Accessibility search methods

There are several ways to search for information in the user interface.

  • When a list opens, focus starts in the search field. Tab or shift+tab to navigate away from the search, or start typing while focus is in the search field.
  • List views include a Go to search field in the list title bar. Using the * wildcard character in the search text allows you to perform a contains search rather than a starts with search. This type of query may take a little longer to run but can save keystrokes. You can also use several other wildcards with list searches.
  • The navigation filter in the application navigator filters the applications and modules that appear in the navigator based on the entered text. Tab through or use skip links to navigate directly to the navigation filter. To open a module, click the module name, or press the Down Arrow to highlight the module name, and then press Enter.

See Introduction to Searching for more information about these search methods.