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Jakarta Patch 6

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Jakarta Patch 6

The Jakarta Patch 6 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 6 was released on November 30, 2017.
Build date: 11-22-2017_2104
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch6-11-14-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 6 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 6, refer to KB0656979.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Forms and Fields



Document ID field types are showing the sys_id instead of the display value When a document ID field is set to read-only via ACL or dictionary (sever-side methods), the field shows the sys_id instead of the display value when viewed in a form.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




The page value in a list v2 in IE11 is not displaying correctly When using List v2 in IE11, changes to pagination values are not reflected. However, this works as expected in Chrome.
  1. Make sure List v2 is enabled.
  2. In IE11, navigate to Incident > Open.
  3. Modify the pagination value in the top right.

The page numbers do not increment past 1.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Queued AMB messages can push session waiters beyond the 'Max Waiters' threshold, resulting in ignored requests AMB messages queued for delivery can push a session's waiting transactions beyond the system's allowed maximum amount. The result is that legitimate UI requests are ignored.



Slowness and potential browser lock ups When attempting to add extended fields of cmdb_ci (and likely any other Table Per Partition) fields, large table structures can cause adding those fields to be slow, and potentially locking the browser.

This may occur in any place where users are able to add extended fields using a slushbucket, like in the report builder or when trying to add dot-walk fields to forms using the form layout.



Performance issues occur when multiple 'discovery.phase.complete' events are processed Processing multiple 'discovery.phase.complete' events results in the consumption of the same sys_mutex key, which causes performance issues.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



Approval Coordinator with a Manual Approval child activity errors out when pre-generating approvals When using a Manual Approval activity inside an Approval Coordinator, any Generate activity fails to generate approvals. The error "Cannot read property 'duration' from null" appears in logs.



Manual approvals skip when included in an Approval Coordinator activity with an error Manual approvals have unexpected results when included in an Approval Coordinator. Symptoms may include:
  • Approval states are set to 'No Longer required' rather 'requested'.
  • Activity throws an error "Cannot read property "total" from undefined".
  • Activity approves with result=skipped even when approvals exist.



Manually created approval records are not recognized by the Manual Approval activity When multiple approval records are added for a workflow that uses the Manual Approval activity, they are added in the 'Not yet requested' state. If one of those approvals are then immediately approved, the Manual Approval activity will not complete.



The customized scheduled job is overwritten during an upgrade The scheduled job 'Cancel Expired Assessments' is overwritten during an upgrade.

Asset Management


Normalization status condition issue The normalization percentage of discovery models needs to be optimized.

Asset Management


Fix the log issue related to Software Asset Management

Asynchronous Message Bus



Leaking listeners causes the number of listeners to grow which impacts the instance performance over time
  1. Navigate to a task record, problem, incident, etc.
  2. Check the sys_amb_channel_presence table.

    There is one subscription in your name.

  3. Leave the record from #2.
  4. Check table again.

    The previous subscription has disappeared as expected.

  5. Repeat step #2.
  6. Open a different tab and navigate to another task record.
  7. Wait a couple of minutes and then navigate back to first tab.

    This triggers a resubscribe.

  8. Open a third tab and navigate to a task record.

Check the sys_amb_channel_presence table for this third record. There are two or more subscriptions.



Users cannot log in with SSO while an upgrade is in progress During the upgrade to Jakarta (from Helsinki), logging in through Multiple-provider SSO does not work. The error message indicates an invalid signature.

Change Management


The number of attendees is not updated in the CAB Workbench CAB Workbench: The counter that shows how many attendees are in attendance at a meeting is not being updated.

Change Management



Change Request state field shows all states on mobile devices

When users view a change request on a mobile device, the state field shows all available states, which is not restricted to the valid states for the state model.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


Certain resource script goes missing on in-family Jakarta upgrades, which causes discovery to fail Discovery can fail when the upgrade overwrites certain resource scripts.

Cloud Management Application


VM on VMware: VM provisioning is prevented by Guest OS shutdown and power off commands While provisioning a VM, the application goes into power off and guest OS shutdown stages. These stages conflict with one another, and the VM provisioning does not complete.

Cloud Management Application


Azure: Blob-based image templates are not being discovered

Cloud Management Application


CFT provisioning fails The VM does not get provisioned successfully, and a metadata-related error occurs.

Cloud Management Application


Changes to Virtual Server resource blocks makes the upgrade difficult Modifying out-of-the-box resource blocks (such as adding new operations and changing parameters) makes these blocks difficult to upgrade.

Cloud Management Application


The Catalog customization is difficult Making changes to customize generated catalog items is not possible. Users have to redo the work each time they modify one aspect of the catalog item.

Cloud Management Application


The Azure Billing download results in no data when the downloaded CSV column headers are localized to a non-English language The Azure Billing Schedule runs successfully but cannot retrieve any data. The Azure Cost import set shows 0 records for Insert.

Cloud Management Application



Azure discovery: List nodes get stuck at processing When doing discovery in Azure, the discovery of VMs is not returned.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The edit_ci_relations ACL is not invoked for the new 'CI Relations' formatter Users are no longer able to add a new relationship, When attempting to save the relationship, users receive an error "Failed to add relationships".

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


[Query Builder] Users cannot add a query filter when Service Mapping is enabled Users are not able to run the queries and filter out the null values.

Core Platform


Duplicate submits result in unique key violations and duplicate task numbers Duplicate incident records are created with the same incident number.

Core Platform


An exception is thrown when the transform map calls the script include function The scoped transform map script is encountering an exception when attempting to call a scoped script include function.

Core Platform


Under certain circumstances, all records in a table can get updated incorrectly

Customer Service Management


ACL added by the Customer Service Management plugin restricts the read operation for users who do not have the "snc_external" role When the Customer Service Management plugin is loaded, it additionally loads the Customer Service Base Entries plugin which contains a restrictive read ACL on sys_user.sys_id, which prevents users from querying the sys_user table by sys_id.

Customer Service Management


Approval process does not work in the business-to-business registration

Self-registration on the business-to-business Customer Service Management portal does not work correctly.

Edge Encryption



Encryption rules are being recompiled on every request and may cause slowdown on the proxy under a large load Rule recompilation causes slowness on the proxy after a certain threshold of requests per minute.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Edge Encryption


Users are able to schedule a proxy upgrade for non-Jakarta proxies Through the Schedule Upgrade feature in Jakarta, users should not be allowed to upgrade an Edge Encryption proxy which has not been upgraded to Jakarta.

Edge Encryption


Executing the guid file generates an error Running the proxy keeps trying to read the guid file. When there are any issues in accessing the file, the logs are filled with errors.




Email notification categories created on instances do not share the same sys_id
  1. Upgrade to a release from Jakarta on two similar systems (for example, cloned instances).
  2. Export one notification from one of the upgrade systems and import it to the other system.
  3. Open the notification on the new system.
Note that the Email Category is not displayed.

Event Management


Events migrated to Jakarta cannot be updated unless create_alert_freq and create_alert_int fields are populated The record update fails and an error message '[code]<img src=" 52c7a9e0f961923.iix" height="" width="" >[/code]' is returned.

Event Management


Multiple issues with Event Management after upgrading to Jakarta After an upgrade to Jakarta, legacy binding by rule (to a specific CI type) fails to work and does not create alerts.

Event Management


Upgrading event rules using the UI action fails Event rules, which include the sys_domain field in their filters, are corrupted after using the Save and Upgrade UI action.

Express to Enterprise


During upgrade, the choice list for the change request state and type is reverted to the Express choice list Applying a quarterly patch to the instance causes the sys_choice records to revert to Express default values on an Enterprise version.

Financial Management


Budget Console doubles budgeted amounts when a demand is converted to the project, and a budget is repromoted Issues occur when a portfolio has submitted a budget plan with a demand included in the budget, and the demand is converted to a project. When the portfolio budget is repromoted, carts overstate the budget for the portfolio in the budget console by the amount.

Financial Management


Budget Console Drill detail at a period level does not work correctly In the budget console in a per period breakdown, the drill detail does not show the period amount for the budget data. The console drill only shows the full year amounts.

Financial Management


Cost plans spanning across fiscal years are not promoted The portfolio is not promoted when cost plans spanning across fiscal years are selected.

Forms and Fields


Currency field that is set to read-only through UI policy or client script does not honor the change in values made through client scripts
  1. Make a field of type currency. Through a UI policy or client script, make the field read-only.
  2. Use a client script or g_form.setValue to change the value of the currency in the field.
  3. Right-click on the header and save the form.

Note that the value goes back to the original value of the currency.

Forms and Fields


Unable to upgrade TinyMCE editor to fix issues

Import / Export



LDAP integration: Browsing from the LDAP server form shows the filter as "undefined" rather than being blank
  1. Navigate to a valid LDAP server, and then open an LDAP OU Definitions record.
  2. Click Browse.

Note the text "undefined" in the Filter field.

Knowledge Management


KB workflow state history is not updating correctly in Jakarta When the KB article workflow field is changed, the result is recorded incorrectly in the history.

Knowledge Management



'Update All' and 'Update selected' functionalities are not working for non-admin users When a user with list_updater and knowledge_admin roles clicks on the update all or update selected option in the knowledge list, a blank screen appears.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Knowledge Management


After an upgrade to Jakarta, the 'News' page ( no longer displays articles When a user adds a 'Knowledge base' widget and clicks on the "More..." button, the list of KB articles is empty.

Knowledge Management


Subscriptions are not copied when a new version of article is published When users who are subscribed to a knowledge article check out and publish the article, they are not auto-subscribed to the latest version of the article. Therefore, they do not receive any notifications for the actions on this article.

Knowledge Management


The JavaScript error in IE11 causes the advanced knowledge search to fail When users use the Search Knowledge functionality from an incident record, the following JavaScript error appears in the console: Object doesn't support property or method 'getElementsByTagName'.

Knowledge Management


Searching for a KB article returns an outdated version In the global search, searching for a KB article with versioning enabled returns an outdated version, instead of the published one.

Knowledge Management



The image size is lost when a Word document is imported to the knowledge base
  1. Import a Word document by dragging and dropping the file to the Knowledge Homepage and following the instructions in the pop-up window.
  2. View the article.
Note that the image size and the text position are not correct.




Users can still use 'Go To' search for tags in a list, resulting in an error: Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'where clause'
  1. Go to / to access the incident table.
  2. Click the gear icon and add the Tags column.
  3. Click the column header search icon (magnifying glass).

    Note that the header search does not work.

  4. Select tags from the Search or Go To field in the list column header, fill in the search term, and search.
Note that errors occur when searching.

Password Reset Application


Security Questions Enrollment questions block section does not show up The Security Questions Enrollment questions block section does not appear on the enrollment page for non-English languages. Also, when the UI is changed to a language other than English, the verification methods 'Enter email' and 'Confirm email' give an error.

Performance Analytics Application


Migration runs slow on large pa_scores tables
  1. Create a scores table with ~100M scores using the data generator.
  2. Run migration.

Expected behavior: Migration is finished within 2.5-3 hours.

Actual behavior: Migration was running more than 4 hours.

Performance Analytics


Dashboards can be shared with inactive users

Performance Analytics


The score migration process fails on the scores table If a scores table contains over three billion scores, the migration process will not complete successfully.

Performance Analytics


Change in Date from the date picker on the scorecard does not reflect on the chart On a Performance Analytics scorecard, if a user loads the records tab and navigates to the chart tab to change the date, the change in Date is not correctly reflected in the chart.

Performance Analytics


Time series applied on a formula indicator displays the formula column with the configured precision Formula calculation takes the value without considering the precision on the automated indicator. On the formula, the Score tab displays the scores for the formula with the precision set on those indicators, but the result is actually based on the actual values.

The formula is no longer displayed on the Score tab if a time series is applied on the indicator.



The TPP column migration does direct/raw alters when it should do online alters



The partition table which joins in CMDB (TPP) are not added for translated fields



The optimizer is trying to optimize for the ORDER BY when it is better to optimize for the WHERE clause After an upgrade to Jakarta, the new structure of the CMDB table can cause the MySQL Optimizer to choose the index on the ORDER BY field, even though it would be more efficient to choose the index based on the WHERE clause. This can lead to performance degradation for CMDB queries that fit this criteria.



Searching in the date field gives an error When users try to search for a date (MM-dd-yyyy) using the 'list header search', the following error is returned: "General Data Exception detected by database (ORA-01843: not a valid month)".



Calendar report does not display the 'Start Date' spanning to the 'End Date' correctly When a report is created with the Calendar type, the end date is exclusive.




Accessing a public report of the type list deletes the default record of the report table from sys_ui_list, causing the default list for a table to revert to its system-generated version Accessing the results of a public report from the type list causes the default record from the sys_ui_list table to be deleted. Any list layout configured by the administrator is lost. In addition, a record is created by the guest user on the sys_ui_list table with an empty View field.
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run > Create a Report.
  2. Create a report from the incident table with type List.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click on the drop down next to Save to click Publish and Copy Public URL.
  5. Open an incognito window to make sure there are no active sessions in the system you are in.
  6. View the URL copied in step 4, then close that browser.

    It is no longer needed.

  7. Refresh the list from step 3.

The task list is no longer there.




A bar report with stack by does not show stacked bars in the exported PDF
  1. Create a stacked bar chart for steps to create a stacked bar chart.
  2. Save the report.
  3. Export the report as a PDF by clicking Export to PDF on the drop-down next to Save.

The bar chart does not have stacked columns.

Risk Management


Risk SLEs and ALEs currency should always be consistent Risk calculation is not working if the instance default currency is different from the default USD.

Security Applications


Trusted Circles: cloning should not clear the sn_tis.central.url property Cloning should not clear the sn_tis.central.url property for potentially previously registered instances.

Service Catalog



Automated Test Framework fails when a catalog item does not use the functionality 'use cart layout'
  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests.
  2. Run a test on a catalog item form that does not have Use cart layout checked.

In the Test Results, observe the failure: "FAILURE: Order Now button was not found".

Service Catalog



g_form.clearValue on any variable triggers an onChange of that field

When a client script calls g_form.clearValue on a variable, a change is detected and triggers any onChange client script for that field, even though the value does not change.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Mapping



WMI failed to execute the WMI command on the MID Server localhost Symptoms include:
  • The MID Server throws the error "Failed to communicate with the WMI collector service."
  • The WMI service is stuck in starting state.
  • The WMI service consumes a lot of CPU.
Check the WMI collector error messages in the MID Server logs for further confirmation.
  1. Navigate to MID Server > Servers.
  2. Select the affected MID Server.
  3. Under Related Links, click Grab MID Logs.

Service Mapping


MID Server threads are hanging upon the execution of certain groovy steps MID Server threads are hanging during server discovery, which trigger many horizontal patterns for the same target.

Service Mapping



The pattern execution may hang when users try to restart the WMI Collector Service Symptoms include:
  • Slow Discovery or Discovery timeout
  • Unresponsive MID Server

Service Mapping


Business service map is not displayed and gives an error On certain map topologies, business service maps fail to load with an error 'Cannot display the map: Found link with invalid source/target'.

Service Portal


Presence requires three messages that are not provided by the server Presence requires three messages that are not provided by the server ("viewing", "maybe offline", "entered").

Service Portal


Reference fields do not highlight (Editable Highlight) when navigating through "Tab" key When users use the keyboard to navigate the variables on an item, reference fields that contain a value do not indicate they are the current element in 'focus'.

Service Portal


Inactive articles are displayed in the 'KB Category Page' widget If a Knowledge article (kb_knowledge record) has been made inactive, the article should not be seen in the standard UI (i.e. in $ However, inactive articles are visible in the 'KB Category Page' widget.

Service Portal


glide_list fields and List collector variables do not display correctly if the referenced records' display values have commas
  1. Navigate to Service Portal Service Catalog.
  2. Add 2 comma-separated names to the field labeled.

Expected behavior: Names are added accordingly. Example: [Abel,Tuter] [Abraham,Lincoln]

Actual behavior: Names are added incorrectly. Example: [Abel] [Tuter]

Service Portal


The Tagged Question List widget is not fully translated If using a different language than English, the widget will not be completely translated and 'Newest' will show in English.

Software Asset Management


Scheduled Software Content Library pull errors out In some instances, the scheduled software content library pull errors out due to HTTP 429 (too many requests).

Software Asset Management


When the reclamation workflow makes a call to CSD to reclaim a software installation, a configuration record for the Discovery Model is not created When the reclamation workflow makes a call out to the CSD application, a configuration record should be created for the Discovery Model; otherwise the workflow does not work properly.

UI Components


Retina icons may be cached even though the file content changes after upgrading from Helsinki to Istanbul After an upgrade from Helsinki to Istanbul, the browser may continue to use previously cached icons instead of downloading new ones. This causes items in the UI to display the wrong icon.

UI Components


When there is a valid session with an IDPinitiate login, RelayState does is not maintained when IDP sends a SAML response IDP sends a SAML response for each request, even though a user has a valid session.

Usage Analytics


Usage admins cannot see user roles, but see keywords instead Admins can see and use roles in creating user sets. However, usage admins cannot see roles in the forms or assign users to the sets based on roles.



In IE11, updating an activity in a workflow makes the pop-up become blank When users update an activity in the workflow, the pop-up becomes blank in IE11. The pop-up disappears after users click Update in other browsers (Chrome, Firefox).



The deletion of duplicate user approvals causes an incorrect evaluation of the group approval state When a user is a member of multiple groups that are part of an approval process, the resulting duplicate user approvals are deleted. The missing user approval records cause the group approval state to be evaluated incorrectly. The exact behavior depends on the specific configuration of the workflow and its approval activities, but can be either:
  • Group approvals that auto-approve because all user approvals in the group have been deleted.
  • Group approvals that hang because they are waiting for a user approval that has been deleted.

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 6

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.