Define a maintenance schedule for an ink cartridge replacement

If you wanted to schedule a printer ink cartridge replacement after printing a pre-defined number of pages, define a general plan with a meter-based maintenance schedule. In this example, a simple table called Printer is added with string fields for printer, model, pages, and the like.

  1. Navigate to Planned Maintenance > Maintenance Plans.
  2. Click New and create a maintenance plan called Epson Laser Cartridge Replacement with the following definitions:
    • Type: General
    • Table: Printer
    • Filter condition: Model is Epson
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Navigate to Planned Maintenance > Maintenance Plans.
  5. Click the number of the maintenance plan you just created.
  6. In the Maintenance Schedules related list, click New.
  7. Enter the following:
    • Name: Epson Laser Cartridge Replacement
    • Short description: Scheduled cartridge replacement for Epson laser printers
    • Repetition: Meter
    • Every: 7500
    • Field: Pages
  8. Click Submit.
    The Epson Laser Cartridge Replacement maintenance plan schedules all Epson laser printers to replace ink cartridges after printing 7,500 pages.