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System upgrades release notes

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System upgrades release notes

System upgrades feature enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Changed in this release

  • Upgrade engine performance significantly enhanced: The performance of the upgrade engine is significantly enhanced, especially for in-family upgrades. In-family upgrades are those in which the name of the release has not changed but the version number has, such as for patches and hot fixes. For example, an upgrade from Istanbul Patch 1 to Istanbul Patch 2 is an in-family upgrade but from any Istanbul release to any Jakarta release is not. The upgrade engine is only optimized for in-family upgrades in Jakarta and later releases.
    Note: The performance improvement can be significant enough to cause concern that your upgrade may not have run properly. As always, test your upgrades, but do not assume that the upgrade was unsuccessful based just on the time it took to execute.
  • New dispositions on Upgrade History Log: The upgrade history log has more detailed information about the disposition of records processed by this upgrade.
  • Upgrade schedule information and action on Upgrade Monitor: When an upgrade is not in progress, the upgrade monitor displays the date and time when the system will next check for an available upgrade. You can manually trigger a check for an upgrade by clicking Check now.
  • Warnings to avoid problems with system upgrade checks: The upgrade monitor displays a warning if records affecting how the system checks for upgrades have been customized or are missing.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.