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Accessibility release notes

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Accessibility release notes

ServiceNow® platform accessibility enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Accessibility has been improved throughout the platform in congruence with WCAG 2.0 A and AA standards to make the system more perceivable, operable, and understandable to all users. Changes to accessibility that are feature-specific can be found in the documentation for that feature.

New in the Jakarta release

Contrast UI theme
Provides a more accessible theme for users who have a hard time seeing low contrast colors. Users can select the contrast theme from the Theme tab in the system settings window.

Changed in this release

  • Keyboard accessibility improvements:
    • Tab order is consistent with expectations.
    • Button labeling.
    • Improved access to different UI elements.
    • Consistency for fields and UI elements that have hints (or tooltips).
    • Tab-through and arrow keys move items around in a slushbucket.
    • When focused on tabs, right and left arrow keys switch between tabs.
    • Arrows keys work within menus to navigate between entries.
  • Improvements for screen readers
    • Screen readers announce when a page reloads
    • Add alternative text to styles. For example, you can add alternative text to the VIP style icon so that screen readers can call it out.
    • In Connect, screen readers inform users when a member leaves a conversation, when a user is added or removed from a chat, and when uploads complete or fail.
    • Variable names have been added to list collector variables to ensure that each variable is unique. Screen readers would read the hard coded variable name more than once if a list collector was on a page more than once.
  • Color accessibility improvements
    • Enable accessibility in the system settings to switch any color-heavy graphics, such as charts or graphs, to use patterns in addition to colors.
  • Style accessibility
    • Improvements to alert color and font styles to make them more visible.

Activation information

Users can enable a user preference to make the platform more accessible.

Enable accessibility
Turns on tabbing for every item on a page and enables the option to skip to different places on a page. Users can enable this option individually on the General tab of the system settings menu. Administrators also have the option to enable this preference for users by navigating to User Administration > User Preferences and searching for the preference glide.ui.accessibility.

Browser requirements

Some keyboard shortcuts and tab-through are browser-specific. See your specific browser documentation for more information.