Run a local sightings search on observables in a case

You can search for observables using the Sighting Search feature to determine how often they occur. Each occurrence is considered a sighting. You can limit the search to the number of sightings within a selected number of days or within a date range.

Before you begin

The Threat Intelligence plugin must be activated to use Security Case Management.

Role required: sn_ti.case_user_write


  1. Navigate to Threat Intelligence > Case Management > All Cases.
  2. Open the case that contains observables for which you want to run a sightings search.
  3. Click the Case Artifacts related link.
  4. Click the Observables tab.
  5. Select one or more observables for which you want to search for sightings.
    Run a sightings search
  6. Click Run Sightings Search.
    The Run Local Sightings Search dialog box appears.
    Sightings search
  7. Either enter the number of days or hours you want to search for sightings of the selected observables, or select a date range.
  8. Click Search.