Keyboard accessibility

Use a keyboard to navigate the platform.

The Now Platform is designed to be as accessible as possible without user modification or setting changes. Users can tab through the platform UI without enabling accessibility. However, without accessibility enabled, tabbing goes from input to input and skips other items on a form, such as reference icons.

Tab-through provides the following options:
  • Use skip links to shift focus to different parts of the page without tabbing through every element.
  • On edit pages such as forms, the keyboard focus starts at the first editable field on the page.
  • If the glide.ui.accessibility.focus_first_field user preference is enabled, page focus starts at the first input field at the top of the page content section. In a table, this field is usually the search option. In a form, the field is the first input field in the form.
  • Use tab-through and arrow keys to move items around in a slushbucket
  • When focused on tabs, use right/left arrow keys to switch tabs
  • Arrows keys work within menus to navigate between entries
  • On tab-through for a list, the option to enable the Edit table data inline appears, which allows you to use the list editor, rather than opening the form.
    • When inline edit mode is enabled, screen focus shifts to the first cell in the table.
    • Press the Escape key while a cell is selected to exit inline edit mode. Focus still remains on the cell.
    • Use the arrow keys (in addition to tabbing) to move around the list in inline edit mode.