provider for SMS messages.
    User The user's record in the system.
    Order A number that determines which device receives the notification when multiple devices are configured. The device with the lowest number receives the notification.
    Active A flag that indicates if the device is active.
    Related list
    Notification Device Variables Additional, optional attributes of an SMS device used inside an advanced script from the SMS service provider. These attributes are generally used to deliver SMS notifications to an internal SMS distribution technology. This advanced scripting procedure is not necessary for configuring external SMS providers.
    Note: If you inactivate a device, it still appears in the user preferences, but the switches that allow users to select the notifications are grayed out for that device column.

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