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Run Publish to Watchlist

Run Publish to Watchlist

Publish to Watchlist takes observables or associated indicators and publishes them to a third-party watchlist.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_si.analyst

About this task

Note: If no implementations are available, capability actions are not displayed in product menus.

The Security Operations Integration - Publish to Watchlist workflow is triggered from the related list on a security incident.

The following example is for observables.


  1. Navigate to a security incident.
  2. Select Observables from the Related List tab.
  3. Click Publish to Watchlist in the Actions on selected rows... drop-down menu.
    Run Publish to Watchlist
    The dialog box appears.
    Publish to Watchlist dialog box
  4. Enter or choose the implementation.
  5. Click Submit.