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Knowledge Management release notes

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Knowledge Management release notes

ServiceNow® Knowledge Management application enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Jakarta upgrade information

Review the content in the community page for Knowledge upgrade best practices at All things Upgrade considered on Knowledge v2 to v3.

New in the Jakarta release

Article versioning
Create multiple versions of knowledge articles, track changes to updated articles, and compare two versions of an article. Capture feedback on specific article versions and, if needed, revert content to an older published version of an article.
Knowledge subscriptions
Subscribe to knowledge bases and knowledge articles. Subscribed users receive notifications when articles are created or modified. Authors receive notifications when content receives feedback and when content is updated by another author.
Knowledge Management Service Portal
Use knowledge management features on the Service Portal. Configure the home page with knowledge bases and article collections. Configure the search results page with multiple ways to filter and sort a list of search results.

Changed in this release

Knowledge Social Q&A properties: Set the limit for the number of times users can post Social Q&A questions, answers, and comments, or subscribe to the questions.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default

Knowledge Management has changed with Knowledge v3, which is enabled by default for all instances. For migration information, see Knowledge Management v3 migration.