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Notifications release notes

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Notifications release notes

ServiceNow® platform notifications enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Notifications are a platform feature that includes email and SMS messages, push messages, and the Email API.

Jakarta upgrade information

To enable randomized watermarks in email notifications for upgraded instances, activate the Random Watermark Support ( plugin. This plugin includes system properties for managing a watermark transition period, during which the system recognizes both randomized watermarks and non-randomized watermarks in emails created before upgrading. For details, see Notifications upgrade information.

New in the Jakarta release

Manage notification preferences from a central location
Set your own notification preferences, including personal subscriptions and channels (devices for receiving them). All users can set these preferences for themselves in the Notifications tab of the System Settings window. The list of notifications is organized by category, which identifies groups of related notifications for easy access.
Randomized watermarks
Notice that watermarks in email notifications for base systems include a random 20-character string to make each watermark unique. This random string reduces the possibility of a watermark being guessed or coincidentally matching the watermark of an email from another instance.
Email image filtering
Use new email properties to control how inbound email images are attached to target records and displayed in the activity formatter. These properties let you filter out unwanted, smaller email images, such as logos or email signatures, so that they are not attached to or shown in the activity formatter of target records.

Changed in this release

  • Enhancements to notification preferences
    • Notification form: Added the Category field. Notification categories identify and group related notifications. This field identifies the family of notifications to which the notification belongs. Admins can add new or update existing categories using the Notification Category [sys_notification_category] table.
    • Notification devices: Are called channels. Use the Create Channel option in the Notifications tab of the System Settings window to add or update email and SMS channels.
    • Personal subscriptions: Are renamed as personal notifications. All users can subscribe to notifications that interest them and are configured as subscribable. All users can also create preferences and conditions that determine how and when their personal notifications are delivered, or unsubscribe from them. To add personal notifications, use the Create Personal Notification option in the Notifications tab of the System Settings window.
  • Email Client Templates form: Includes the Content field for admins to add HTML or plain text for the template body.
  • Base system notifications: Added unsubscribe and notification preferences links.
  • Push notification retention: Added support for archiving and destroying push notifications that are no longer needed.
  • Connect notification settings: The Connect notification settings previously listed in the Notifications tab of the System Settings window are located in the Connect category on the Notifications tab.
  • Twilio account administration enhancements: Connect to and disconnect from a Twilio account and avoid overwriting the Twilio TwiML application. Prevent a ServiceNow instance from connecting to a Twilio account if the account is already configured on a different ServiceNow instance.

Removed in this release

  • Removed the Notification Preferences link from the User form, since users change their notification preferences through the System Settings window.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.

Browser requirements

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you must use version 11 or greater to support user notification preferences in the System Settings window. You can also use any of the other supported web browsers .