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Subscription-based notifications

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Subscription-based notifications

Subscription-based notifications enable users to proactively subscribe to items that interest them and unsubscribe from messages that are not mandatory.

Users can also specify additional notification channels that each of their notifications can be configured to use.

Before users can manage the notifications that are sent to them, administrators must create email notifications to which users can subscribe. Administrators can also make subscription-based notifications mandatory so users cannot unsubscribe to them. Then users can subscribe or unsubscribe to the notifications, and add schedules and filters to the subscription to limit the notifications that can be received.

Starting with the Helsinki release, notifications that administrators mark as subscribable are automatically available in user notification settings.

Administrators should create subscription-based notifications when they do not want to specify users for a notification and want to let users proactively subscribe to the notification.
Note: Subscription-based notifications are not domain aware and cannot support domain-specific settings.

Subscriptions 2.0 plugin

The Subscription Based Notifications 2.0 plugin must be active to use subscribable notifications. This plugin is active by default on all new and upgraded instances.

The plugin installs the Notification Subscription [sys_notif_subscription] table, which holds user subscriptions to all notifications.

Subscriptions and notification preferences

Users can subscribe to notifications available to them through their notification preferences. In the UI16 interface, all users can set and modify their notification preferences through the Notifications tab of the System Settings window. In the UI15 interface and earlier, admins and users set their notification preferences through the Notification Preferences link in the User form.