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Jakarta Patch 7

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Jakarta Patch 7

The Jakarta Patch 7 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 7 was released on January 5, 2018.
Build date: 12-22-2017_1615
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch7-12-13-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 7 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 7, refer to KB0661849.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Poor performance for Order Guide with a large number of included items and variables After upgrading to Helsinki, Order Guides are not working correctly. If an order guide has many items and variables, it can experience performance issues and often time out.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

System Applications


Fields defined on user-created tables are not appearing in search results When a user creates a new table and adds the table to a search group, the user-defined fields do not appear in search results. There are two cases:
  1. A table extended from another table: Only the sys ID is displayed in search results.
  2. A table that does not extend another table: Only a single field is displayed in search results.

Audit History


The activity log is capturing incorrect workflow changes The Stage field in the Requested Item shows the same value for the old and new stage in the History Set.




MID Server Lister incorrectly notifies MID Servers of potential changes
  1. Initiate a grab log files from an existing MID Server record.
  2. Upon an input response with an attachment, remove the attachment.
Note that an ecc_queue record is created per MID Server with the following:

Topic: SystemCommand, Source: FileChange, Name: ecc_agent_script_file, Queue: output

Forms and Fields



The date picker is returning incorrect results When using the date picker on any new record, the expected date is not being selected.
  1. Navigate to and open a new change request form.
  2. Under the Schedule tab, use the date picker to select a planned start date.
  3. Select a date in the month after the one you are in.

The same date in the next month is returned.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



Manually created approval records are not recognized by the Manual Approval activity When multiple approval records are added for a workflow that uses the Manual Approval activity, they are added in the 'Not yet requested' state. If one of those approvals are then immediately approved, the Manual Approval activity will not complete.



DigestToken is not work as expected all the time Upon upgrading an instance with DigestToken and activating the MultiProvider plugin, without enabling ExternalAuth, it is observed that DigestToken stops working certain times.

Automated Test Framework


Clicking a modal step does not allow setting timeout Clicking a modal with the implementation to support retries within a timeout. However, the timeout is not shown on the form and users cannot set it.

Automated Test Framework


Record Query does not wait for records to exist, and it only asserts immediately Record Query only immediately asserts the presence of a record. It does not use the step timeout to wait for the record to be asynchronously created. Example: A process generates an approval request. The record is created a few seconds later. The test executes the Record Query step faster than the record can be created and it fails.

Benchmarks Application



Unable to download scores for the first month after opt-in
  1. Request two instances.
  2. Set up one instance as a client instance and another instance as central instance.
  3. Set up the central instance with benchmark and global scores for the previous six months.
  4. Opt-in and verify scores are downloaded for previous six months.
  5. Wait for a month and verify that the download event is scheduled.

Note that you are unable to download scores for first month after opt-in.



Guest users are not receiving messages automatically in anonymous support chat When non-authenticated users start an anonymous support conversation, they do not receive messages coming from the agent.

Cloud Management Application


Billing discovery problems with instances in east-of-UTC timezones and when tag values have a newline

On an instance with a Central European time zone, incremental billing downloads are not clearing all appropriate days of incomplete/to-be-replaced billing data. The result is that after multiple days of billing discovery, many records are duplicated and the cost is significantly higher than it should be.

Also, if there are tag values in the billing data that contain newlines, CSV parser problems can lead to large segments of data being skipped due to unhandled exceptions.

Cloud Management Application


Tags with capitalized name field cannot have values assigned Values for the new tag are expected to be assigned and filterable on the Billing dashboard, but values for these new tags are left empty.

Cloud Management Application


VMware Virtual Machine Template: Guest OS attribute should show up by default Without specifying the OS type, the provisioning will fail.

Cloud Management Application


Designer will not be able to access the blueprint that is created Blueprint designer will not be able see the blueprints that are created/imported.

Cloud Management Application


AWS subnet name will be overridden by Object ID after discovery/provision The end user chooses the subnet when ordering a VM. If the instance ID shows up, the end user will not be able to choose the subnet properly.

Cloud Management Application



Billing report cost totals are incorrect for European number formats
  1. Install I18N: German Translations plugin (or another with same number style).
  2. Navigate to System Properties > System Localization and set the default language for the system to de.DE.
  3. Set up and run AWS or Azure billing download.

Cloud Management Application


Catalog: Support for 'Reference' type in the blueprint form Form loads of the Catalog items in the Cloud Portal of the Cloud Management app in Jakarta are slow.

Cloud Management Application


Tags applied to CFT are not synced to AWS Tags applied to CFT when provisioning through cloud service catalog do not get synced to AWS.

Cloud Management Application


When a resource's tag values are tracked only on-instance and not the cloud, the billing report is not capturing the tags If a CloudFormation template is provisioned, a stack is created where the resources on the ServiceNow instance are assigned tags, but the tags are not in the cloud. In cases like this, the tags are not part of the CSV content of billing downloads, but are known to the instance because they are linked with the resource. The observed behavior is that this content is treated as having no tag values.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Run time exception Impact rules are stored in the Service Model (in the svc_model_obj_impactrule table) for a Business Service and each impact rule has a rule type associated with it (e.g. CI, Cluster, Host etc) that is populated at the creation time. When a customer changes the impact rule (e.g. "Influence" value), the rule stored in Service Model gets updated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CMDB Dashboard is not working correctly CMDB dashboard is not populating completeness/correctness score properly.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Insert lock optimization changes and qualifier insert lock changes Count in trend graphs for the health dashboard is incorrect if there are more than one runs on the same day.

CSM Communities


Deleting the topic which has content renders an error When logged into the community application, deleting the topics and forums which has content gives console errors.

CSM Communities


Login as a non-system admin in the search result page, the "Author" filter does not work Search page "Authors" filters are broken for non-admin users after an upgrade.

Customer Service Management


Anonymous chat is not working Guest user are not able to chat with an security error 'Security restricted when invoking processor'.



Unable to upgrade the MID Server System commands upgradenow and autoupgrade are not working as expected.



Create the relationship between a pool to its parent pool when they are nested Nested resource pools in vSphere are not handled correctly.



Lookup Table: the lookup tables do not update as well when changing the identifier Changing the lookup tables in the Load balancer identifier during the server is up and running does not update the pattern lookup elements and the pattern failed in running and in debug.

Event Management


Secure connection failed BS groups with a lot of groups fail to show alerts in the dashboard.

Event Management


Service group severity is incorrect after changing a service to maintenance The Event Management dashboard is not updating the colors of Service Groups reflecting alerts under them.

Event Management



Node Count scheduled job issues a slow query in the isNodeLicensable() function
  1. Create a large CMDB with more than 10M records.
  2. Run the job.
Note that the job takes a very long time to complete.

Express to Enterprise


Clean up unrequired customer updates related to ACLs While converting back, the ACLs/ACL roles are unlocked in the conversion process.

Financial Management


The budget items are not rolling up in the budget preview The preview console for budget plans in the ITFM module is not working as expected.

Financial Management


Performance issues due to leaf level granularity in breakdown lines The cost allocation engine generates breakdown lines. Performance issues can occur because breakdown lines are generated with leaf buckets. In breakdown lines, leaf buckets should only get populated for bucket-based rollups.

Forms and Fields



Images embedded in HTML content are unexpectedly uploaded by TinyMCE every time a record is opened Inserting (pasting) an image into an HTML field attaches the image to the record. This change is made to the record, even if the record is not saved.
  1. Create an HTML field on the incident table.
  2. Paste an image into the HTML field.
  3. Reload the record.
An image is attached to the record and appears in the activity formatter.

Forms and Fields



'Printer-friendly version' is not working when you have an attachment in the record
  1. Navigate to an open Incident record that does not have an attachment.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select the Printer Friendly feature in the system settings.

    It should display ok.

  3. Attach a file to the Incident record and repeat step 2.

The code shown in customer visible description is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Human Resources Service Management


Tabs are not showing up when the language is French The 'HR Ticket Page' tabs (Description, Attachment, Approval, Chat, and History) are not showing up when viewed in French language.

Human Resources Service Management


Some OOB onLoad client scripts are causing slow response times for the HR application There are two onLoad client scripts on the HR application that result in slow(er) response times.

IT Asset Management


After an upgrade, an inactive choice in the incident.state table are re-activated After users marked the state choice option "Awaiting Vendor" as "Inactive = true", it reverts back to "Inactive = false" after an upgrade.

Knowledge Management


If only the UI15 plugin is enabled, 'Post a question' does not give the form In the Knowledge homepage, the "Post a question" functionality is not working as expected. An injector error is thrown in the console.

Knowledge Management


On the 'Ask question' page (social_qa), users are unable to write in the field under 'Title' Users can ask a question from the knowledge homepage by clicking the button 'Post Question'. This button will take the user to the 'Ask question' page (social_qa) where the user can type the question in a field below the 'Title' field.



The tags field does not render in list v2 when paginating or ordering by a column
  1. Open problem.list or incident.list from the application filter navigator.
  2. Add the Tags field in the list view via Personalize List Columns.

    Notice the Tags field shows the contents.

  3. Click any other column like Created or Number to sort the list.

Notice the Tags field does not show any contents in the list view.

On-call Scheduling


Rotation schedule disappears from 'Members' related list on a Roster (cmn_rota_roster) record When creating a roster with the OOB 24x7 schedule, the rotation schedule disappears from members related list when the rotation start time falls within the same week the roster record is created.

Performance Analytics


Clicking the back button returns to the homepage When 'Accessibility' is enabled, after users click to open the scorecard on the widget from the dashboard, it breaks out of the iframe and the back button does not return to the previous page.

Performance Analytics


On Performance Analytics scorecards, it is taking a long time to display the score for the selected period Users face "Page Unresponsive" / "No Score" when running the Performance Analytics Scorecard.

Performance Analytics


IE11: On the breakdown tab of detailed scorecard, breakdowns are doubled or tripled When these duplicate breakdowns are selected, accurate scores are not displayed.



[TPP/Clone] CMDB partition tables are not cloned over, and records not displayed in cmdb_ci on the target instance After cloning, the list views on cmdb_ci_server and cmdb_ci_service do not show the expected data anymore.



Importing XML can cause some records to lose attachments After importing XML, some records may lose their attachments. This issue occurs because importing XML updates does not follow the table locator. For example, if attachments are stored on a SQL Gateway, and an update set contains new attachments to be imported, those attachments are written to the primary database instead.



Clone needs to skip Clotho Configuration sys_clotho_config



SQL exceptions can occur for a storage column/alias that exists in multiple partitions If a storage column/alias exists in multiple partitions, but some partitions are erroneously classified as synchronized in a TPP, SQL exceptions can occur.



Incorrect SQL issue TPP dot-walk through a CMDB reference to a field with a name identical to a field on the driving table where columns are stored in different partitions produces an incorrect SQL.



ClassDefNotFound error appears on MetricBase 'Test Connection' with MetricBase HA setup




CMDB TPP migration is creating records in the cmdb$par1 table with sys_class_path is NULL CMDB TPP migration is creating records in the cmdb$par1 table with sys_class_path is NULL. As a result, some relationships are not showing on CMDB related lists and searches against CMDB tables are not returning all records.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Performance issues can occur during CI creation or updates RW serialized record / CMDB compact records should not pull metric data from MetricBase (Clotho) for evaluation.

Project Management


Updating the actual end date is updating the planned end date on project tasks When actual End date of the project/project task is updated, the planned end date of the project/project task is set to actual end date.

Project Management


Calendar picker is not working in the Planning Console Calendar picker is not working in the Planning Console when using Brazilian Portuguese or Japanese.



Widgets on PDF are not sorted in the same order as in the dashboard Order difference of the widgets between the dashboard and the PDF file is noticed.



When looking at a list report with expandable fields (such as 'Questions [+]'), the popups do not always appear For example, if a user is looking at a list report off of the incident table and clicks 'Question [+]', the popups inconsistently appear. In addition, list reports do not support questions and this field should not appear in the slushbucket.




Users who do not have the snc_internal role are unable to export PDF, Excel, and CSV files. On instances with Explicit Roles plugin:
  • Remove HTTPAuthProcessor ACL. The ACL is unnecessarily restrictive and hence removed.
  • Starting with this patch, for all existing or newly created Processor [sys_processor] records with Type=script, the snc_internal role is automatically added to the Roles field if the field is empty

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Analytics


TimeSeries models with no content are not synced to MID Servers

Service Catalog



g_form.clearValue on any variables triggers an onChange of that field When a client script calls g_form.clearValue on a variable, a change is detected and triggers any onChange client script for that field even though the value does not change.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog


The variable attribute 'ref_ac_columns_search=true' does not work in tasks created by the 'Catalog Task' activity in a workflow Users are unable to search columns which are specified by the attribute 'ref_ac_columns' in the task that is created by the workflow activity.
  1. Add the variable attributes 'ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter,ref_ac_columns=asset_tag;manufacturer,ref_ac_columns_search=true' to a catalog item.
  2. Submit.

The attribute 'ref_ac_columns_search=true does not work on a task record created by the 'Catalog Task' activity in a workflow.

Service Catalog



Read-only choice fields on catalog shows dropdown values
  1. Add a drop down variable to a catalog item.
  2. Set the drop down variable to read-only using a UI policy.
  3. Try the catalog item.

You will be able to see the options in the drop down variable even if it is set as read-only.

Service Mapping


Service Mapping issue with additional prompt Many of the UNIX servers are sending one or two consecutive prompts when trying to login using SSH. Service mapping SSH engine was not able to deal with that. As a result, all Service Mapping attempts to discover applications on those servers failed.

Service Mapping


Linux device that has snmp service running on them discovered as ISAM device The HD pattern of ISAM check that there is response from the snmp query without checking the ISAM string in it.

Service Mapping


The discovery of SAM-premium related CIs changes from using probes to using patterns During an upgrade to Jakarta, not all relevant patterns are with horizontal patterns.

Service Mapping


Requests processed at that time will result in an error When the WMI Collector service restarts itself due to memory problems or other problems, requests processed at the time of the restart are lost.

Service Mapping


Hidden characters in patterns Hidden characters added cause the EVAL closure to fail.

Service Mapping


IIS patterns triggered in HD failed Many IIS patterns triggered in HD failed because the W3WP.exe process is not running any more.

Service Mapping


Tomcat discovery terminate since parse file waiting for password instead using failover to none sudo command

Service Mapping


Cloud access MID custom operation does not work with the proxy Discovery of AWS data centers fails in Jakarta.

Service Mapping


Memory leak in the WMI collector service will cause it to restart after reaching the allowed limit When the WMI collector is highly loaded, there is an increase in the unmanaged memory heap usage. Once the limit is reached (currently 400MB), the WMI collector restarts.

Service Mapping


Wrong classification on HPOM The HPOM pattern triggered the horizontal discovery on ovcd process and causes a discovery performance degradation.

Service Mapping



"process on port - mac" causes the process detection to fail on certain OS types during pattern execution Some customers who have upgraded to Jakarta are experiencing a regression in the process detection phase of the pattern execution. The problem was identified as a result of the system executing the "process on port - mac".
  1. Navigate to the Mapping Discovery Commands (sa_mapping_ext_commands).
  2. Look for "process on port - mac".

Notice whether the Operating System Type shows numbers.

Service Portal


When typing the polish letter "ś" (Alt Right + s), no text appears In the search bar, type Right Alt + S, which should type the character 'ś', but nothing happens.

Service Portal


glide_list does not display properly when the referenced display value contains a comma A list containing a value with a comma separation when selected as a second or third choice is being listed as separate values.

Service Portal



Autocomplete on reference field/variable fails if the display column of target table is translated_text
  1. In the Dictionary, set display to True for sp_page.short_description field.
  2. Create a new reference field on the problem table, referenced table is sp_page.
  3. Add the new field to the Problem form.
  4. Activate Spanish language plugin (This might take a while).
  5. Switch to Spanish language.
  6. Navigate to Problem form in normal UI.
  7. Type mis in new reference field.

Software Asset Management


Reconciliation UI page has displayed with the spinning wheel

Software Asset Management


Software reconciliation does not complete when there are entitlements with an empty license metric The Software Asset Management reconciliation process is showing 'In Progress' and not running to completion.

Software Asset Management


Discovery model misses are pushed back to CDS before the content has been pulled and the normalization has completed The discovery model with match not found has been pushed to the cds_client_staging. This should not have occurred since the CDS pull has not occurred and the normalization job has not completed.

Software Asset Management


Device dropdown is not filling up in procurement because of 'is active=true' for an invalid column CI selection when performing sourcing step in SAMP SW request workflow does not provide any records to select.

Survey Management


ServicePortalSurvey processor needs to have a 'public' role assigned to it Unauthenticated users are not able to submit the survey and receive an error message.




Cannot apply a template to set a checkbox if another checkbox higher on the form is read-only Users get an error saying that the template could not be applied, and they are unable to update the field 'Made SLA'.
  1. Navigate to an Incident.
  2. Add the Active and Made SLA fields to the form and make sure that Active is above Made SLA.
  3. Right click on the Active label and select Configure Dictionary.
  4. In the dictionary record for active check the Read Only checkbox.
  5. Save the dictionary record and navigate back to the incident form.
  6. Make sure templates are visible and create a new template which sets Made SLA to true.
  7. Apply that template to the incident form.

There is an error saying that the template could not be applied and Unable to update field 'Made SLA'.

If you configure the form layout again and make the Made SLA field higher than the Active field, the template will work.

Time Card Management


Projects are displaying in the worker portal even though no one is assigned at the project level The user sees the project card and gets an error while submitting a time card. The error says that time reporting is permitted only at the project task.

UI Components


Remove com.glide.k15_demo and com.glide.service-portal.k16 plugins

Update Sets


UpdateMutex is not reaped on the node restart The mutex is present and prevents other update operations from happening (like plugin activation/update set preview and commit).

Upgrade Engine Issues


Upgrade history form layout not resetting on upgrade The customizations are kept after the upgrade. The related lists, form sections, and list layouts are not reverted to OOTB.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Unable to revert to the base version if the target record does not have a sys_update_version with a state of current An error is thrown when clicking 'revert to base system' while resolving conflicts on the upgrade history log table for a record that does not have a sys_update_version record with a state of "current".

Usage Analytics


Licensing data collections that run on monthly schedules have incorrect accural_period for non-PST timezone instances Even tough the monthly persistor job runs on local time (e.g. Paris local time 1 am October 2017), the API used to decide the accural period calculates based on server-time which is PST, hence the accural period calculated is off by 1 month.

Usage Analytics


Compliance report 'Application Use Without a Purchased Subscription' shows no data or incorrect data Navigating to 'Compliance Overview' and the third report 'Application Use Without a Purchased Subscription' shows no data or incomplete data/count.



Workflow stage is showing multiple times when a sub-workflow is added in Jakarta After having upgraded the instance to Jakarta, the RITMs show the same stage multiple times.



Stage values are duplicated in the Stage field Duplicate 'Request Approved (Approved)' appear in the list view of requested items.



The deletion of duplicate user approvals causes an incorrect evaluation of the group approval state When a user is a member of multiple groups that are part of an approval process, the resulting duplicate user approvals are deleted. The missing user approval records cause the group approval state to be evaluated incorrectly. The exact behavior depends on the specific configuration of the workflow and its approval activities, but can be either:
  • Group approvals that auto-approve because all user approvals in the group have been deleted.
  • Group approvals that hang because they are waiting for a user approval that has been deleted.

Other Jakarta Patch 7 information

Available system properties

One property is added:

Explicit roles in CSM
  • Some functions of the Explicit Roles plugin (identified below) are effective only with Jakarta Patch 7 (JP7) and above.
  • Effective with Jakarta Patch 7: For all existing Processor [sys_processor] records or newly created Processor [sys_processor] records with Type=script, the snc_internal role is automatically added to the Roles field if the field is empty.
UI page access

Do not use URL parameters to load client scripts in UI pages. The system no longer evaluates scripts that are passed by URL parameter. If your implementation depends on this behavior, you can add the system property [] and set it to false to temporarily allow the evaluation of URL parameters passing scripts in UI pages.

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 7

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.