Enable or disable SAM NVD vulnerability detection

When SAM NVD vulnerability detection is enabled, existing software assets are compared to the NVD database. Vulnerable Items are created to track any vulnerabilities found in your system. Use the filters to limit the vulnerabilities and configuration items to scan. Vulnerable items are rechecked whenever these settings are updated.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_vul.admin


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Administration > Configure SAM NVD.
    Note: Detect vulnerabilities using SAM data is checked (on) by default for an upgrade where Vulnerability Response plugin is installed. In new installations, the default is unchecked and automatic detection is off.
  2. Check or uncheck Detect vulnerabilities using SAM data as appropriate.
  3. Create CI or Vulnerability Filters.

    Filters are needed after a new installation, when Detect vulnerabilities using SAM data is checked, unless you want every CI and vulnerability in your system included in the scan.

    Changing filters does not impact existing vulnerable items. A rescan only creates vulnerable items based on changes to the filters.

    Enable SAM NVD vulnerability detection form
  4. Click Save and Create Vulnerable Items.