Web services release notes

ServiceNow® Web services product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default

Changed in this release

  • REST APIs read replica support:
    • The Table, Aggregate, and Attachment APIs support the sysparm_query_category parameter. This parameter is equivalent to the existing sysparm_read_replica_category parameter.
    • You can get the value of the sysparm_query_category or sysparm_read_replica_category parameters in a Scripted REST API using the getRequestedQueryCategory() method.
  • WS-Security:
  • REST API Explorer:
    • You can no longer send REST requests as a different user from the REST API explorer. To send a REST request using different credentials, use a script such as the provided scripts from the REST API explorer.
  • SOAP:
  • RESTResponseV2 and SOAPResponseV2 APIs:
    • The RESTResponseV2 and SOAPResponseV2 APIs provides the getAllHeaders() function to return all headers contained in the response, including duplicate headers.
  • Outbound REST Message error handling:
    • The HTTP status of the response is 0 instead of 500 when you run a test outbound REST message and no response is returned by the target server.
    • The fields Error Code and Error Message now appear on the Rest Message Test Runs table. These fields display relevant information if there was an error when testing an outbound REST message.
  • Scripted SOAP web services:
  • LDAP: