Communities release notes

ServiceNow® Communities is a new application in the Jakarta release.

Communities provides a place for you to engage and interact with your organization in various ways, including:

  • help quickly solve issues
  • learn about best practices from others
  • engage with your organization for product feedback
Use Communities to:
  • improve support call deflection because users help themselves via crowd-sourced knowledge
  • communicate product updates
  • increase engagement with existing customers and lure prospects

Communities is built on a highly flexible platform and uses Service Portal features.

Communities features

Bring together a group of users to discuss matters of mutual interest in hierarchical forums. Administrators benefit from flexible security administration features, including granular permissions for read and write across different types of content.
Define areas of interest for users to discuss in a forum. Multiple forums can share Topics. Topics can be hierarchically organized.
Content types
Supports multiple types of content that administrators can configure at the forum level:
  • questions and answers
  • blogs
  • videos
Supported video sources include YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook.
Content feedback
Supports multiple types of configurable feedback content:
  • replies
  • comments
  • upvotes
  • mark as helpful
  • mark as correct answer
Community moderators can control content quality using powerful features such as:
  • banned words
  • new user moderation
  • abuse reporting
  • user banning, both automated and selective
Personalized subscriptions
Subscribe to content of interest via Forum and Topic subscriptions. The system auto-subscribes users to content they create. Users see their personalized Activity Feed on the Community home page, based on their subscriptions. They can control subscription-based email notifications to focus on just the subjects of greatest interest.
User profile
Learn more about other users from profile pages, including their interests and content contributions. Users can control the information that is shared about them. There is full support for setting privacy on data fields. Community administrators can control the data fields, privacy settings, and default behaviors for users.
Search is comprehensive over all content. Controls permit filtering by date, relevance, type, author, and more.

Activation information

Communities is only available for customers who are licensed for Customer Services Management. To activate Communities, activate the Communities plugin (com.sn_communities).