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View an assessment scorecard

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View an assessment scorecard

The Assessments application prepares printable scorecards. A scorecard displays easy-to-interpret assessment results, in which the current calculated ratings for an assessable record are compared to previous ratings or to the ratings of other records.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin

About this task

Users can examine ratings over time, compare ratings for one assessable record with all assessable records in a table, or compare the ratings of two assessable records. All ratings are averages for the time range selected. The system dynamically updates a scorecard each time you view it, so the ratings reflect recently completed assessments and scripted metrics.

Administrators can display a scorecard for any table by creating a Related Link on assessable records. The system provides this link on the Company form by default when Vendor Performance is active.

The Vendor Performance application provides an enhanced scorecard view for vendors.

See Vendor Performance in . Project Portfolio Suite.


  1. Navigate to Assessments > Assessable Records.
  2. Open a record.
  3. Under Related Links, click View Scorecard.