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Remove the display value column

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Remove the display value column

You can remove the display value column from a reference field by setting the ref_ac_display_value attribute to false.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

This causes the reference field to remove the display value column and only display the columns listed in the ref_ac_columns attribute. This feature requires the use of the AJAXTableCompleter class and the ref_ac_columns, ref_ac_columns_search, and ref_ac_display_value attributes.
Note: Auto-complete cannot match text from additional columns when the reference field is a product of the ui_reference UI macro. This means any auto-complete action against a selector, such as the Impersonate User list, can only match text against the display value.

This example describes how to remove the display value column from references to the User [sys_user] table and replace it with references to the first_name and last_name columns.


  1. Navigate to a list of the target table, such as User Administration > Users.
  2. Perform the appropriate action for your list version.
    List v2 Right-click the column header and click Configure > Dictionary.
    List v3 Open the list title menu and click Configure, and then click Dictionary.
  3. Select the row that does not list a column name.
    This row is typically the first row in the list. For example, select the first sys_user link.
  4. Under Related Links, click Advanced view.
  5. In the Attributes field, add the ref_auto_completer, ref_ac_columns,ref_ac_columns_search , and ref_ac_display_value attributes.
    For example, to hide the display value column and only display the user's first and last names enter the following.
  6. Click Update.

What to do next

To test the new auto-complete attributes, open a form that references the User [sys_user] table, such as an open incident. Enter a single character in the Assigned to field. The auto-complete options now hide the display value column (user_name) and only display the first_name and last_name columns.
Auto-complete no display value