Script includes installed with Trusted Security Circles Client

Trusted Security Circles adds the following script includes.

Script include Description
AsyncStateHandler Processes State information asynchronously.
CentralSync Logic to handle central processing on cached tables (sn_tis_profile, sn_tis_member, sn_tis_trusted_circle, sn_tis_sic).
CentralUtil Performs general functions.
Circles Logic for handling joining circles, leaving circles, getting circles and members.
HiInstanceUtil Communicates with HI to query for instance type.
IndustriesUtil Communicates with central to query for industries (sn_tis_sic).
InstanceUtil Performs general instance-related operations.
JobExecutor Executes a scheduled job within a particular domain. Utilizes a queue to run the job in the last run domain next.
MessageProcessorBase A base class to use when extending Threat Intelligence Sharing messages.
MessageProcessorFactory Creates TAXII messages from internally-captured threat intelligence.
MessageProcessorScheduler Schedules the dissemination of TAXII messages to members of Trusted Circles.
ProfilesUtil Communicates with central to create, update, and query profiles.
RecordRefresher Generic implementation for populating the local cache for any client table. It determines if local records need to be inserted/updated/deleted. If a record from central is not found locally, insert it. If a record from central is found locally, update it. If a record is only found locally and not on central, delete it. All records are inserted/updated first before any references are set. This is because referencing records might not exist until all records are inserted first.
RefreshAJAX API to get data from central and update the local cache.
ShareHandler Shares data with a trusted security circle.
SightingResponse Sighting Response.
ThreatResponseProcessor Threat Response Processor
ThreatShareProcessor Threat Share Processor.
ThreatShareSightingSearch Performs sighting searches for threat shares.
ThreatShareSiUpdater Creates or updates a security incident when observable sightings exceed a sighting threshold.
ThreatShareUtil A utility for use when extending the ability to share threat intelligence.
ThreatSharingAnalytics Threat Sharing Analytics.
ThreatSharingClientAJAX Query for circles that can be shared to.