Activate the Security Operations Have I been pwned? integration

The Integration Configuration feature allows you to quickly activate and set up third-party security integrations, including the Security Operations Have I been pwned? integration.

Before you begin

The Threat Intelligence plugin must be installed and activated before you can use the Security Operations Have I been pwned? Integration.

Role required: admin

Note: This procedure can be used to activate the plugin and configure the integration. You can also activate the plugin using the traditional method.


  1. Navigate to Security Operations > Integration Configuration.
    The available security integrations appear as a series of cards.
    Have I been pwnded? integration card
  2. In the Have I been pwned? card, click Install Plugin.
  3. In the Install Have I been pwned? integration dialog box, review the plugin details and click Activate.
  4. When the activation is complete, click Close & Reload Form.
    The Security Integration screen reloads and the Configure button for the integration is available. This integration supports an open API and does not require further configuration.