HR Catalog items installed with HR Service Portal

Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal adds the following HR catalog items.
HR catalog item Description
401(k) benefits Submit a question about 401(k) benefits. For example: How much can I contribute? or When do withdrawals start?
Employee relations questions Submit a question about employee relations. For example: My office mate talks too loudly on the phone all day long.
Employment verification Submit a request to have an employment verification letter generated and sent to a third-party contact, such as a bank loan officer. Variables include the name of the institution, contact name and info, and email address.
General Submit a question about benefits that are not covered by the other catalog items. For example: Does the company have a discount program?
Medical/dental/vision Submit a question about your health coverages, such as what you to cover your domestic partner.
Payroll Submit a question about payroll. For example: How do I change my W2 deductions?
Retirement Submit a question about retirement benefits and options, such as how many years must you have with the company to qualify for retirement.
Tuition Submit a request for tuition reimbursement following your company guidelines. Variables include the educational institution, class taken, completion date, and the tuition amount.