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Maintenance plan management

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Maintenance plan management

Planned maintenance allows you to create, maintain, and schedule maintenance for any equipment in your business that requires regular maintenance.

The maintenance plan specifies the CI class, product model, or other criteria, such as location, and defines what maintenance is to be performed. The maintenance schedule defines the timing, by specifying how often and when to perform the maintenance.

For example, one maintenance plan can be defined to inspect and clean all air conditioners within a product model. The maintenance schedule specifies that the inspection is performed every six months.

Maintenance plans and schedules also take into consideration service management work orders and facilities requests opened against that equipment.

Timing the first maintenance

By default, the first planned maintenance is scheduled based on the timing entered in the schedule. For example, if you create a schedule to inspect the air conditioners every six months, the first one occurs six months from schedule creation.

To schedule the date of the first maintenance:
  1. Navigate to the Maintenance Schedule form.
  2. Click the Run on demand related link.
  3. De-select the Run now field.
  4. In the Select next run date field, use the calendar to select the desired date.
  5. Save the date.
  6. Click Schedule. This updates the next run time for the maintenance plan records.

You can update this field for any maintenance schedule as needed. For example, if the regular interval is due next month, you can select a date earlier or later in this field to change when the maintenance occurs.