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Register the Trusted Security Circles central instance for each domain

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Register the Trusted Security Circles central instance for each domain

If domain separation is not installed, registration to the global domain occurs automatically. If you have installed domain separation, manually register the Trusted Security Circle central instance for each of your domains.

Before you begin

If you are using the basic level of Trusted Security Circles, it is activated automatically when you activate Security Incident Response. Trusted Security Circles Client (Advanced) is available as a separate subscription.
When domain separation is activated, two additional modules appear in the Trusted Security Circles navigation bar:
  • Job Queue Entries
  • Registration

Role required: sn_tis_admin


  1. If it is not already activated, active the appropriate level of Trusted Security Circles.
  2. Navigate to Trusted Security Circles > Registration.
  3. From the Domain () drop-down list, select the domain you want to register to the Trusted Security Circles central instance.
  4. Click Register.
  5. You can verify that the domain registration completed successfully by navigating to Trusted Security Circles > Circles.