Obfuscate passwords in the properties file

You can obfuscate passwords in the edgeencryption.properties file to share the properties file without revealing clear text passwords.

Before you begin

Make sure that the Edge Encryption proxy server is set up and successfully running before you set this property. Before setting this property, Stop the Edge Encryption proxy.

About this task

Setting this property may make it difficult to debug connection and access issues during initial startup. Only set this property in production environments after the proxy has been set up and tested successfully.


  1. Change to the <installation directory>/conf/ directory.
  2. In the conf directory, create a text file that contains the string you want to use to obfuscate the passwords in the edgeencryption.properties file.
  3. Open the edgeencryption.properties file.
  4. Set the password encryption property.
  5. Save and close the edgeencryption.properties file.

What to do next

After setting this property, you can Start the Edge Encryption proxy.