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System update sets release notes

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System update sets release notes

ServiceNow® system update sets enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

New in the Jakarta release

Preview and commit update sets in batches
A batch update set is a group of update sets you can preview and commit in bulk. The system detects collisions based on "ancestry" and not on date comparisons.

Changed in this release

  • Preview update sets automatically : By default, the system automatically starts the preview process after retrieving an update set or changing the parent on a remote update set. To change this behavior , set the glide.update_set.auto_preview system property to false. In this case, you must start the preview process manually.
  • More precise time stamp for updated files: Determine the precise time the system updated a file in your update set by inspecting the Recorded At [sys_recorded_at] field on the Customer Update [sys_update_xml] or Versions [sys_update_version] tables. This field is a more precise time stamp of when the system updated or modified a file than the Updated On [sys_updated_on] field.
  • Back out update set terminology : The choices for resolving conflicts when backing out an update set have been re-named to more clearly describe their effects. The option previously labelled "Back Out" has been changed to "Decide to Use Previous." The option previously labelled "Use Current" has been changed to "Decide to Keep Current."
  • Warnings and confirmation dialogs: Added warnings and confirmation dialogs help prevent update-set scenarios that commonly lead to problems.
  • Update operations limited to one at a time: To provide stability and consistency, the system allows only one update operation at a time. Update operations include upgrading, retrieving an update set, previewing an update set, committing an update set, activating a plugin, Team Dev pushes, and Team Dev pulls.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.