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Security Operations Trusted Security Circles release notes

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Security Operations Trusted Security Circles release notes

ServiceNow® Trusted Security Circles is a new application in the Jakarta release.

Threat intelligence sharing is combined with added automation and anonymity to create Trusted Security Circles as part of Security Operations.

Trusted Security Circles is a channel for sharing threat intelligence, in the form of observables, to a predetermined set of trusted peers, members of their supply chain, or globally. Circles are typically organized around industry, geography, and/or supply chain.

With Trusted Security Circles, security teams anonymously share observable data with industry peers. Responses in the form of the number of sightings per observable are generated automatically by each receiving instance of ServiceNow. When data from respective circles is compared, patterns can emerge to identify targeted attacks against a specific group or industry. These patterns serve as an early warning system to other members of a circle, and a security incident is automatically created when observable thresholds are met. Typically, this sharing happens while investigating a security incident.

Users with Security Incident Response can join the global ServiceNow Trusted Security Circle.

Trusted Security Circles provides mutual benefits: The sending organization can identify whether the activity happening to them is a targeted attack or more broad-based. The receiving organizations get an early warning of potential future attacks.

With the advanced plugin, Trusted Security Circles Client (Advanced) installed, you can join other circles, as well.

Trusted Security Circles features

Share sightings searches and observables
You can share sightings search results and data with one or more Trusted Security Circles.
Create Security Incidents
Automatically create Security Incidents from threat intelligence shared with you, if the sighting count exceeds your preset threshold.
Join Trusted Circles (Advanced)
Join Trusted Security Circles targeted to various communities.
Create a Trusted Security Circles profile
Determine how you are viewed in the Trusted Security Circles you join by creating additional profiles.
Whitelist tags
Filter the observables that are sent or received from your ServiceNow instance using the whitelist security tag.
Trusted Security Circles Properties
Use properties to control other aspects of sharing including:
  • whether you automatically respond with local sightings when you receive shared intelligence
  • whether you automatically share sighting search results with the ServiceNow trusted circle
  • whether observables with 0 sightings are shared when you automatically share sighting searches

Activation information

For production and non-production instances, Trusted Security Circles is activated during plugin installation. The Trusted Security Circles Client version is installed automatically when the Security Incident Response plugin is installed. Once registered, you are automatically joined to the ServiceNow Trusted Security Circle. The advanced version, Trusted Security Circles Client (Advanced) plugin is available by subscription.

See Trusted Security Circles overview for more information.