Add dot-walk fields from your third-party table to your vulnerable item form

Adds dot-walk fields to your vulnerable item from your third-party table to use in choice lists, scripts and so on.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Vulnerability field references the Vulnerability [sn_vul_vulnerability] table. The QID information imported from Qualys is put in the third-party Vulnerability Entries [sn_vul_third_party_entry] table. The third-party Vulnerability Entries table is extended from the Vulnerability table, and the third-party table contains fields that are not in the Vulnerability table.


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Vulnerabilities > Vulnerable Items.
  2. Right click on a hamburger menu of any of the columns in the Vulnerable Items list and select Configure > Dictionary.
    Configure menu
  3. In the Dictionary Entries list, click New.
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate:
    After you enter a Type, the other choices become available.
    Table 1. Dictionary Entries
    Field Description
    Table Defines the table in which the element is created. Pre-filled with Vulnerable Item [sn_vulnerable_item]. Do not change.
    Type Enter Reference. Defines the field type of column that the dictionary entry represents.
    Column label Enter Third-Party Entry. Defines a unique label for the column. The label appears on list headers and form fields for the column. When you create a new column, the column name is populated automatically based on the label, which is prefixed with u_ to indicate that it is custom.
    Column name u_third_party_entry is generated automatically.
    Max length Provides a logical limit for the size of string fields to determine how the system displays them in the user interface and how to map them to physical database data types.
    Application Pre-filled with Qualys Vulnerability Integration. Do not change.
    Active Check the box to activate the entry. Enables or disables the field.
    Read only Determines whether users can change the field value. When this check box is selected, users cannot change the value. The data for the field is calculated and displayed by the system.
    Mandatory Determines whether this field must contain a value to save a record.
    Display Indicates that this field is the display value for reference fields.
    Table 2. Dictionary Entry tabs
    Tab Description
    Reference Specification* Enter Third-Party Entry

    Makes the field into a reference field.

    Choice List Specification Allows users to see a list of suggested values.
    Default value Allows you to specify a default value that is generated dynamically based on a dynamic filter.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Navigate to System Import Sets > Administration > Transform Maps.
  7. Search for the Qualys Detection List Transform map in the list and open.
  8. Click New under the Field Maps tab to add a new field mapping.
    1. Change Target field to Third-Party Entry.
    2. Check the Use source script box.
    3. Edit the Source script as follows:
      answer = (function transformEntry(source) {
      var qid = "QID-" + source.u_qid.toString();
      return qid;
  9. Click Submit.
    The u_third_party_entry target field appears in the Field Maps list.