Create a coaching opportunity

To define the critical moments in a process where an individual can be coached, create a coaching opportunity.

  1. Navigate to Coaching Loops > Coaching Opportunities.
  2. Click New to open a new Coaching Opportunity form.
    Figure 1. Coaching Opportunity form
  3. Populate the fields as appropriate.
    Table 1. Coaching Opportunity form
    Field Description
    Table Required] Select the table to be evaluated for coaching opportunities. The Table field must match, extend or be extended by the table selected on a discipline record to create an assessment. For example, an opportunity defined for the Incident table can be combined with a discipline defined for the Task table to create an assessment but an opportunity defined for the incident table cannot be combined with a discipline defined for the Problem table. An opportunity defined for the Task table can be combined with a discipline defined for any table that extends the Task table to create an assessment.
    Condition Define the event that triggers a coaching opportunity for the selected table. Conditions for opportunities are generally unique events such as when an incident is reassigned.
    Coachee Select the field from the selected table that identifies the coachee.
    Active Select this check box to evaluate the selected table for coaching opportunities. Clear the check box to disable evaluations.
    Ignore sample size Select this check box to ignore the sample size, if one is specified in the discipline based on the same table. If Ignore sample size is selected for a coaching opportunity, that opportunity always creates a coaching assessment when triggered regardless of the discipline Sample size.
    Order [Required] Enter a number to set the priority for coaching opportunities if more than one event meets the criteria to create an assessment. A lower order number indicates a higher priority.
    Snapshot Enter a script that defines the evaluation process applied to the selected table. This helps the coach understand the context of the assessment, such as a specific task, action, or behavior. You can use fields from the Table selected on the coaching opportunity record. For example, when analyzing the Incident table, use ${number} to display the record number (such as INC0010002) for the incident record that triggered the coaching opportunity.
  4. Click Submit.