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Jakarta Patch 8

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Jakarta Patch 8

The Jakarta Patch 8 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 8 was released on March 1, 2018.
Build date: 02-26-2018_1106
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch8-02-14-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 8 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 8, refer to KB0680075.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




Data loss can occur when adding an index on an existing column on a TPP table via IndexDescriptor#create when that table is out of index capacity Adding an index to a TPP column will sometimes try to migrate columns to accommodate an index.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




In Express versions only, all customizations are overwritten when upgrading to a Jakarta or newer version On Express versions only, if an application was ever uninstalled, all customizations will be overwritten/removed when upgrading to a Jakarta or higher version. This condition is created after an application is uninstalled and data loss is only encountered on upgrade.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

UI Components



Non-admins cannot impersonate users in Jakarta Non-admin users with the impersonator role are unable to select any users from the impersonation dialog, except for users in the recent impersonation list.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Application Navigator



The UI16 application navigator filter returns unexpected results When a user types some text into the UI16 application navigator, the visible applications and modules are filtered dynamically to match the string. Sometimes, the user sees unusual results. For example, typing 'Plugin' can return results for the 'System Definition' application. This issue can occur more frequently on slower connections, but it is not limited to slower connections.
  1. In Chrome, open the developer tools and select the Network tab. Under the throttling menu, select Good 3G.
  2. With UI16 enabled, enter a string in the application navigator filter. For example, Plugin.
    • The application navigator displays many results that do not contain the word plugin.
  3. If the issue does not occur, repeat step 1 with a variety of strings, such as Create and Inci. It may take a few tries before the issue surfaces.

Core Platform



Records with the 'null' sys_id can be created and imported Records can be created or imported with a null sys_id. Modifying these null records can modify other task records with empty parent fields.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Vendor Management


Get Stock Quote UI action in Vendor Performance returns 'N/A' for stock_price

The Yahoo Finance API was discontinued by Yahoo, and the UI action Get Stock Quote does not return the stock price. Instead, ’N/A’ is displayed in the ‘stock_price' field.

The fix for this PRB deactivates the Get Stock Quote UI action, which will leave the 'stock_price' field blank.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream



After adding the new property glide.ui16.emailStreamResponse Actions, under certain conditions, the email client page closes/disappears When using the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property and UI16 is enabled with live forms, the email reply buttons appear on the Activity filter stream. However, when clicking on these buttons, the email client page displays but when clicking on the message box to type in a message, the pop-up page closes/disappears.
  1. Make sure the live forms property (glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled) is enabled.

    For more information, see Disable live form feature.

  2. Make sure email sending and receiving is enabled through the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property.

    If you do not see this property in /, add it and set it to true.

  3. Go to / and open a record that has an email sent.
  4. Scroll down in the activity formatter and click the Reply/Reply All/Forward buttons.

Note that the email client page appears, but once you click on the message box, it closes.




The deduplication on the approvals does not work as expected The approval deduplication is broken. Deduplicated approvals are not properly recorded and not attached to correct activities

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Automated Test Framework


Test run fails with error "Step execution failed with error: Cannot read property 'step_execution_generator' of undefined"
  1. Create an ATF test.
  2. Add the test step Application Visibility.
  3. Fill in the details for the step.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Run the test.

The test fails with error "Step execution failed with error: Cannot read property 'step_execution_generator' of undefined".

Cloud Management Application


Resource Operation policies are not triggered Resource Operation policies that specify a lifecycle operation, such a the deprovisioning of a virtual machine, are not triggered when the lifecycle operation is executed at the resource (or stack) level.

Cloud Management Application


Unable to provision the existing CFT template
  1. Navigate to User portal > Launch a Stack.
  2. Click an existing catalog.
  3. Enter proper details and provision.

Expected behavior: It should get provisioned successfully without any errors.

Actual behavior: The provision fails.

Cloud Management Application


When an existing resource group is selected while provisioning Azure VM, it fails in the first step
  1. Set up Azure credentials, a service account, and a cloud account.
  2. Run Azure discovery and setup OS and compute.
  3. Create a VM on Azure BP.
  4. Generate a catalog item.
  5. Go to the order form. Choose No for the createresourcegroup attribute.
  6. Choose an existing resource group from drop down.
  7. Submit the order with other valid data.

The VM provision fails.

Cloud Management Application


The 'Create CName Record' method fails in Cloud Management with an Infoblox integration The Create a Canonical Name record (Create CName Record) method in Infoblox does not execute against the Cloud Management API.
  1. Set up Infoblox credentials.
  2. Trigger the Create CName Record method with valid inputs.

Even though the record was successfully created on the Infoblox side, the call fails on CAPI.

Cloud Management Application


During cloud registration, datacenter URL is not honored Users rely on the ability to provide a datacenter URL to reach datacenters and regions in public clouds. The CloudFormation template provisioning on AWS does not work correctly when the AWS cloud is registered with an explicit datacenter URL.

Cloud Management Application


Blueprint catalog item changes are not preserved after form publish from blueprint
  1. Navigate to
  2. Open the catalog information.
  3. Navigate to the variable set tab.
  4. Open the Provision set.
  5. Enter a tool tip and save.
  6. Navigate to the Blueprint catalog page.
  7. Publish the catalog.

Publishing a form causes Blueprint catalog item changes to disappear. Publishing a form should only publish form changes in the blueprint.

Cloud Management Application


CMPv2 AWS and Azure Client does not honor MID Server properties for proxy When leveraging AWS Cloud Accounts in a Jakarta Cloud Management Instance, if the MID Server is configured to use a proxy, it is not honored.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Performance issues for users running the Service Dashboard

When the Service Dashboard is running, some users experience performance or memory usage issues.

The fix for this PRB adds the system property. If set to false, service health scores are not calculated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


While processing skip duplicates in identification engine, memory issues may occur with high numbers of duplicates

Core Platform


Records with empty sys_ids can be created and can cause invalid cascade deletion

Core Platform


Default "go to" search operator >= can be slow on large tables Default semaphore exhaustion.
  1. Go to cmdb_ci list.
  2. Type foo in the top search bar for Name.

Expected result: Query is "Name starts with foo".

Actual result: Query is "Name >=foo".

Core Platform


Table API - Dot-walked fields are returned with blank values, but the request status is 200 (success)

Customer Service Management


OpenFrameAPI 1.0.2 backwards compatibility is broken for ServiceNow and OpenFrame versions older than Kingston

With Kingston, OpenFrame introduced a new mechanism (through a new API library) to enable communication between ServiceNow and CTI partner application. This enabled the partner to have full control on the URL being loaded in OpenFrame. However, the new API library was not backward compatible.

This fix introduces a resource path for referring to the latest API. By leveraging this, CTI partners can have their application always leverage the latest API library without having the overhead of managing two separate code bases.

Demand Management


Assessments created for demand does not show the demand details in My Assessments and Surveys
  1. Create 2 demands.
  2. Add a stakeholder for both the demands, with assessment set to yes.
  3. Screen the demand.
  4. Impersonate the stakeholder.
  5. Navigate to My Assessments & Surveys.
  6. Check the demand cards.

The assessment does not contain demand details.



SCCM 2012 integration does not delete software installations after the installation has been removed from a device When the CSD revocation workflow is used to uninstall software from SCCM, the software is removed. However, the next time the SCCM 2012 integration is used and recognizes the software no longer is on the device, it does not delete the software installation from the Software Install table.



Migration of VM between vCenters causes a duplicate VM to be created After a VM is discovered in one vCenter, if it is migrated to another vCenter and that vCenter is rediscovered, a duplicate record is created for the same VM.



Some discovery schedules are left in the incomplete state The MID Server sets ECCQ output records from processing to ready when there is an SSL handshake exception, even through the MID Server is processing that record.




Duplicate ESX Server records are created when an ESX Server is migrated to another vCenter
  1. Discover vCenter.

    Notice that a relationship is created between the ESX Server and vCenter.

  2. Migrate the ESX Server to a different vCenter (new).
  3. Discover the vCenter that contains the migrated ESX server.

Expected behavior: The ESX Server record created in step 1 now shows a relationship to the new vCenter.

Actual behavior: An ESX server record is created that has a relationship to the new vCenter. However, the record with the relationship to the original vCenter still exists.



Unable to discover VLAN data from Cisco switches that require the SNMPv3 context When users try to discover Cisco switches, they see the message "SNMP - Switch - ForwardingTable: 0 OIDs".



After ESX migration between vcenters, no-longer-valid relationships are not deleted An ESX server in vcenter1 has a relationship to datastore1, vm1, template1, cluster1, network1, etc, and then is migrated to vcenter2. New relationships to datastore2, cluster2, etc, are created as expected. However, the relationships to datastore1, vm1, and others still exist. These relationships should be deleted.



Discovery probes with use_getbulk set to true disregard the SNMP v3 only discovery schedule setting, which cause unwanted queries of the target If Discovery (via schedule) runs a probe with use_getbulk set to true and the SNMPv3 credential(s) fail (including but not limited to the use case in PRB1236541), the system cycles through any community string credentials. These string credentials include 'public' unless the MID config parameter mid.snmp.enable_auto_public is disabled, since it is enabled by default. When a credential is tested, the user will see requests for 'sysDescr' made to their device(s).
  1. Configure a Discovery schedule to use SNMPv3 only.
  2. Add an IP to the schedule that will respond to SNMPv3 queries only.
  3. Add an invalid (with respect to the target device) SNMPv3 discovery credential.
  4. Add an SNMP community string credential.
  5. Add the probe parameter use_getbulk=true to the SNMP - Classify probe. You can also use a valid credential against a device where the credential will fail during exploration due to PRB1236541.
  6. Turn on debugging and/or observe SNMP traffic in Wireshark.
  7. Discover the device.

After the SNMPv3 credential fails, the system falls back to available community strings, including 'public'.



Classification of storage switches fails when a namespace is returned



SCCM software is removed from the incorrect table If SAM is enabled, when software is uninstalled, the software should be removed from cmdb_sam_sw_install. However, it is being removed from cmdb_software_instance.

Edge Encryption



Clicking the lookup list for reference fields only reloads the list instead of choosing the reference record The lookup list for reference fields breaks if the display name for the reference table contains encrypted data.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Notification categories are not being translated in the new Jakarta Notifications UI In the new Notifications UI In Jakarta, the categories are not being translated. In the Istanbul and previous Notifications UI, these were translated as part of the OOB language plugins.

Activate the I18N plugin and at least one language, for example, French.

  1. Click the cog wheel in the top right to open the System Settings popup.
  2. Change your Language to something other than English.
  3. Click the Notifications tab.
  4. Scroll down to the section Notifications By Category.

The categories should be translated.




Group Email is not included as a notification recipient if the email address is the same as a user email address and the user is excluded
  1. Ensure you have an email notification for the assignment group.
  2. Set a group's group email field, for example CAB Approval, to the same as that of a user. For example,
  3. Set the user, for example, abel.tuter, notification disabled or inactive.
  4. Set an incident to have that group as an assignment group, for example, CAB Approval.
  5. Navigate to the notification and perform as Preview based on the incident created.

As a result, in the preview notification, you see the user's name/email. If the user is inactive, red is struck through the user name.




SMS notifications are sent as HTML content messages after upgrading to Jakarta
  1. Create a new notification of type SMS.
  2. Trigger the SMS notification.
  3. Navigate to the sys_email record generated by the notification.

You will notice the received email content-type header is: "Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8".

On the instance, the outbound email will have Content Type: multipart/mixed

Event Management


After upgrading to Jakarta, events are matching with incorrect rules If event rules have more than nine conditions on additional information, the incoming events will match the incorrect event rule if the order of the event rule has a higher priority than the correct one.

Event Management


After upgrading from Helsinki to Jakarta, users cannot open existing event rules When an event rule has a length of more than 4000 for the field 'simple_filter', users cannot open or view the rule.

Field Service Management


Memory related exception is thrown when there is a large number of maintenance plan records When there are a large number of maintenance plan records for any maintenance schedule, the planned maintenance does not generate the work order tasks. A memory related exception is thrown.

Financial Management


Project actuals are not rolling up to the portfolio level
  1. Create a portfolio and add two projects under it (P1,P2).
  2. Create separate cost plans for each projects (CP1, CP2). Make sure the start date and end date of cost plans fall under FY17.
  3. Select the projects from the portfolio workbench and promote the budget plan.
  4. Create expense lines for CP1 and CP2 for FY17. For example, $100 and $200.

    At this point, actuals are created at the cost_plan_breakdown level.

  5. Navigate to Budget Console > Budget Model > Project Portfolio Budget.
  6. Navigate to the Actuals tab and generate actuals for the whole fiscal period.
  7. Navigate back to the Review tab.

Expected behavior: For the portfolio created in step 1, it should show $300.

Actual behavior: It shows "-".

Financial Management


Amounts are not rolled up when the segments have fiscal validity configured
  1. Create a cost model.
  2. Configure fiscal validity to those segments used in the cost model.
  3. Create an account rollup between any 2 accounts of the segments, and check the amounts rolled up.

The amount is not rolled up when the segments have a fiscal validity configured.

Financial Management


Weight maps are generated even when there is no data available for the selected fiscal period and enforce life span is enabled
  1. Enable the Enforce life span check box for any weighted metric.
  2. Generate weight maps for the above metric for any specific fiscal period. Make sure there are no records available for the selected fiscal period. Weight maps should not be generated.

Weight maps are still generated.

Governance, Risk and Compliance



When control test is effective or ineffective, it does not change the control status When an indicator passes, it does not change the control status field to compliant.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Human Resources Service Management


When HR demo data is deleted, it reappears after an upgrade to a newer release version

Human Resources Service Management


Rendering issues with the com.snc.pdf_generator when formatted tables are added to the PDF body of the template When generating a document from a Workforce Administration Case that contains a formatted table in the PDF Template's form, the preview of the document is incorrect. This issue occurs when the table cell is resized after adding it to the document template.


  • Install the Human Resources Scoped App: Core plugin, preferably with demo data

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Navigate to HR Administration > Document Templates (sn_hr_core_document_template).
  3. Create a new record or edit an existing one.
  4. Using the Table icon, add a table inside the Body field.
  5. Format the table. For example, navigate to Table Properties > Advanced and select a Border color. Click OK to save.
  6. Save the Document Template record.
  7. Navigate to HR Case Management > Workforce Administration Cases.
  8. Verify the name of someone who has a case assigned to them. With demo data: Suzette Devaughan has HRC0000505 assigned to her.
  9. Impersonate the assigned HR user.
  10. Navigate to HR Case Management > Workforce Administration Cases and go into the assigned record. Verify that the PDF Template field selected is the one that has the formatted table.
  11. From the header of the form, select Preview Document, and then click Generate.

    The attachment file will display in the header.

  12. Click View.

Expected behavior: The PDF will display correctly and maintain formatting of the template used to generate the document.

Current behavior: A black rectangle is displayed, overlapping the content of the generated document. If the table is not formatted or if there is no table, the document displays correctly.

Import / Export


REST API calls intermittently fails due to the error: "Could not initialize class ImportSetAPIService" REST API calls intermittently fail. This problem only seems to affect one node at a time, and has occurred randomly after a node restart on a very small number of instances.

Import / Export


Unable to export currency value in the currency in which it was entered in currency fields in Jakarta Even when glide.i18n.single_currency is set to false, users are unable to export currency values in the originally-entered currency.

For details on the fix for this PRB, refer to Exporting currency fields to Excel.


  • Set glide.excel.fixed_currency_usd to false.
  • Set glide.i18n.single_currency to false.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In a core_company record, update the market_cap field with a value in dollars .
  2. In a second core_company record, update the market_cap field with a value in a different currency.
  3. Personalize the core_company list to show market_cap field.

    Note that cells appear in two different currencies since glide.i18n.single_currency is set to false.

  4. Export the results to Excel.

Expected result: Since glide.excel.fixed_currency_usd is set to false, the Market cap column should show cells in currency in which they were entered.

Actual result: Non-USD currency values are converted to dollars.

Knowledge Management



KB categories created through the category picker by knowledge_admin are not listed under the intended knowledge base When knowledge_admin creates a category, it is not visible because it does not have 'Parent ID'. Creating categories works for admin users.
  1. Login as knowledge_admin.
  2. Open any Knowledge article by navigating to Knowledge > All.
  3. Click on magnifying glass icon to open the Category picker.
  4. Create a new category and confirm.

Observe the article category is set to the one just created, but is not listed as a category under the associated Knowledge Base.



Jakarta embedded list issue when using IE and UI15 Users are unable to add a new row ("Insert new row..") in an embedded list in Jakarta while using UI15 and Internet Explorer. The issue only appears if the form is refreshed after the initial load.

Performance Analytics



Improve the performance of the CIO dashboard

Performance Analytics



The Column Chart widget with the 'Previous period chart' box checked does not render the first and the last bar available for a full year period
  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Widgets.
  2. Create a widget with the following values:
    • Type: Time Series
    • Visualization: Line
    • Indicator: Number of Open Incidents
    • Time Series: By Avg +
  3. Select the Previous period chart checkbox.
  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Jobs.
  5. Open the job, select [PA Incident] Daily Data Collection, and click Run.
  6. Navigate back to Performance Analytics > Dashboard.
  7. Click the '+' sign on the top right corner to add content to the dashboard.
  8. Select Performance Analytics > Time Series.
  9. Add the newly created widget to the dashboard.

Note that the first and the last bar are not displayed in the chart.

Performance Analytics


Performance Analytics Linear forecasting gives a global target breach at a wrong point in time Performance Analytics Linear forecasting does not give a global target breach at the correct point in time. For example, for a global target of 0, the target is met when the score is far in the negative instead of when it is around 0.

Performance Analytics


Dashboard fails to persist default values when the URL is lengthy Due to payload size, users are unable to persist the user default value for interactive filters.

Performance Analytics


The score value does not match with the total values of scores from breakdowns for the formula indicators, if one of the indicators has no scores

Performance Analytics


After switching tabs, the detailed scorecard does not refresh date changes
  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Scorecards.
  2. Open the scorecard for Number of open incidents.
  3. Navigate to Records.
  4. Change the date picker to be outside of the range currently shown.

The calendar picker only refreshes after a second click on the date.

Performance Analytics


Data collectors should support domain separation without the com.glide.domain.msp_extensions plugin Even when the com.glide.domain.msp_extensions plugin is not installed, data collectors should support domain separation.

Performance Analytics



The OOB Incident Management dashboard is missing as part of the PA trial plugin The "out of the box" Incident Management dashboard, which is supposed to come with the trial version of Performance Analytics for Incident Management is absent.
  1. Log in to the instance.
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  3. Make sure the Performance Analytics ( plugin is active.
  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  5. Search for the Incident Management dashboard.

Note that it does not appear.



"Unknown column 'cmdb0.maintenance_schedule' in 'on clause'" error when approving change through CAB workbench When approving a change request through the CAB workbench, the following error shows on the screen: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'cmdb0.maintenance_schedule' in 'on clause')



Filtering on tags in the list view for CMDB generates an error message in Jakarta
  1. On the filter navigator, navigate to Business Services.
  2. In the list view, create a filter with 'Tags'.
  3. For the 'Tags' filter, make it 'Tags has Contacts'.

Notice that when you run the filter, an error occurs.



Inconsistent results on query for multiple metrics with different last written time Users utilize Metric Explorer to view data during troubleshooting issues. If this data is not available on Metric Explorer, users will think data is lost.




DBOnlineAlter uses ExecutionTracker from multiple threads

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



In Jakarta, it is not possible to override the Display flag on CMDB.Name once it is set After the upgrade, the display value of one of the tables changed, picking up the display value from the parent table instead of its own display value.



The table extending cmdb_ci is missing all parent columns when installing an app that adds fields to cmdb_ci When installing a scoped application containing a table which extends cmdb_ci, the table is created and marked as extending cmdb_ci. However, it is missing all the columns that should have come from cmdb_ci. This problem happens when:
  • There is an app being installed (not an update set or plugin).
  • The app creates custom tables extending CMDB (or a descendant).
  • The app adds custom fields to CMDB (or a descendant). In this circumstance, the parent columns from CMDB do not get 'cloned' to the new custom tables.


Dictionary invalidation refactoring is causing undesired side effects Dictionary invalidation refactoring is causing undesired side effects, including a dramatic increase of calls to TableManager.invalidateTable with synchronized edge cache flushes.



Intra-CMDB (TPP) reparenting fails with data loss when siblings share a storage alias with the new parent

When attempting to reparent a CMDB table within the CMDB hierarchy (for example, changing the parent from 'cmdb' to 'cmdb_ci'), the operation can fail and cause data loss. Data loss can occur if the table being reparented has multiple child tables (siblings) that all use the same "glommed" storage column alias as one used by the new parent.

The symptom is that entire columns from the tables that are being moved are nulled out, and the detailed log messages indicate that the same storage alias is being assigned to multiple logical columns.

Platform Security


Instance Security Dashboard has the property glide.xml.entity.whitelist.enabled listed twice under Security Whitelisting On the Instance Security Dashboard, the property for 'XML External Entity Processing - Whitelist' seems incorrect. Its type is true/false, but it says the value should be user-defined. The glide.xml.entity.whitelist.enabled property was also set in the section before.

Platform Security


Need to remove '*' from the 'Allow Embedded HTML Code' configuration listed on the security dashboard As the categorization has been changed for the configuration 'Allow Embedded HTML Code' from Mandatory to Recommended, this change needs to be reflected on the security dashboard as well. This can be done by removing '*' symbol from the title of the guided setup content.

Platform Security


Remove dependencies on vorbis-java-core and vorbis-java-tika from Tika libraries

Platform Security


Changes needed for Instance Security Dashboard 'SMTP Authentication' appears twice under Authorization section.

Navigate to System Security > Instance Security Dashboard > Open Authorization.

'SMTP Authentication' appears twice.

Project Management


Use of parallelStream in Java code



Pareto drilldowns are generating unexpected results When clicking on one of the 'bar' elements in the chart, the drilldown chart of a different datapoint is shown.
  1. Create a report (incident) and Save.
    • Title: any
    • Type: Pareto
    • Group By: Caller
    • No. groups: System Default (12)
    • Show Other: true
    • Display Grid: true
  2. From dropdown next to Save, select Report drilldown and enter all the same options as above, and Save.
    • Title: any
    • Type: Pareto
    • Group By: Caller
    • No. groups: System Default (12)
    • Show Other: true
    • Display Grid: true
  3. Reload the report.
  4. Click one of the bar elements in the chart.

When clicking on one of the bar elements in the chart as configured, a different drilldown chart is displayed than the one selected.



Single score reports can show negative values when using real time updates Sometimes a single score report that is real-time updating can show a negative value, which should be impossible because there cannot be a negative number of records. This was reproduced with a normal table and not a data source.



Multilevel pivots with a % in the name of the grouping or in the filter will cause the drilldown to not work When there is a % in the filter or the grouping on a multilevel pivot and an element is clicked, the element will not drill down, and an error appears in the JavaScript console.
  1. Add a % to an incident's short description.
  2. Create a new report with incident as the table.
  3. Set the type to multilevel pivot (column = active, row = short description).
  4. Click one of the values in the row of the short description with the % in the name.

Instead of drilling to the list, it stays on the page and throws a JavaScript console error.



Saving report displays "ERROR: Error processing request: null" when sys_report.sumfield is greater than 40 characters When the sys_report.sumfield field is greater than 40 characters, and a user tries to save a report, the following message appears: "ERROR: Error processing request: null".



Deleting/updating spans need extra manual refresh On legacy calendars, after deleting or updating a roster_schedule_span (override or timeoff), the modal closes but does not refreshes the page.
  1. With any active ROTA record, click Show Schedule.
  2. Click any Primary on a day.

    The Add item popup window appears.

  3. Add a span and click OK.
  4. Click Fred Luddy (Primary Coverage) to open another dialog window.
  5. Move down and click Delete.

    Another popup window appears to confirm the Delete action.

  6. Click OK.

The system remains in a blank window, and the user has to manually close the window. The old entry is still there as well. The screen should automatically refresh and populate with new data.

Service Analytics


The TimeSeries Model is not synced when there is processing of the CI changes to other MID Models are synced after they are learned. However, if the CI processing is moved to another MID Server, the latest model is not pulled. Having stale models can result in incorrect Anomaly Detection and anomaly alerts.

Service Analytics


The Metric Explorer's date picker should allow users to go back to 1 year The Metric Explorer was limiting the calendar date range. Now that MetricBase is being used, users should be able to go back in time (in the custom range) up to 1 year before.

Service Analytics


Improve performance by optimizing cache loads

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



When processing record producer, attachments are not yet available to business rules upon insert of the target record When processing a record producer in the Service Portal, attachments are not available to business rules upon insert of the target record.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


glide_list field causes issues for display values with g_form.setValue() In the 'All Service Portal test items > SP Form Field Test', there are initial values in the glide_list filed. Adding a new item to the list will replace the initial items to the hardcoded values from the XML file.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog items without short description are causing issues when included in order guides

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Mapping



WMI Collector service is not started on MID Servers on Windows machines set to non-English language
  1. Install a MID Server on a non-English Windows server (for example, Japanese).
  2. Install the MID Server.
  3. Try to run horizontal discovery on a Windows computer with MSSQL/IIS/tocal. Make sure that the process classifier is using patterns and not probes.

The first installation attempt will always fail.

Service Mapping


Correct credentials for SNMP v3 must be with the highest order while executing SNMP query When SNMP credentials are in a certain order, debug mode might fail on SNMP query steps. A set of SNMP credentials is tried without reaching the correct ones. If the correct credentials are entered in the highest order, then it works, but it may affect other SNMP-based discovery.

Service Mapping


A duplicate character on a SNMP library condition can break the condition Discovering the network router can also fail.

Service Mapping


No inclusion connection is created from CI (type: cmdb_ci_appl_ibm_wmb) While running top-down discovery and one of the inclusion connections is on a specific set up of WMB server, only one WMB inclusion CI is discovered when there should be two instead. The issue occurs when the connection for the inclusion is supposed to be created from the other inclusion.

Service Mapping


The "get the broker report to variable" step can cause performance issues Information from the "get the broker report to variable" step is only used by connection sections; the step is unnecessary for horizontal discovery.

Service Mapping


Invoking REST API on AWS API gateway does not show all results as a 3rd party tool

Service Portal


Copy/paste for HTML fields works, but the option to paste does not show up in the right-click context menu On Service Portal, the option to paste will not show up in the right-click context menu. Pasting works as expected with short-keys (ctrl+v).
  1. In the Service Portal, select any catalog item with an HTML field.
  2. Right-click to find the Paste option.

The Paste option is missing.

Service Portal


The 'Target' HTML link attribute is not working in the Service Portal header in the avatar dropdown The 'Target' HTML link attribute is not working in the Service Portal header and prevents the link from working at all.

Service Portal


In the Form widget, saving record does not capture unposted comment or worknote left in the ticket-conversation input In Service Portal, CTRL+S or Save dose not capture the comments and worknotes.

Service Portal


Method orderBy and orderByDesc from client-side mobile glideRecord are not available The method orderBy from glideRecord is not working for Service Portal.

Software Asset Management


Discovery model normalization job errors out in middle
  1. Activate the Software Asset Management Professional plugins.
  2. Run the normalization scheduled job.
  3. Check the discovery model table, and group by normalization status.

There are many discovery models still in 'New' status.

Software Asset Management


When licensing Oracle programs with Standard Edition One, Standard Edition 2 or Standard Edition in the product name, a processor is counted equivalent to a socket

Software Asset Management


Oracle Per Processor reconciliation for VMWare is incorrect Oracle Per Processor reconciliation should be done at the VMWare cluster level, not the ESX level.

Source Control Integration



Source Control operations in Studio throws an error: JGITInternalException: Cannot Read When users attempt to commit their changes via Source Control > Commit Changes, an error appears: 'An error occurred while executing that operation. Try again, check logs, and contact support if the error persists'.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Tables and Dictionary


Scoped app installation fails due to invalid ALTER TABLE

Tables and Dictionary


CMDB reparenting can fail when conflicted aliases are on partition tables

UI Components


Deleting a template from sys_template.list results in an error The delete button on sys_template fails with the error 'dialogClass is not a constructor'.
  1. Navigate to sys_template.list.
  2. Open a template.
  3. Click Delete.

Observe error on browser console.

Update Sets


Committing a batch update set with a scoped application selected in the application picker, places some of the updates in the wrong scope If a private scoped application is selected in the application picker when a batch update set is committed, some of its updates may be written in the wrong scope. Therefore, committed customizations may not work correctly due to cross-scoping rules.

Upgrade Engine Issues



Records that are set to the new disposition of 'Skipped Manual Merge' have no option selectable to Resolve conflicts with the record Certain records in the skipped records list for an upgrade to Jakarta are showing a disposition of 'Skipped Manual Merge'. However, when these records are opened for review, there are no options to resolve the conflict with this record or compare the new incoming record to the existing record on the instance. Thus, from the Upgrade History record, users are unable to compare and merge the new version of the record with the preexisting version of the record found on the instance.
  1. Upgrade an instance from a previous version to Jakarta. Ensure that several system properties have been modified on the instance.
  2. Log on to the upgraded instance with an account that has administrator rights to the system.
  3. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History and click the upgrade to view the most recent upgrade history record on the instance.
  4. In the lists of skipped records, search for any records with a disposition of Skipped Manual Merge and select one.

The Sys Upgrade History record for the change is displayed but no options are provided to compare the existing record to the new record.

Usage Analytics


When a user opens the table subscription record, errors appear The error message is 'Invalid update of subscription management attributes.'

In Istanbul or Jakarta:

  1. Navigate to Tables.
  2. Go to a cmdb_ci table record.
  3. Add the Table Subscription Configuration in the related list.
  4. Reload the page.

A green popup annotation message appears: "Invalid update of subscription management attributes." The error can also appear when the subscription is opened from the Table Subscription Configuration related list.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


An incorrect number of answered questions and total questions may be displayed on the vendor portal The vendor portal shows an incorrect number of answered questions and total questions. The fix for this PRB ensures that the number of answered questions and total question is accurate.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


In Vendor Risk Management, the vendor (business partner) can submit the assessment without filling the mandatory questions
  1. Create a Vendor record.
  2. Create a Vendor Contract, checking the primary contract for the new vendor created.
  3. Create an assessment.
  4. Select the BPRM VRM Assessment - High for the assessment template.
  5. Set the Vendor to the newly created vendor.
  6. Submit the assessment. The assessment is submitted to the vendor.
  7. Navigate to Emails. There is a welcome email.
  8. Preview the HTML body, and click the login link.
  9. Log in with the credentials provided in the email.
  10. Take the assessment.

It is possible to submit the assessment without filling the mandatory fields.

Vulnerability Response


When launching a vulnerability scan with more than 20 vulnerable items (IP addresses), Java out-of-memory errors occur
  1. Install Vulnerability Response.
  2. Enable the Qualys scanner.
  3. Create a vulnerability group with 20 or more vulnerability items that have associated IP addresses.
  4. Launch a scan from Vulnerability Response, such as the Scan Vulnerability UI action.
  5. Wait for the scan to be processed.

A Java out-of-memory error is shown for the scan.

Vulnerability Response


Failed to run CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration
  1. Install the Vulnerability Response plugin.
  2. Navigate to Vulnerability > Integrations.
  3. Click and run CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration.

Notice the integration fails.



In some cases, the old stage in the activity stream on a RITM can display the value instead of the Display value




Approval - Group activity gets stuck when using a custom approval script When using an Approval - Group activity with the Wait For Condition based on script option, the Approval - Group activity may get stuck and not progress the workflow.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



'current' can be replaced during workflow processing, and this can affect processing of all subsequent business rules under certain circumstances
During business rule processing, if a script updates a record in a different table and:
  • the updated record has multiple active workflows
  • he first workflow updated results in one of the other active workflows being completed or cancelled
when the workflow context that was completed or cancelled is then processed, 'current' will be set to the record for that workflow. However, it will not be restored to the original record when the workflow processing completes.

Other Jakarta Patch 8 information

Exporting currency fields to Excel
  • You can choose to export all currency values either in US dollars or in the user's session currency.
  • If both glide.excel.fixed_currency_usd and glide.excel.convert_to_user_currency are set to true, glide.excel.fixed_currency_usd overrides glide.excel.convert_to_user_currency.

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 8

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.