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Facilities Service Management release notes

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Facilities Service Management release notes

ServiceNow® Facilities Service Management product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

New in the Jakarta release

Create Office Space Request Task
Provides a widget that can be used in other catalog items and embeds the Floor Plan Viewer to reserve an office space.
Installed with the Facilities Visualization Workbench plugin.
Available on the HR Service Portal as part of the Lifecycle Events module.
Note: Activate the Facilities Move Management plugin before the Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events plugin. Activating in this order allows the Floor Plan widget to load.
Search and reserve office space to onboard a new employee using this feature with the HR Service Delivery application.
URL parameters
Provide configuration information for a form or a list with URL parameters. Workbench supports URL parameters.
Update to custom filters
Group by field was added to Map Filters. You can use this filter to group by a field from the table selected for the map filter. You can also specify a color for the map filter.
Added compass to Floor Plan
You can see a compass for directional context on the Floor Plan.
Warranty check to assets
When you create a facilities request and an affected CI has a warranty date in the future, the Facilities Request Task tab appears. This tab shows a task for you to check the warranty information.
Option to remove people from Floor Plan when inactive
Automatically unassigns desk/office space when a user becomes inactive.
Added Floor Tree Picker hierarchy
The space hierarchy supports a floor location between building locations and space records. Spaces are shown as underneath a floor when selecting a location in a Tree Picker. The floor location is automatically created when processing map files.

Activation information

You can activate the Facilities Service Management plugin [com.snc.facilities_service_automation] as a separate subscription. This plugin manages facilities requests and enables users to report and track requests by their location. To view requests on a floor plan, the Facilities Visualization Workbench (com.snc.facilities_service_automation.fvw) plugin is required.

The Facilities Move Management [com.snc.facilities_service_automation.move] plugin is available as a separate subscription. This plugin enables single user move functionality as well as enterprise move and move planning functionality.

The Facilities Visualization Workbench [com.snc.facilities_service_automation.fvw] plugin is available as a separate subscription. This plugin provides map interaction built upon geoJSON file map sets and the Floor Plan widget. Integration files are installed when both the Facilities Service Management (com.snc.facilities_service_automation) and the Facilities Visualization Workbench [com.snc.facilities_service_automation.fvw] plugins are activated.