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Jakarta Patch 9

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Jakarta Patch 9

The Jakarta Patch 9 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 9 was released on May 17, 2018.
Build date: 05-10-2018_1459
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch9-05-02-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 9 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 9, refer to KB0685869.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Forms and Fields



Multiline text fields do not automatically expand if ACLs prevent the current user from writing to the field Multiline read-only text fields do not automatically expand. This makes the field to appear in only 3 lines, and users have to scroll down/up to read the content.
  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Add the Description field on an Incident form.
  3. Open a closed incident record.
  4. Fill with a very long text in the Description field.
  5. Impersonate its "Assigned to" user.
  6. Open that incident.

Notice only three lines are displayed in the description, and users have to scroll up/down to read that text.

Forms and Fields


Validation scripts running on read-only fields lead to field errors such as 'Invalid Date' or 'Invalid decimal number' when the form is saved When a Date/Time, Currency, or Decimal field is set to read-only, the database value for that field is passed to the validation script when the form is updated.

If the current user change their date, currency, or decimal format to something other than 'System', the read-only field value will not match the format set by the user, and a field 'Invalid Date' or 'Invalid decimal number' error will be triggered.

This differs from a non-read-only field where the display value is passed to the validation script instead of the database value.




The classify sensor incorrectly identifies the device as a network printer The classify sensor incorrectly assumes that the presence of an hrDeviceEntry with an hrDeviceType value ending in ".5" means the whole device is a network printer, when it can be a server with printer drivers installed. This is particularly problematic when an HP® iLO card is exposing the Windows® OS details through SNMP.
  1. Enable SNMP Pass-Thru in iLO.
  2. Discover an HP server that is running Windows® through the IP address of the iLO card.

Discovery will classify it as a printer (cmdb_ci_printer).




Reports do not render properly for users with a user ID that is longer than 40 characters

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Mandatory variables are not becoming not mandatory when using UI Policies, which causes issues when trying to close a RITM or task If there is a catalog item with a UI policy associated with it and the UI policy is used to make a variable not mandatory and not visible based on a condition on the catalog view, errors display when the item is ordered. At the RITM or Task level, an error is seen if any changes are made to the forms, for example, adding a work note. An error message is displayed stating that the variable that was hidden and made not mandatory via a UI policy is not populated.
  1. Create a test catalog item in a subprod Kingston instance.
  2. Within that test catalog item, create three variables: two single-line and one checkbox variable.
  3. Create a UI Policy for that catalog item.
  4. Within the UI Policy, include the condition that states If checkbox is true.
  5. Set the Applies on a Catalog item view, Applies on Catalog Tasks and Applies on Requested Items checkboxes to true.
  6. In the Catalog UI Policy Actions add one action for each of the single line text variables.
  7. For one of the single-line text variables, set the Mandatory and Visible values to true.
  8. For the other single-line text variable, set the Mandatory and Visible values to false.
  9. Save the UI Policy.
  10. Order the test catalog item and go to the RITM.
  11. Try to add something to the work notes and press save.

An error is displayed that says to fill in the mandatory variable that was set to false using the UI Policy.

Core Platform



Reference qualifier search and sort produce different results in non-English languages
Important: This problem applies to platform reference fields only. PRB687400 will not address any issues that may or may not exist with catalog variables of type Reference.

In Jakarta and Kingston: Reference field autocompleter text is not taken into account. The reference qualifiers are not applied when the session language is other than English and the display value is translated.

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Install any language plugin, for example, I18N: French - Canada Translations.
  3. Modify the new_call.request_item Reference Qual condition with the following conditions:
    • Active is True
    • Class is Catalog Item
  4. Open a new_call Record.
  5. Change the Call type to Request.
  6. In the Request Item field, type *a.

    Note that the first available item is Active Clones, which matches the criteria as it is a Catalog Item class.

  7. Switch the language to French-Canadian.
  8. Open a new_call record.
  9. Change the Call type Type d'appel to Request Demande.
  10. In the Request Item field, type *a.

Note that the first available item is Absence autorisée, Leave of absence, which should not appear because its class is Record Producer.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Agile Development


Unable to filter/sort stories or to control the displayed columns
  1. Proceed to the sprint planning board (
  2. Scroll down to the backlog.
  3. Right click the displayed column and attempt to sort the column from z to a.

No changes are made. However, if you open the frame in a new tab, you are able to filter. This issue only occurs within the sprint planning board.

Agile Development


When sprints are created from the release related list, they do not appear in the sprint planning board
  1. Log into a Jakarta instance.
  2. On the Release form (rm_release_scrum), add the sprint release related list.
  3. Create a sprint from this related list.
  4. Create the sprint outside of the release dates and save.

    This will throw an invalid error.

  5. Update the dates so that the record is created and saved.
  6. Navigate to the sprint planning board (

Expected behavior: Users are able to select the sprint in the dropdown field.

Actual behavior: The new sprint does not appear.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



The form style is stuck on the first chosen theme and does not change to the style of the currently selected theme The incident form page theme is stuck in the pink color. Upon the initial change of the system theme, the form page theme changes correctly. However, when changing to a different system theme, the form page theme does not change and still loads the style theme of the very first theme that was changed.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


Application menus and module titles are displaying instead of hint text in UI16 When hovering over an application module, if defined, the Hint text should be displayed. However, in UI16 on some release versions, the Title text is displayed instead. This issue does not occur in UI15.

Asynchronous Message Bus



The Record presence shows "Guest is viewing" for a timed out session of an authorized user The Record presence shows that "Guest is viewing" a record. This occurs when a user has their browser open on a record and the session is expired. When the focus is given to the expired session browser window, a request is sent from the browser to subscribe to the record presence channel for that record. If a logged-in user is viewing the record at the same time, they will see a "Guest is viewing" message on the work notes and a user avatar for the guest user.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Users are not able to log into the instance through SSO After an upgrade, the SSO is broken and users are not able to log into the system.

Automated Test Framework



ATF: Clicking a UI action cannot click the client form link with an action name
  1. Create an ATF Test.
  2. Add an open existing record step, set the table to incident, and choose any incident from zboot or create a new one and refer to that incident in the open state.
  3. Add a Click a UI Action step, and set its UI action to Repair SLAs (client = true, form link = true, has a defined Action name).
  4. Run the test.

Expected behavior: The modal pop-up appears asking to confirm starting the repair process.

Actual behavior: The client test runner opens the form to incident, then leaves the form via g_form.submit ('sla_repair').

Clone Issues


The clone_admin role does not work as described The clone_admin role does not allow a user to submit a clone because the script include that is called during the SOAP authentication to the target requires the admin role to invoke the script.

Cloud Management Application


The Azure billing download keeps the streaming connection open longer than needed, risking "Connection Reset" errors The Azure bill is processed in a way that keeps the connection open for a long time (much of the parsing and initial data processing is done one data chunk at a time, and the next chunk is not streamed until the previous is handled).

Cloud Management Application


The billing row parsing experience issues when the row includes backslashes

Cloud Management Application


The AWS billing discovery fails when the CSV file has a 'Cost' column instead of 'Blended Cost' and 'Unblended Cost' columns
  1. Use an AWS CSV-formatted billing report with only a single cost column.
  2. Set up billing discovery to retrieve the data.
  3. Check the billing dashboard.

Expected behavior: The total of the cost column in the downloaded report matches the reported cost.

Actual behavior: The report shows 0 cost.

Cloud Management Application


The record is unable to be modified and a banner message displays: 'This record is in the Cloud Management Platform application, but Global is the current application. To edit this record click here' The Cloud Management plugin activation changes incident Category and Subcategory field records from the Global scope to the Cloud Management Platform scope. This prevents records in the sys_choice table where the table is 'incident' and the element is 'category'/'subcategory' from being edited.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud Management V2 billing jobs are stuck The cloud billing discovery is not able to handle a huge amount of downloads. It runs for a few days and eventually times out.

Condition Builder


When loading a report or filtering lists (using List v3) with a '#' or other special characters in the condition builder, the # is removed from the filter On the new report designer, using the new List v3 condition builder, it is unable to load reports with a hash in the filter. When trying to load a filter with a hash, it strips out the hashtag and all characters following the hash.

Condition Builder


The counter is incremented when the condition builder v3 is loaded
  1. Open the incident counter.
  2. Open a report using the incident table and the new UI. The counter is increased.
  3. Refresh the report page.

Expected behavior: The counter should remain the same.

Actual behavior: The counter increases every time the report is reloaded.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Upgrades retain only the first section of the Virtual Private Network [cmdb_ci_vpn] form in the default view After an upgrade, only the first section of the Virtual Private Network [cmdb_ci_vpn] form is retained. Any other sections are missing from the form in the default view. The compliance view is not affected.
  1. Log into an Istanbul instance.
  2. Navigate to cmdb_ci_vpn.list.
  3. Click New.

    Notice the form has these 5 sections OOB: Virtual Private Network, IKE (Phase I) parameters, IPSec (Phase II) parameters, VPN implementation dates, Pre-implementation actions.

  4. Add a new section. Add several elements to the new section:
    • From the context menu, select Configure > Form Layout.
    • In the Section field, click New.
    • Fill in the Section caption with 'Test Section.'
    • To this test section, add the elements: Asset tag, Attributes.
  5. Click Save.

    Verify you see the Test Section and the two elements on the cmdb_ci_vpn form.

  6. Upgrade the instance to Jakarta.
  7. After the upgrade, go to cmdb_ci_vpn.list.
  8. Click New.

Expected behavior: The same sections (5 OOB sections and the added Test Section) should be displayed on the form.

Actual behavior: Only the first section, Virtual Private Network, is displayed. All other sections have been disassociated from the cmdb_ci_vpn form.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Health dashboard: The orphan CI dashboard does not show any record if the cmdb_rel_ci table has parent or child empty

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The de-duplication task state is overwritten by CMDB Health Dashboard jobs
  1. Create two duplicate CIs of type Linux server.
  2. Open the CI dashboard for one of them to create a task.
  3. Change the task state to Closed Incomplete.
  4. Run the CMDB correctness job.

The state of task will be overwritten to Closed Complete.

Configuration Management


The previous master CI is not shown in the new de-duplication task
  1. Create a de-duplication by running the health jobs.
  2. Execute duplicate remediation to resolve the task.
  3. Create a CI that is the duplicate of the selected master CIs.
  4. Run the health jobs again.

The new de-duplication task that is created does not contain the previous master CI.

Contextual Search


Previewing an article from related search results in the create incident form shows empty overlay
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. Open any article from any knowledge base (IT, Knowledge.Social Q&A).
  3. In the article view page, click Create Incident.

    It opens the create incident form page.

  4. Type some text in the short description.

    Observe that there are some search results under "Related search results".

  5. Click the Preview button for any one of the results showing and observe the behavior.

It shows empty overlay and not rendering the article content.

Core Platform


The user watch list shows up as the sys ID instead of the user name or email

Core Platform


Scoped applications display the error messages "function beginningOfToday is not allowed in scope" and "endOfToday is not allowed in scope"

Core Platform



The SizeAwareness size estimation is additive when ScriptableObjects are instantiated in a loop, causing the size of scriptable objects estimation to be larger than expected Scripts fail with an exception in the logs. The issue occurs on Jakarta and later instances, as the 'Size Awareness' feature was enabled in Jakarta.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform


The size of JavaScript objects is calculated incorrectly In the development environment, users run into a JavaScript compiler exception: Array object has exceeded maximum permitted size of 26843545.

Core Platform


Attaching images with large dimensions will spike the node memory severely Uploading multiple attachment files will cause the upload process to be stuck.

Core Platform


Filter condition containing roles = role_name generates a Stack Overflow error when the roles column uses the no_subquery attribute




CurrencyPriceOptimizer can generate a NullPointerException when memory usage is high during a table reindexing process

The exact steps to reproduce are not available. This issue was found after starting a 'Regenerate Text Index' job, that failed several times due to the null pointer exception. The reindexing was required by a global text search run on task numbers not returning the expected task records.

If the task number values fail to get indexed, then the exact match search will not find them when using the latest global search engine. However, the legacy global search will still find a record that is not indexed.

This could be significant if you had a backlog of text index events. You would still want the exact match to find the record while we wait for the record to get indexed, and since the purpose of exact match is to avoid a text search, it should not matter if the record is not yet indexed.

Customer Service Management


The approval process does not work in the business-to-business registration Self-registration on the business-to-business Customer Service Management Portal does not work correctly.

Customer Service Management


Permissions in cross-origin iFrames Chrome is deprecating its default permissions for content in cross-origin iFrame.

Customer Service Management


Upgrade Twilio JavaScript SDK to 1.4 When the CTI - Softphone feature was implemented, it included the latest Twilio Client SDK, which was version 1.2 at the time. However, Twilio recently deprecated v1.2, and all the connection through this version will be rejected by the Twilio server. The Twilio SDK needs to get upgraded to v1.4.

Customer Service Management


Users who attempt to associate knowledge articles with cases see errors In Customer Service Management, the KB articles are not shown to users. They see security constrain errors.



Patterns do not use the affinity table

In the MID Server logs, the false credentials are being tried before the right credentials, even though they are defined in the affinity table.

This issue occurs when adding additional false SNMP credentials, and running an SNMP query against a load balancer, and setting the order of the credential to be lower so it runs before the actual credentials.



The single discovery sensor with a large number of sysblocks in the output causes high memory The instance can run into low memory if the semaphores processing user transactions did not get sufficient resources, resulting in response times being high.



The "Run / After Discovery" option for AZURE Discovery Schedules does not work



Discovery of a large switch using the network switch pattern times out Discovery of a large switch using the network switch pattern times out in the sensor processing after 1 hour. There is a sensor error: Transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded) with default max_ci_count_per_page.



The 'Horizontal Discovery Sensor' is slow and runs instance OutOfMemory due to excessive duplicate cmdb_ci_ip_address values returned The 'Horizontal Discovery Sensor' sensor can run for a very long time and use an excessive amount of memory (and potentially cause an OutOfMemory condition). This issue occurs when the ECC Queue payload contains an excessive number of duplicate cmdb_ci_ip_address values that are discovered in the "Get VIP's 1" step.



The DNS domain field is set only when the CI is created by Discovery
  1. Launch Discovery on any Linux CI with a valid DNS server configured.

    Note the DNS domain is set.

  2. Empty out and save the Linux CI record.
  3. Launch Discovery.

Notice that the DNS field is not set.



The long-running 'Unix - ADM' sensor job overloads the sensor and remains in a state of 'ready' or 'processing' indefinitely

During discovery of a server with special applications running, the ADM input payload stays in the 'ready' or 'processing' status indefinitely, as the sensor runs in an infinite loop.

Symptom: The related ECC input with a name that contains 'Application Dependency Mapping' eventually has a State of 'Error'. The error string displayed is "Sensor error: Transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded".



SNCSSH rejects very large inbound packets with the error "Corrupt packet received, claims impossible length of <32k+> bytes"

SNCSSH computes the largest possible packet size by encoding the maximum possible payload size with the negotiated algorithms. However, RFC 4253 requires implementations to handle an arbitrary limit of 35000 bytes.

SNCSSH must be updated to handle 35000 byte packets when the max packet size is 32768, and then perform reasonable scaling from there, based on max packet size.

Some versions of SSH exceed the maximum limits as calculated by SNCSSH, resulting in an error message such as "2017-09-20 11:22:10 (097) SSHProtocolEngine SYSTEM SEVERE *** ERROR *** [1/] Session failure, closing connection: Corrupt packet received, claims impossible length of 32836 bytes:"



Slow database query in ApplicationDependencyMapping get_orphaned_apps function List operations on CMDB tables are slower on average than other types of list operations.



Discovery schedules may not complete if there are many concurrent pattern-based discoveries to the same target machine When there are many horizontal discovery probes triggered at the same time and targeted to the same machine, there is a mechanism that delays their execution. The mechanism is based on the property controlling the number of allowed concurrent sessions. Users may encounter a situation that those ECC output messages will not be processed at all, and the discovery schedule will remain 'active'.



If a classified application triggers a pattern, the CI will not be created until after the mapping runs, resulting in missing or empty relationships Discovery has been creating CI relationships with empty 'parent' or 'child' fields.




System probe/sensor always sets the load balancer service operational status to non-operational On F5s populated by the legacy probe/sensor, the load balancer service operational status value is hard-coded to '2' which is 'non-operational'. Applicable data should be used from the device to determine this status.
  1. Discover an F5 with operational services.
  2. Check the operational_status of cmdb_ci_lb_service records.

Note that the operational_status values are all 2, which is 'non-operational'.



The call custom operation concatenates the header content which is not correct and the authentication fails



Slow 'ASYNC: Discovery - Sensors' scheduled job processing 'Unix - ADM' sensor due to slow query against classified_apps in the ApplicationDependencyMapping findForeignClassifieds function

When processing the 'Unix - ADM' sensor, the 'ASYNC: Discovery - Sensors' job will run the findForeignClassifieds() method found in the ApplicationDependencyMapping script include.

This method generates a query against the classified_apps database view (a view that joins classified applications with their associated running processes and process classifiers).



An excessive memory usage alert is generated



The first time discovery of ESX server can result in vCenter relationships being removed On the first discovery of an ESX server, vCenter relationships are established, but then are mistakenly removed. These relationships are then recreated on the next Discovery of vCenter.
  1. Discover a vCenter for the first time. During this discovery, relationships such as network to datacenter are created. However, as the discovery progresses when the ESX server is first encountered the previously created relationship between network and datacenter might get removed (along with other relationships within the vCenter).
  2. Rediscover the same vCenter.

The relationships are recreated and not removed the second time around.



Discovery of layer 2 tables can leave the current data as absent=true For details on the fix for this PRB, refer to Layer 2 Discovery.



When running any cloud-based pattern with no HTTP/TCP EP, the pattern does not run When running any cloud-based pattern with no HTTP EP, the pattern does not run. Users get an error 'Application discovery using patterns failed due to lack of identification section containing an entry point of TCP or ALL'.




MID Server DefaultUdpTransportMapping thread not reused with use_getbulk use_getscalar options

When SNMP probes run with the use_getbulk or use_getscalar probe parameter set to true, the DefaultUdpTransportMapping thread will not be reused by subsequent SNMP probes with the same parameter(s). This will result in instances of this thread accumulating over time, which will eventually cause the MID Server to be unable to create new threads, requiring the MID Server to be restarted.

The OOB probes with one of the parameters enabled are:
  • SNMP - Switch - BridgePortTable
  • SNMP - Switch - ForwardingTable
  • SNMP - Switch - SpanningTreeTable

Probes without either parameter (or with the parameters, but set to false) will not have this issue. Patterns are also unaffected.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The relation reference step issue between the IP address and DataPower server The opsview event integration does not work even though the connector testing phase succeeds.



CimProbe fails to use the namespace other than the value in the first position and throws an error CimProbe fails to use the namespace other than the value in the first position in the mid.cim.interop.namespaces property, and throws an error 'CIM_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE: interop'.



CISCO network switch CI does not get 'Switch Partition' or 'Switch Ports' details linked during discovery as its corresponding can_switch attribute is set false After the new discovery, the CI is not identified as switch and 'Switch Partition' or 'Switch Ports' details are not getting populated.



Recurring excessive memory usage




Discovery cannot read the network adapter MAC address in Linux Centos 7+ and RHEL 7+ Starting with Centos 7 and RHEL 7, Discovery's "Linux - Identity" probe post processor script cannot correctly parse the output of command: ifconfig -a && route -n. This is because the output of the Linux ifconfig command (part of the net-tools package) has a new output format starting with these OS versions. This causes the MAC address field to be blank, and sometimes result in duplicate Linux CIs. Also, starting with v7, the net-tools package is no longer installed during the OS default installation.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Windows Classification: Probes minor version and the sensor minor version does not match A few probe/sensor relationships are unaligned, causing failures in Discovery.




Delegate not receiving notifications in Jakarta when the notification is triggered to a group When the notification is triggered to a single user (e.g. when the user is an 'Affected' user), the user's delegate is getting notified. However, when the notification is triggered to a group (e.g. Assignment group), the delegates of the group members are not getting notified.
  1. Create a user with some delegates.
  2. Assign that user to a group.
  3. Create a notification and in the 'who will receive' add that group and add a delegate in the list of recipients and save.
  4. On the notification, click Preview notification.

The delegates are not added on the preview.

Event Management


SNMP trap issue with the MID Server processing of special characters Some of the alerts are having hexadecimal code in the description.

Event Management


Memory issues related to the 'Impact Calculator' job In the 'Impact Calculator' job, the same property is used both to limit a batch of alerts and the list of loaded CIs.

Event Management


Recurring excessive memory usage Possible out of memory issue or the impact job crashing while calculating the impact

Field Normalization


Field normalization's rollback uses the removed rollback engine Some users cannot use the rollback UI action for field normalization.

Filter Builder


List v3 treats / as a separator in the 'is one of' filter In Jakarta, the filter builder in List V3 treats '/' as a separator.

Filter Builder


A customized table list does not search the choice list column properly, which affects usability
  1. Open any record in cmdb_ci table.
  2. In Related Items, click the + icon to open the Relationship editor.
  3. Add the Status column to the Configuration Items list.
  4. Click the Status header to sort it Z-A.

    Notice that there are few items with the In Stock status.

  5. Click the magnifying glass icon in the header row to search the list.
  6. Type =In Stock to search the Status column.

    No records are displayed.

  7. Replace the filter =In Stock with =6.

The number of records with the Status = In stock are returned.

The same issue occurs for the Class column. Searching for =Computer returns no results, but searching for =cmdb_ci_computer returns the results. Filtering the cmdb_ci table in the 'normal' list view works correctly.




Auto-complete does not work with records with the display value as a Translated Text or Translated Field when using a translated language

When the instance language is switched to any language other than English, the auto-complete feature with reference variables does not work when the target table display field is a translated text.

The fix for this PRB is incompatible with the following dictionary attributes specific to reference fields:
  • ref_ac_columns_search
  • ref_ac_columns

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

  1. Activate an I18N language plugin such as French, but stay on the instance with English activated.
  2. Set a catalog item with one reference variable in it.
  3. Set the reference variable to point to a table which has translated text field as the display name.
  4. For example sc_cat_item:
    • set the reference to be simple,
    • set filter active=true
    • set attributes to "ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter, ref_ac_columns_search=true, ref_ac_columns=category"
  5. Set a couple of catalog items with a name beginning with the keyword "test". Make sure the French translations created for them in the sys_translated_text table also have names starting with "test".
  6. Set the catalog items above to active=false to test the reference qualifier set at step 4.
  7. Open the catalog item and click Try.
  8. Test the reference qualifier via entering the keyword "test".

    It will return data which matches with the filter and qualifier set at step 4.

  9. Switch the instance language to French.
  10. Try the same catalog item with the reference variable with the keyword "test".

On pre-Jakarta instances, the system will fetch the items which are not active as well, so the reference qualifier is not honored. Autocomplete does not work in a non-English language.

Forms and Fields


Messages for the field status = Conflict on Change Requests do not always appear in the correct language A user sometimes see the Messages for the field status = Conflict on Change Requests in the wrong language. The issue is reproducible when they access a record on language a language, than you access the same record on another language. The second time you access the record, it will contain the message in the language that the record was at when it was accessed for the same time.
  1. Activate any non-English language.
  2. Navigate the change_request table and filter it with conflict status => Conflict.
  3. Open any record.

    An error message appears under conflict, since conflicts are detected.

  4. Switch the language to Spanish.

The page is translated in Spanish, but the error message is not translated.

Forms and Fields



UI16 on tablet: Slushbucket (list collector) shows 0 items in left and right (available and selected) lists even when items are present When using a tablet device in UI16, using slushbuckets (list collectors) does not work as expected. The Available and Selected (left and right) boxes show 0 items until they are clicked, which will then show the items that exist in the list. The 0 items text appears to be detailing the number of actively selected items in the lists, instead of the number of items that currently exist in the list.

Use a tablet device, or appropriate simulator, this issue does not reproduce in a desktop browser by default:

  1. Navigate to a record that has an editable related list with records in it. For example, PRB0000011.
  2. Scroll to the incidents related list. Note the number of incidents in the list.
  3. Click the Edit button.

    In the resulting list collector, note that the Available (left) and Selected (right) boxes both appear grey and with 0 items displayed on them.

  4. Click the box on the right, you see the actual list of items in the list collector.
  5. Click outside of the list to close it.
  6. Click the box on the left and select a couple of items.
  7. Click outside of the list to close it.

Note that the count on the box reflects the number of items you selected.

Forms and Fields



The real-time updated checkbox field value does not save properly When a same record is open for two separate users, and one user updates a checkbox field, the other user sees that as a real-time update. However, when the other user changes the same value and tries to save it, the value does not save as expected.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The Service Management templates UI page is unresponsive when a glide_list is edited

Governance, Risk and Compliance


When navigating to Audit > Engagements > Workbench, audit_workbench displays for a second and reloads to homepage When navigating to Audit > Engagements > Workbench, the audit_workbench displays for a second. Then, the page reloads to the homepage. This issue only occurs after an instance is upgraded.

HTML Editor


When hovering over a question mark icon within a text field, this onscreen message is displayed ":Alt+F10 in Editor: Focus on toolbar. Escape in toolbar:" For the details on the fix for this PRB, refer to Using accessibility features.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Create New.
  2. On the form, near the Text field, notice the question mark icon.

Pressing the key should focus on the editor, but nothing happens.

Human Resources


Incorrect alignment on generated PDFs for HR cases from a template The right-alignment does not work for PDF generation for HR Case Management. When the PDF is generated, the text is aligned to the left.
  1. Activate the Human Resources Scoped App: Core (com.sn_hr_core) plugin with demo data.
  2. Edit the HR Document Template Employee Verification Letter in USA.
  3. Align the first line ${Date} to the right.
  4. Open any HR case that uses the 'Employment Verification Letter' HR service.
  5. Click Preview Document. You may need to impersonate the assigned_to user.

    A new window opens, and the Date is correctly aligned to the right.

  6. Click Generate on the popup.
  7. Download the PDF file and open it.

The date is incorrectly aligned to the left.

Human Resources Service Management


After enabling the HR Scoped Application plugin, sysapproval_approver is slow to load the pages
  1. Activate the Human Resources Scoped App: Core plugin.
  2. Navigate to sysapproval_approver.list and search for an approver who has more than 50000 records.
  3. Impersonate the approver to log into the instance.
  4. Open any of the sysapproval_approver records.

It takes a long time to open the form.

Human Resources Service Management


Users can click outside of dialog box and save the state as 'Suspended' via the HR case
  1. Proceed to any HR case and set the state to 'Suspended'.
  2. A pop-up box shows up requiring a suspend reason and worknotes will appear.
  3. Users can click outside of the box and the popup disappears, allowing users to save the case with the 'suspended' state without any worknotes or reason.

Users should not be able to set the state to 'suspended' until providing worknotes as required.

Human Resources Service Management


Fail to show the latest article link in the HR catalog
  1. Create an HR catalog and add knowledge articles to it using Manage HR Catalog.
  2. Open the catalog from the HR Service Portal.
  3. Click the link to the article and observe the article.
  4. Create a new version of the article and publish it.
  5. Open the catalog again and click the article.

You will see the older version of the article.

Human Resources Service Management


Fail to set the table width when generating the PDF When users generate the PDF and specify column widths for tables, the preview will show the correct column width. However, when users generate the PDF, the column widths are ignored.

Import / Export



The LDAP Listener through the MID Server stops intermittently MID Server holds all LDAP changes until the listen interval has elapsed. Once the LDAP listener time expires, the MID Server checks one more time if the records exist before sending the changes to the instance. Since the record has been renamed and moved, the MID Server cannot find the record and recover from this. This causes the LDAP Listener to stop.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Import / Export


When a report is exported into CSV, an incomplete number of records is downloaded Exporting list view and reports in the CSV format does not export all of the expected records. The same data can be exported in Excel and XML.

Import / Export


XML imports ignore nodes if they are not present in the first 10 records being processed

XML imports from data source attachments ignore nodes if they are not present in first 10 records being processed. The XML being processed contains optional fields that may not exist in the first 10 records of data. Data being explicitly ignored can lead to data consistency concerns.

For details on the fix to this PRB, refer to File type data sources.



Import into sys_user ignores the dry run parameter The dry run parameter might not prevent the update of managers in the sys_user import.

IT Asset Management


Deleting a core_company record clears out the mandatory reference field in the publisher table
  1. Delete a core_company record which is mapped to a samp_sw_publisher record.
  2. Navigate to the samp_sw_publisher record and look for the reference.
  3. Navigate to other SAMP tables such as the software model, the discovery model, software install and look for the core_company reference.

IT Operations Management


createorUpdate API returns the sys Id even if the insert fails due to a data policy or a business rule
  1. Create a data policy that makes serial numbers mandatory on the cmdb_ci_linux_server table.
  2. Send an IRE payload that tries to create a record in the cmdb_ci_linux_server table without the serial number field.

The record is not created, but IRE returns an invalid sys ID.

Knowledge Management


[UI15] The Knowledge homepage experiences rendering issues In UI15, the Knowledge homepage shrinks and does not render correctly.

Knowledge Management


With the CSM plugin activated, public/external users are not able to access knowledge articles in KB which does not have any user criteria When the CSM plugin is enabled, public/external users are not able to access the articles in knowledge bases without the user criteria (Knowledge bases with no 'Can Read' and 'Can contribute' criteria).

Knowledge Management


Scrolling behavior for KB articles on iOS native apps and iOS Safari not working as expected On iOS Safari, if users try to scroll by finger swiping on the main content/title of KB articles, the page will not scroll sideways.

On iOS native apps, if users try to scroll by finger swiping on the main content/title of KB articles, the page will not scroll. If users try to finger swipe on areas outside of the title or main content (edge/borders), the page is able to scroll as expected.

Knowledge Management



The Add button is not shown for Knowledge Manager The Add button on the category picker is not visible to the knowledge_manager of the knowledge base. It does appear for users with the admin and knowledge_admin roles so that they can create a category.
  1. Impersonate a user who is the manager of a knowledge base.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Articles > Create New.
  3. In the Knowledge Base field, select a knowledge base that the user is a manager of to set the Category field to readable.
  4. Click on the Lookup using the picker icon next to the Category field.

The Category Picker is displayed. Note that the manager is unable to create a category in the Category Picker window.

Knowledge Management


If there are more than 17 categories in a knowledge base, the CMS page will not display more than 17 categories



listEditRefQualTag variable used as a member API for getListControl() throws an error listEditRefQualTag variable used as a member API for getListControl() in related list UI action's condition does not work.

MID Server


Issue on sys_script_include within the 'handleError' function




Outbound connections to Twilio through NotifyNow API do not honor glide.http.proxy_host Twilio configuration does not honor proxy setup, and calls do not reach Twilio.
  1. Activate the Notify plugin.
  2. Configure the provisioned instance, such that all requests are routed through a proxy. Set the following properties:
    • glide.http.proxy_host
    • glide.http.proxy_port
  3. Navigate to Twilio Configuration.
  4. Try to configure a Twilio account by providing SID and Auth.

The Twilio configuration does not honor the proxy setup. As a result, calls do not reach Twilio.

On-call Scheduling


The night shift rotation spanning two days shows different results The night shift rotation spanning two days shows different results in Helsinki and Istanbul. For example, for an on-call shift that runs from 23:00 PM - 02:59 AM PST that is assigned to a user who is in the EST time zone, the admin who verifies that the users are on the correct schedule is not seeing the same carry over date as the person who is supposed to be on call.



java.util.ConcurrentModification Exception when running JDBC custom activities When many simultaneous JDBC connections are being made, an exception is intermittently thrown.

Password Reset Application



Password Reset verification: Personal Data - Enter Email Address is case-sensitive In Istanbul, the new password reset verification: Personal Data - Enter Email Address is case-sensitive.
  1. In Password Reset Process, select Personal Data - Enter Email Address as a Verification method.
  2. Enter an email address that does not match the case of the email address on the user record.

Note that the email address does not pass the verification step.

Performance Analytics


The indicator breakdown set to display=false is still available to be selected on widgets/detailed scorecards
  1. Install the PA Premium plugin.
  2. Open the indicator "Number of open incidents", which is a base version automated indicator.
  3. Browse for the breakdowns related list.
  4. Set the breakdown "Priority" and "Age" display field to false.
  5. Click on the UI Action Show scorecard on the indicator form.
  6. Navigate to the Breakdown tab.

Expected behavior: Users can still select 'Priority' or 'Age' as the breakdown.

Actual behavior: 'Priority' and 'Age' should be hidden from the breakdown drop down list.

Performance Analytics



Breakdown widgets on a bucket group not redirecting to the detailed scorecard if the bucket group is named 'Other' A breakdown widget on a bucket group will redirect / drilldown into the detailed scorecard when the bucket group is called 'Other'.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics


Scrollbars on the Records and Breakdowns tabs of scorecards, are not displayed when the property glide.cms.enable.responsive_ grid_layout is set to 'false'
  1. Add the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout system property, and set the value to false.
  2. Run the [PA Incident] Historic Data Collection job.
  3. Open the Incident Management PA dashboard.
  4. On the Incident Overview tab, to open a detailed scorecard, click the chart of the Open Incidents widget. Click on a point with a high enough number (20+) of incidents in order to eventually bring up a record list that will require scrolling.
  5. Click the Records tab.

No horizontal/vertical scrollbars are displayed for the record list. Note that there is a separate vertical scrollbar, but it is for the container of the scorecard, and it will not allow you to scroll down the list entirely.

Performance Analytics



Multiple dashboard tabs show same incorrect content One or more dashboards and/or dashboard tabs show the same content.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics



An error on the Knowledge Management dashboard prevents widgets from being displayed On the Knowledge Management dashboard's 'Overview' tab, an error appears: "Unable to find table: homepage_grid". As a result, no widgets are displayed.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics



Performance Analytics does not allow the creation of the functioning dashboard in any domains except global If users access a dashboard while they are in a different domain than global, and they attempt to edit the dashboard by placing an out-of-box existing widget on one of the existing tabs, the instance will generate new pa_widgets and pa_tabs records in the domain. However, these widgets and tabs will typically throw errors on the server because they will fail to find underlying components.
  1. Activate the following plugins:
    • com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installer
  2. Log out and log back in.
  3. Change your domain to ACME.
  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  5. Change the dashboard to Incident SLA Management (inactive).
  6. Click the + Add Widgets control and add a widget.
    1. Set the dropdown of available widgets to Performance Analytics.
    2. Select the Time Series > ootb - incident open - line.
    3. Click the Add button.

The widget will be added to the top of the Incident SLA Overview tab. Instead of displaying the preview content, it will contain the following error message:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Widget not found for sysId: a3b6ee52d7031100b96d45a3ce6103ba

Performance Analytics


The data collector returns the incorrect "score_end" value for the indicator with the monthly frequency in historical collections



Sys_documentation records for TPP cloned descendants fields are missing Base sys_documentation records are not duplicated for descending tables on CMDB hierarchy (TPP), resulting in a 'record not found' message when attempting to configure labels from a child table form.




After committing an update set that deletes a (custom) field from a table in the CMDB hierarchy, other tables show errors When a field is deleted in the CMDB hierarchy through the update set, data loss occurs for the table with a column mapped to the same storage alias as is used by the column that is deleted.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Editing a label for the CMDB table with TPP overwrites the other languages for that field label If users have multiple languages for their instance and edit a label (sys_documentation record) on the CMDB table, it will overwrite all of the other languages on the child tables with that language.
  1. Install the I18N: Internationalization plugin and at least one language.
  2. Navigate to System Localization > Field Labels.
  3. Set the filter [table] [starts with] [cmdb] AND [element] [is] [assignment_group].

    You can use any field that is on the base CMDB table and has translations for itself and at least one child table. If they are not on the child table, you might need to view a record in that child table in another language.

  4. Edit the Label field on the CMDB table for the English language.
  5. Refresh the list.

Note that all of the child tables are updated, but the other language records also get updated and changed to English, making it look like duplicate records are created.



The 'Collect Table Per Hierarchy Stats' can lead to excessive choice cache flushes




Data loss can occur when committing an update set that creates a unique index on a shared storage alias containing non-unique values When an update set is committed that creates a unique index on a column that uses a shared storage alias, records for other tables using the same storage alias and containing duplicate values for it are lost.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



TPP migration on the upgrade can leave null sys_class_path values in partition tables The upgrade migrates CMDB to TPP and creates partition tables such as cmdb$par1. The sys_class_path column in these tables can be left null, causing problems in a variety of CMDB list views.




The reference variable does not show the display value in catalog items for cmdb_ci or its child table
  1. Create a catalog item which has a reference type variable.
  2. Point the reference of this variable to any cmdb_ci table or any child table (for example, cmdb_ci_server).
  3. Set the display value for the cmdb_ci table to Short Description.

    This automatically sets the display value for the short description on the cmdb_ci_server.

  4. Navigate to the newly created catalog item.
  5. Click Try It.
  6. Fill in the value for the reference variable.

The short description should be shown, but the name is shown instead.



Slow response time can be caused when the sys_user_presence update is blocked Row lock contention can be caused if a record is updated frequently by multiple threads.




Documentation overrides do not persist In sys_documentation, users can override a parent tables' values for child tables. For example, users can set a different label for cmdb_ci_hardware.install_status than they have for cmdb.install_status. However, if users change any documentation values for any of the parent copies of the field, for example, by changing the label for cmdb.install_status, it will overwrite any customizations users have made in the child tables. This problem also happens to customized documentation values during an upgrade.
  1. Navigate to sys_documentation for cmdb_ci_hardware.install_status.
  2. Change the label, for example, to Hardware Status.
  3. Navigate to the form for a hardware record and ensure that install_status is a displayed field.

    Verify that the field label displays Hardware Status.

  4. Navigate back to sys_documentation for cmdb.install_status and change the label to Install Status.
  5. Navigate back to the form for a hardware record.

Verify that the Hardware Status label is lost, and is now Install Status like all other cmdb classes.



'Move Column Offrow' UI action causes the table containing the column to be moved offrow to become inaccessible When a user clicks the Move Column Offrow UI action, the table containing the column to be moved offrow becomes inaccessible.



When grouping by report results, the total records shown for each group do not match the total number of records returned overall When users create a report that has conditions containing more than one tag using an OR condition, and group by anything (i.e. State, Task Type), the total number of records is different than the sum of the records obtained by the aggregation (group by).
  1. Add more than one tags to several incidents.
  2. Create a report of any type (except Heatmap) that uses group by and count aggregation. Make sure you have tags in the filter condition and an OR condition in the report.
  3. Run the report and group by anything.
  4. Click the specific group (or the graphical representation of the group in a chart) to open the individual list.

Notice that the number in the list is less than the total reported for the sub-group in the main report.



The Stage (Workflow) field is not reflecting the correct value in the list view of a Transfer Order and Transfer Order line for same stockroom transfers

Project Management


Using the planning console to add a task in a project causes already closed tasks to become active=true again Using 'Add task below' in the planning console in a project that already has closed compete tasks can incorrectly cause those closed tasks to become active=true.
  1. Enable the PPM with Financials plugin.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Create three child tasks named 1, 2, and 3. Set them to Start ASAP with no relations.
  4. Start the project.

    All tasks are moved to work in progress.

  5. Set task 3 to Closed complete.

    Active is set to false.

  6. Open the planning console.
  7. Select task 2 and click Add Task Below.
  8. Leave the task name as New Task, and click outside the task to save.
  9. Navigate back to task 3.

Task 3 is set to active=true.

Project Management


For the custom scoped app/teamspace, when creating a template from a project with attachments, the attachments are missing
  1. Create a scoped app extending project tables.
  2. Register the app in the team space configuration table.
  3. Create a project template for the new table.
  4. Add attachments to the template.
  5. Use the template to create a project.

Attachments are not copied from the template to the project.

Project Management


The status report of a project prints only in black and white

Project Management


When closing a project record while in the planning console, the description changes to the string 'null'. In the Project module, when a user closes a project record while in the planning console, the description changes to 'null'.
  1. Create a project with the Description field populated.
  2. Access this project in the planning console.
  3. Close the project.
  4. View the description.

The description's text is 'null'.

Project Management


In .mpp files, if there is a negative lag time mentioned in the predecessor column, it does not get calculated properly in the lag time after importing

Microsoft Project allows for days, minutes, percents, and elapsed days to be entered as a valid value for the lag time field. However, when a successor task is imported with a lag time defined, the lag time value will be converted into days.

This results in anything else than days incorrectly being converted into days during the import process. Negative lag time entered in percents is not imported either. For example, a successor task defined to start 10 minutes after its predecessor is imported as starting 10 days after its predecessor finishes.

Project Management


The copy project functionality on the project table does not work When trying to copy a project, an error 'Record not found' is displayed.

Project Management


Issue with project start dates when using a project template When a project is created using a template, and if the project start date is after the template's start date, the planned end date is not calculated properly.

Record Watcher


Excessive logout events are generated on pages Excessive logout events are generated from pages that contain real time widgets or records that utilize the record watcher. This issue specifically affects record watcher query conditions that include dynamic query conditions (query conditions which contain "JavaScript:" or "DYNAMIC").

Release Management


The percent_complete field does not work correctly on stories The percent_complete field on the stories is not calculating correctly.



Using a different date format other than the system date format results in issues while generating reports for the Resource Allocation table



Column graphs do not work correctly Group by on a column chart with the same name, but different sys IDs show incorrect output.



Calendar report on the Service Portal shows an error message The Report widget in the Service Portal has an error message and also cuts off the calendar report.

Resource Management


An error occurs when the user submits the time off request Error 'User XXXXXXX could not be allocated for the period XXXXX as the user is not available for one or more days in the period' occurs when users submit the time off request and the capacity is regenerated.
  1. Create a resource plan/resource allocation for user Fred Luddy for 8th of November.
  2. Create a time off request for 9th/10th of November.
  3. Generate the capacity through the user record.
  4. Create a resource plan.
  5. Click Allocate at the top of the resource plan.

An error occurs when attempting to allocate resources: 'User Fred Luddy could not be allocated for the period 01-01-2017 - 11-30-2017 as the user is not available for one or more days in the period'.

Security Access Control Lists


Whitelist for IP addresses needs to be updated and back-ported to the previous releases

Service Analytics


Files are missing when the plugin is not enabled

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


The onLoad catalog client script is triggered in the request item form view in Service Portal This issue can manifest in four different ways:
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the catalog item view is triggered on the requested item form view in Service Portal.
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the requested item view is triggered on the catalog item form view in Service Portal.
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the catalog item view is missing on the catalog item form view in Service Portal.
  • onLoad catalog client script configured to run only on the requested item view is missing on the requested item form view in Service Portal.

This issue was reproducible with a catalog item that uses a variable of type Multiple Choice, Check Box, Single Line Text, and Numeric Scale but might not be limited to only these variable types.

Service Catalog


The UI policy that sets display to false for a catalog label variable throws an error if it has a parent container when sysparm_media=print

Service Catalog


The reference qualifier on the look up select box does not work on the variable editor upon loading the form The look up select box displays all the choices that is not included in the reference qualifier. This happens only when the form is loaded. When changing the category, the reference qualifier works and displays the correct entries on the look up select box.

Service Catalog



The Automated Test Framework fails when an individual catalog item has 'use cart layout' set to false When using the Automated Test Framework for a catalog item when the catalog item field 'Use cart layout' is false, the following error appears: "Error FAILURE: Cannot find 'Add to Cart' button."
  1. Create a test.
  2. Add a step to Open a catalog item, such as a standard laptop. Make sure item is set to Use cart layout = false.
  3. Add the step Add item to shopping cart.
  4. Test Run.

An error appears: "Error FAILURE: Cannot find 'Add to Cart' button."

Service Catalog



Excessive size of the Service Catalog question cache causes high memory usage issue

This issue is data-dependent and occurs when the Question table has 500 or more entries.

Service Catalog


The 'List Collector' shows some code snippets between the filter section and the slush bucket
  1. Take the latest track/workspace instance.
  2. Try to create a New Catalog Item.
  3. Create new "List Collector" variable in the above created catalog item.
  4. Try the catalog item and observe the result.

Expected behavior: The 'List Collector' should be shown properly without any issues.

Actual behavior: The 'List Collector' is shown, but there is a code snippet display between List collector's filter section and slush bucket.

Service Mapping


SSH layer hangs on Solaris systems when sending a command that is longer than 256 characters

Service Mapping


The debug mode for patterns do not work when an entry point is specified for an AWS load balancer

Service Mapping


On some Linux systems, the Service Mapping process detection should fallback to lsof when netstat command fails to bring the process ID On some Linux systems, the netstat fails to bring the process ID on some of the connections, even when executed with sudo. In those cases, the system should fallback to using lsof instead.

Service Mapping


Layer 2 connections are not always created because the 'absent' field in the discovery_net_base table is not considered In the discovery_switch_fwd_table, add two records with two different Mac addresses associated to the same port and switch. One record has absent = true and the other has absent = false. In this case, users cannot create a physical connection although such connections should be created.

Service Mapping


Incorrect service account is retrieved for the cloud discovery

Service Mapping


Service Mapping discovery of large load balancers failed in the user environment SNMP-based discovery that brings large tables fails on timeout when using SNMPv3 credentials after the upgrade.

Service Mapping


Cloud discovery does not work on Azure resources Discovery failed with an error 'Sensor error when processing Horizontal Pattern: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot deserialize objectundefined' in Discovery logs coming from Azure patterns (Azure website & Azure database).

Service Mapping


When using IP instead of FQDN for the entry point, it does not work

Service Portal


The reference variable dropdown containing a long string is overlapping with the other column

Service Portal


Relationships (defined related lists) are not supported Defined related lists such as 'Incidents by Same Caller' do not appear on forms in Service Portal. They appear outside the Service Portal. These related lists appear in the slush bucket when modifying the related list for the form within the Service Portal. There is also a space which seems to be put aside for them.

Service Portal


Scripts (client in Istanbul+ and UI policy in Helsinki+) are hiding sections of the form (g_form.setSectionDisplay) and do not work in Service Portal In the Service Portal, UI policies with scripts containing setSectionDisplay do not hide that particular section. For example, this can be seen in HR Cases where certain sections are hidden using a UI policy.

Service Portal


sysapproval_approver.document_id is not populated correctly by the workflow when a record is created A record in the sysapproval_approver table is not correctly associated to the originating record when it is created through the Service Portal.

When a record is created using the form widget of the Service Portal and it triggers an approval process (through workflow), the corresponding record created in the sysapproval_approver table is not correctly associated with the original record. The document_id field is empty.



UI macro 'ui_slushbucket' is broken
  1. Create a new macro where ui_slushbucket has been used.
  2. Create a variable type macro in an order guide.
  3. Open the order guide page.

Expected behavior: A slush bucket should appear.

Actual behavior: An error appears.

Software Asset Management


Remove dot walks to improve performance

Software Asset Management


The dashboard is empty when theglide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout property is set false

Software Asset Management


Duplicate files result in issues The SAM, SAMP, and Procurement plugins have files with the same name, but they have different form sections. The last plugin which gets activated will replace the earlier plugin's file. This can lead to issues. For example, if the procurement is installed last, the new columns added in the new SAM plugin will not be visible anymore.

Software Asset Management


The HTTP 429 too many requests issue occurs when the download for content is initiated

Software Asset Management


When users view some of the CIs in the CMDB, the following error is displayed twice 'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database'
  1. Create a form section and add 'CMDB Baseline Diff' to the form section.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Baselines.
  3. Create a new 'CMDB Baseline'.
  4. Once the baseline creation that has been scheduled is completed, observe a list of CMDB baseline entries.
  5. Open a cmdb_ci_computer record with a name in the list.

An error occurs: 'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'sys_created_by' in 'field list')'.

Software Asset Management


Platform reports on the dashboard show no values Platform reports on the dashboard show no values because of the hardcoded company system ID for the publisher filters.

System Applications


Publishing scoped applications can include personalized list layouts when bad data already exists When personalized list layout records (sys_ui_list) contain an update name, the personalized list layout can be included when the application is published. The bad data can be carried over from previous releases and will continue to be incorrectly included in an application. This can create issues for the application and trick the upgrade engine into thinking the list was customized, causing the upgrade engine to skip any updates to the list layout.
  1. Create an app.
  2. With the app selected in the app picker, personalize some list layouts.
    • In Helsinki and Istanbul, you may need to log out and back in to start a new session.
    • In Jakarta and later, you can either script the bad data or import it from XML, changing the application to your new app ID.
  3. Publish the app to Update Set, or publish to the app_repo.

The personalized lists are included in the app.

System Applications



Installing the Nuvolo application may result in an OutOfMemory error due to the file stream failing unzip
  1. Activate the Managed Document plugin as prerequisites for the known affected application Nuvolo.
  2. Try to install the application into the internal certification instance.

Note the progress activity stops at 2% and a system error is thrown: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.

System Applications


Application installation error 'Not in GZIP format: Not in GZIP format' When users install the application into instance, the application gets installed successfully. However, they can see errors in the log 'Not in GZIP format: Not in GZIP format'.

Time Card Management


When clicking Insert and stay for the second time, the record does not reflect the changes When clicking Insert and stay for the second time, a duplicate record is created instead of creating an updated one.
  1. Open any time_card record.
  2. Modify the 'Week starts on'.
  3. Click Insert and stay.
  4. In the new record, modify 'Week starts on' again.
  5. Click Insert and stay.

The record inserted is duplicate of the previously inserted record.

Time Card Management


Activating the Time Card plugin breaks updates on sys_user when changing the manager
  1. On a fresh instance with no Project Management plugins active, activate the Time Card Management plugin.
  2. Navigate to the user records and select any user.
  3. Add the manager field to the form.
  4. Change the manager.
  5. Save the record.

An error appears in the node log file browser or in System log > Warning:

WARNING *** WARNING *** Evaluator: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "TimeCardApproverChangeService" is not defined.

UI Components



Jakarta upgrade does not update z_last_include.js version, causing reference-related issues After upgrading from Helsinki, the file z_last_include.js does not have its version updated, even though the file itself contains updates. This prevents the browser from re-caching the file, which can cause issues such as failing autocomplete references and bad results for reference qualifiers.
  1. Open the instance so when the homepage loads, the z_last_include.js file is loaded into your browser.
  2. Upgrade the instance to Jakarta.
  3. Open the page again.

    Note that the z_last_include.js file is not updated.

  4. Open an incognito browser and log in to the instance.

The updated file loads.

UI Components


The custom sys_app_module gets deactivated after an upgrade

Update Sets


The progress worker cannot be found and the update set preview will not finish The progress worker created with GlideUpdateSetWorker completes with an error "Progress worker state is not set to complete after worker is finished".

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Update Sets


UpdateMutex held for longer than 24 hours is not released, preventing the execution of subsequent operations Users are unable to retrieve, preview, or commit update sets. An error occurs 'update set preview and commit are unavailable because another operation is running'.

Upgrade Engine Issues



sys_update_xml.replace_on_ upgrade=true is excessively persistent when set on an update in the Default update set
  1. Update a record in the Default Update Set.
  2. Revert that record to Base System (or find the sys_update_xml record for that update and set replace_on_upgrade = true).
  3. Modify the record again in the Default update set.

The record is still replaced on upgrade.

Usage Analytics


UADBListener leaks a database connection when running against sys_user_session changes Session issues are detected and users on the affected nodes have an issue maintaining their sessions.




Join activities do not complete when the deprecated 'Rollback' activity is used in the path up to the Join activity The newer Rollback To activity still works successfully.
  1. Create a workflow where a rollback exists on a path before a join.
  2. Attach this workflow to a new service catalog item and order the item.

The flow will not complete.




Join activities result in an error Join activities in workflows do not work as expected. An error 'java.lang.NullPointerException' occurs when the join activity is reached.
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  2. Create a catalog item.
  3. Next to the Workflow field, click the lookup icon.
  4. Next to Workflow at the top, click New to create a workflow with a Join activity.
  5. Click Try it and then Order Now to order the item.
  6. Navigate to the requested item you just created.
  7. In the Catalog Tasks related list, change the state of tasks to 'Complete'.
  8. Refresh the related list and click Show Workflow.

Note an error occurs when the workflow reaches the Join activity.

Other Jakarta Patch 9 information

File type data sources
If the XML file used for an XML data source does not contain a field in the first 10 nodes, the field is ignored. To import the field and ensure it is not ignored, you can add the glide.db.impex.XMLLoader.max.scan_nodes system property with a value greater than or equal to the position of the node where the field is first encountered. This property applies to all XML data sources. glide.db.impex.XMLLoader.max.scan_nodes defaults to 10, but you can enter a value from 1 to 2147483647 to specify how many nodes should be scanned to determine the values to be used for the import. You can specify -1 to scan all nodes in the XML files.
Important: If you specify -1 or increase the value of glide.db.impex.XMLLoader.max.scan_nodes beyond the default of 10, all XML import processing may incur a significant increase in overall load time.
Layer 2 Discovery

If you are missing Layer 2 data after you run discovery on multiple VLANs, you should enable the triggering of the Switch - MAC Table probe and run discovery again. To do this, add this property to the System Property [sys_properties] table: glide.discovery.sensors.forwardingtable.ssh. Set the value of the property to true.

Using accessibility features
If accessibility is enabled, a help icon appears with the HTML field. The help icon indicates how to access and escape the HTML field toolbar.
IdentifyReconcile API

For Jakarta Patch 9 and subsequent releases, users must have the itil or asset role to use this API.

Configure Shazzam probe parameters and payload size
If the list of IP ranges being scanned by a schedule is very large, you can configure the Shazzam payload for JSON encoding to reduce its size.

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 9

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.