Add vulnerability significance charts to the Vulnerability Response homepage

You can add vulnerability significance definition charts and other visualizations to the Overview.

Before you begin

The Vulnerability Analytics plugin must be activated.

Role required: sn_vul.vulnerability_admin


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Overview.
    Some reports are added to the homepage by default. For more information about these reports, see Use Vulnerability overview reports.
  2. Near the homepage header, click Add content to open the dialog box to add more reports.
  3. From the lists in the Add content dialog box, select options to display either the Vulnerability Significance treemap or report.
    Vulnerability Significance treemap Treemap > Vulnerability Significance > Vulnerability Significance
    Vulnerability Significance score report Performance Analytics > Score > Services with Vulnerability Significance
  4. Click the location on the screen you want to add the gauge.
  5. Close the Add content box.