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Add the condition count to a condition field

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Add the condition count to a condition field

The condition count widget can be activated on condition fields to display a preview of the records that would meet the current set of conditions. For fields where the condition count is activated, the number of records that match the conditions will automatically display. The count refreshes if the field the condition field depends on, such as Table, is changed. If the Table field is left blank, the widget is hidden.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary


  1. Right-click the field label and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. Add show_condition_count=true to the Attributes field.
  3. Submit.


In this example, a condition is run on the Incident table to look for incidents where Category is Network:

Figure 1. Condition count
screen image shows 112 records matching the condition

The list shows that there are 112 records with Network as its category.

To refresh the preview, click the update count icon (Update count icon).

To view details of the results, click the number of records to open the list view of the results:

Figure 2. Condition count results