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HR Service Delivery release notes

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HR Service Delivery release notes

ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery application enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

HR Service Delivery automates standard HR processes within your organization.

Jakarta upgrade information

HR data migration is recommended when you are upgrading from the global version of HR to the scoped version. The Istanbul release introduced the scoped version of HRSM. The scoped version prevents users outside of HR from accessing HR data.

When you are ready to start using the scoped version of HR, remove the global version of the Connect Action [connect_action] table. This process ensures that HR cases can be created in Connect Chat.


HR Migration does not migrate all data from the global version to the scoped version. Not included in the migration are:

  • Business rules
  • Cases
  • Catalog
  • Categories
  • Data policy
  • Email actions
  • HR services
  • Knowledge base (connections to case)
  • List/Form layout changes
  • Record producers
  • Reporting and Dashboards for cases
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Script includes
  • Service Portal changes in global version
  • Skills
  • Templates
  • UI actions
  • UI policy
  • Workflows
Customers already on the scoped version of HR do not need to migrate their data.

Customers upgrading to Jakarta can utilize the new HR Service Portal.

By default, the legacy HR Service Portal shows in the Navigation Bar. To use the new HR Service Portal:

  • Navigate to Service Portal > Portals.
  • There are two HR Service Portal entries. Select the one with the URL suffix of hrportal. This entry is the legacy HR Service Portal.
  • Change the URL suffix to hrportalv1.
  • Click Update.
  • Select HR Service Portal with the suffix hrportalv2.
  • Change the URL suffix from hrportal2 to hrportal.
  • Click Update.

All HR modules point to the new HR Service Portal.

Note: When upgrading from Istanbul, HR document templates have a new field. The Document type field helps to filter a list of document templates that appear on the HR case form. HR criteria works with this field to further narrow the list of document templates you want available for an HR case. Because Istanbul did not have this field, you must create new or select an existing document type for your document templates.

See Document Types .

New in the Jakarta release

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
Combined with other licensed applications, this HR module provides a full-service, onboarding experience for new hires and employees managing the process.
  • Can span multiple departments dependent on licensing.
  • All HR and licensed application cases and tasks are visible from the HR Case list.

Lifecycle Events Dashboard
Monitor the state of Lifecycle Event cases with this dashboard for HR, IT, and Facilities (if licensed). Reports filter on the office location of employees. Available reports include:
  • Active cases
  • Active To-dos
  • My To-dos
  • Overdue To-dos
  • Employee onboarding
  • Open cases and requests
Create an onboarding request with the HR ticket page
Use widgets to onboard new hires on the HR Service Portal. Widgets include:
  • Start Date: Provides the start date for a new hire and a countdown of days.
  • Your Onboarding Team: Lists employees tasked with onboarding a new hire.
  • Floor plan: Provides a widget you can use in other catalog items and embeds the Floor Plan Viewer for facilities location requests.

Migration from Non-Scoped to Scoped HR
Move data and roles from the global version of HR to the scoped version with HR Migration. Data migration includes:
  • Tables, columns, and choice lists
  • Roles
HR Templates
Created to reduce the complexity of sys_templates, this custom UI is specific to HR. HR case and task templates include:
  • Due date calculations
  • Employee assignments
  • Driven fields for task types
  • Commonly defined fields shown
Create or modify bulk HR cases
Create HR cases for multiple employees. There are four ways to select a group of employees:
  • HR profile
  • User records
  • HR criteria
  • Upload list of employees by user name or email address
    Note: HR bulk case creation is designed to create up to 10,000 basic HR cases. Basic HR cases are cases that are not Lifecycle Event or cases that use workflows. HR bulk case creation is designed to create 1,000 Lifecycle Event or cases using workflows. Performance can be affected when attempting to create more.
Create or modify HR services
Add tasks and approvals to an HR service and a business rule triggers them without using the Workflow editor. Includes:
  • Reusable tasks
  • Reusable approval rules
  • Order table defines when tasks and approvals are required.
HR Document Templates
Personalize PDF documents and letters by mapping fields from the case table to place data in fields. Also capture multiple e-signatures in a document and automatically generate once all signatures are captured.
Add or modify an HR task
New HR task types are introduced:
  • View video
  • Take survey
  • Submit Order Guide
  • Upload documents
Approve an HR case
Employees can accept or reject a case resolution directly from the HR Service Portal. Comments are added and appear in the work notes of the case.
Add or modify an HR task
Identify HR tasks as optional. Employees can bypass an optional HR task and the state is changed to Skipped.
Create or modify content
Customize the HR Service Portal with sections and links that include:
  • Videos
  • Announcements
  • Upcoming Events
  • Holiday Calendar
HR Integrations Scoped
Integrate with multiple third-party HR systems. HR Integration pushes HR profile information from HRSM to a third-party HR application.
Note: The legacy Human Resources Application: Core [] and Human Resources Application: Workday Integration [] plugins are still available.
Knowledge Management release notes
ServiceNow® Knowledge Management application enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.
Service Portal release notes

ServiceNow® Service Portal product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Changed in this release

Creating and generating PDF documents has changed. HR documents can:
  • Define and store multiple e-signatures in a document. An example is when an offer letter is sent to a new hire that requires a signature from the new hire and the HR agent.
  • Parse fields (for PDFs that enable parsing) to enable mapping of data from tables.
  • Auto-generate documents or require an HR agent to review a document before generating and sending it.
  • HR Service Delivery Mobile App:

    The HR Ticket and Dashboard pages are updated to optimize the mobile experience.

Activation information

Data migration is available in this release. The plugins for the global version and scoped version must be activated.

The Human Resources Scoped App: Data Migration [com.sn_hr_migration] plugin moves data and roles from the global version of HR to the scoped version. Data migration includes:
  • Tables
  • Columns
  • Choice Lists
  • Roles

The Human Resources Scoped App: Integrations [com.sn_hr_integrations] plugin is required to integrate with multiple third-party HR systems for the scoped version of HRSM. HR integration pushes HR profile information from HRSM to a third-party HR application.

The Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events [com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events] plugin activates the Lifecycle Events module. With this module, different departments within a company can plan, coordinate, and execute complex, multi-department workflows. An example is onboarding a new hire.

Customers also licensed for Facilities Service Management who want a building map to display in the HR Service Portal for onboarding new hires, must:
  • Activate the Facilities Move Management [com.snc.facilities_service_automation.move] plugin before activating the Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events plugin.