Client scripts installed with Security Support Common

Security Support Common adds the following client scripts.
Client script Table Description
Check for m2m Duplication Action


Supports the email parser UI.
Hide Advanced Conditions on New Filter Group


Hides the advanced conditions options on a new Filter Group form.
Network IP Address Validation CI Group


Provides input validation on the Network IP Address field.

The Network IP Address is in the form x.x.x.x, where x can be any number from 0 through 255.

Notify user result change to detail [sn_sec_cmn_exchange_search] Runs when Query Result is set to Return details.
On Integration Script change Security Data Integration


When the associated integration script changes, creates a new processing script referencing the updates integration script.
On Processor Script change Security Data Integration


Updates the report processor script when the processor associated with the integration changes.
PDF content search not supported Exchange Search Criteria


When search_field changes to attachment, this script notifies you that content search only supports plain text attachments.
Populate table Workflow Triggers


Security Calculator


Auto-fills the table field.
Related Lists Display Filter Group


Adds manually added entries to the related list on a filter group.
Remove search field & operator choices Exchange Search Criteria


Dynamically removes choices from search field and operator field lists.

When the Query result is set to Return details, the search_field in the search criteria has limited options: Subject, From, and Recipient. The operator field is set to AND and is not editable.

Remove unused choices Field Transform


For single items, removes choices associated with multiple items.

Show and hide m2m Duplication Action


Only displays the related list of actions if ‘Update duplicate record’ action is chosen.
Subnet Validation CI Group


Provides input validation on the Subnet Mask field.

The Subnet Mask is in the form x.x.x.x, where x can be any number from 0 through 255. 255 can only appear before other numbers less than 255.

Update options for type Duplication Action


Modifies available options based on the type of field chosen.