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Security Incident Response integrations

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Security Incident Response integrations

The Security Incident Response base system includes integrations to third-party malware-detection software packages. This section provides instructions for activating the plugins and configuring both ServiceNow and third-party integrations. Also included are some basic guidelines for developing your own integrations, as well as details on specific integrations included in the base system.

Integration Configurations

The base system includes a series of "cards" for each of the integration implementations you can activate and use. Also, cards are displayed for any integrations posted on the ServiceNow Store that have dependencies on Security Operations plugins. The integration cards can be viewed by selecting Security Operations > Integration Configurations.
You can filter the visible integrations using the Category drop-down menu. The Show Configurations drop-down menu lets you see multiple instances of implementations that allow their creation.

Buttons on integration cards

Integration cards display different buttons depending on the current state of the integration and the source of the card.
Button Description
Install Plugin Click this button to install the applicable plugin to activate the integration. After the plugin is installed, the button changes to Configure.
Configure Click this button to enter information for configuring the integration. For some integrations, you may need to enter API keys or URLs acquired from the website of the third-party integration.
Open Page In the base system, your instance performs a query to the ServiceNow Store for any applications that have dependencies on Security Operations plugins. When those applications are found, and the associated application plugins are activated, integration cards for them are displayed with the other security integration cards. Click Open Page to access the website of the third-party application to configure the integration. After you have completed the configuration, the Open Page button changes to Configure.