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Jakarta Patch 5

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Jakarta Patch 5

The Jakarta Patch 5 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 5 was released on November 2, 2017.
Build date: 10-25-2017_1637
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch5-10-18-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta Patch 5 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 5, refer to KB0647774.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

User Experience Engineering



Admins cannot impersonate users after upgrading to Jakarta Patch 2 After an upgrade to Jakarta Patch 2, admin users cannot impersonate ITIL users or users without any roles.

In this example, the demo data user Fred Luddy has itil and admin roles, Bernard Laboy has the itil role, and Abel Tuter has no roles.

  1. Impersonate Fred Luddy.
  2. Impersonate Bernard Laboy.
  3. Try to impersonate Abel Tuter.

No records appear in the users list so you cannot impersonate any user.




Trying to group by a field with a column name longer than 30 characters results in the label of the group displaying "(empty)" If users try to group by a field with a name longer than 30 characters, the labels show as "empty" even though the results under the group are correct.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Event Management



The Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page When the Chrome browser is upgraded to version 61.0.3163, the Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components


The form section captions are not translated in the Upgrade History module or any module The form section captions are not translated in the Upgrade History module.
  1. Change the language to any language other than English.
  2. Navigate to sys_upgrade_history.list.
  3. Open any record on the list.

The form section captions for the Upgrade History Details and Review Skipped Records modules are not translated.



Idle Countdown never times out even after several minutes of inactivity After several minutes of inactivity, the Idle Countdown does not time out the user. The Connect Support properties and are not working as described in Configure Connect Support chat timeout.


  • Use two browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Set the Connect Support properties and

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Firefox, impersonate an end user, such as Abel Tuter.
  2. In Chrome, impersonate a chat agent, such as David Loo.
  3. Initiate a chat for the end user by entering any queue (e.g. HR Support: $ aeb40252d7133100816403548e610363).
  4. As David Loo, respond to the chat after accepting it into your queue.

Expected behavior: After 20 seconds of inactivity, the end user should get a timer for a timeout alert. After an additional 10 seconds, the user should get removed from the chat session. The agent should get a message that the user has left the chat session.

Actual behavior: After several minutes of inactivity, nothing happens on the end user side.

Import / Export



Transforming a 'Basic Date/Time' to 'Date/Time' field creates a NullPointerException When a date field is configured for an import from an Oracle database with JDBC, the related field is created as a 'Basic Date/Time' field in the staging table. When this field is configured to be transformed to a 'Date/Time' field in the target table, it gives an error.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Asset Management


JavaScript errors appear on records stored on table samp_software_model_result These errors appear on OOB Jakarta instances when the Software Asset Management, Software Asset Management Premium, and Procurement plugins are enabled.

Asset Management


PA reports are missing a filter condition The correct filtered set of records is not always shown.

Automated Test Framework



Unable to create ATF input or output variables with type reference Users are unable to create ATF input or output variables with type reference. The 'Reference' field is required, but it does not appear on the form.
  1. Create a new Step Configuration with any values for all the required fields.
  2. On the step configuration detail form find the Input Variables Related List and click New.
  3. Set the input variable Type to Reference.

The form section that enabled the user to set the reference association is not available.

Change Management Conflict Detector


If an affected CI is a child with many parents, conflict detection can lead to high memory usage when checking for conflict detection




The Chat window does not open and conversations are not displayed on the sidebar The Connect Chat window does not open. Conversations are not displayed on the sidebar for users that belong to the same chat group if one of the user's user ID has been changed.
  1. Impersonate a user (for example, Abel Tuter) and create a new incident.
  2. Assign the incident to a different user (for example, David Loo).
  3. Impersonate David Loo.
  4. Click Following.
  5. Open Connect Mini/Full.
  6. Attach a file from the chat.
  7. Rename Abel Tuter's user ID.

Note that neither Abel nor David are able to launch the Connect Chat window and the connect sidebar does not show any of the conversations/chats that the users are part of.

Cloud Management Application


Order fails with an Java error If the CMDB's name is unique and a user sets the stack name to be the same via a policy, the order fails.

Cloud Management Application


Not able to send CustomSpecName attribute to vSphere While provisioning a VM on vSphere, users are unable to send the CustomSpecName attribute which has to trigger a certain Custom Spec script to be executed on that VM.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud Mgmt API causes VM folder to use default values, sometimes causing unpredictable user experience The Cloud Management vCenter API causes VM Folder to use default values from a template, which can sometimes cause an unpredictable user experience.
  1. Create a virtual machine item bound for a vCenter datacenter.
  2. Deny access to the vCenter service account to use the chosen VM Folder.

The VM is provisioned to the template's folder instead of the chosen/denied folder.

Cloud Management Application


Azure alert does not work for instances whose names are more than 12 characters

Configure an Azure alert for an instance whose name is more than 12 characters.

The user does not receive events, and there is an error on the Azure side: "The action group short name <instance-name> is too long. Please specify a short name with '12' or less characters".

Cloud Management Application


When the glide.ui.i18n_test property is set to true, parameter validation does not occur This issue can occur when the glide.ui.i18n_test property is set to true, or when the Dutch language is enabled, which causes all provisioning requests to fail.

Cloud Management Application


Node credential creation fails to pick up image credentials
  1. Set up a CMP with Cloud Accounts, OS Profile, and Compute Profiles.
  2. Order a VM on a cloud that is configured in step 1.

Randomly, the VM node credentials will not persist properly.

Cloud Management Application


No association between Subnet and Availability Zones in AWS
  1. Provision a VM with approval.
  2. Navigate to an Approval record.
  3. Through the Summary of the item being reviewed, navigate to Request Item.

The summary of Request item on approval displays sys IDs, and sys IDs are displayed in variables.

Cloud Management Application


VMware VMWareConfigureWindowsProbe: Time zone getting parsed incorrectly when prefixed with zero VMWareConfigureWindowsProbe does not parse time zones correctly, which can lead to errors.
  1. Install the CMP plugin.
  2. Order a VM.
  3. Try any operation on the VM which is under a policy.
  4. Cancel the Change request.

The Operation WF is canceled.

Cloud Management Application


Discover EC2 keys EC2 SSH keys that are provisioned in AWS should be discovered (Key labels and fingerprints) so that they can be used later at the time of provisioning.

Cloud Management Application


After VMs in Azure are deprovisioned, managed disks are left behind

Cloud Management Application


If there are duplicate folders in VMware under different data stores, VM provisioning fails
  1. Set up a folder in two datastores under vSpheres.
  2. Provision a VM on vSphere.

Provisioning fails.

Cloud Management Application


ARM / CloudFormation templates (CFT) metadata should tie parameters to resource pools ARM and CFT parameter metadata should relate back to resource pools in ServiceNow. This will allow catalog forms created from ARM and CFT to offer a contextually relevant drop-down selection to the end user instead of a free-form text that is error-prone and results in failed requests.

Cloud Management Application


Payload size error during Azure discovery

Cloud Management Application


If error'd stack has active resources, the quota will not be consumed Quota calculation allows users to order less than what they can consume.

Cloud Management Application


Capacity check should happen with Provisioned resource only

Cloud Management Application


Deprovision operation on a stack on Azure leaves resources running Deprovisioning an operation on a stack provisioned via ARM template should deprovision all resources that were provisioned through that sane ARM template. This includes the resources that are not modeled as first class entities in ServiceNow.

Condition Builder


[More than] [Less than] filter does not work with date comparisons in Jakarta
  1. Create a new report on the incident table that runs a single score.
  2. Add condition that does a date conversion, such as: Created "is less than" 14 Days before Assigned On.

The report results in the error "ERROR: Error processing request: null".

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Metric names are not translated In the CMDB health dashboard, metric names (Completeness, Compliance, Correctness) are not translated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The relationships do not show after CIs are added using the new formatter The new CI Formatter does not work as expected. User-added new relationships are shown intermittently.

Core Platform


Some modules and tables are not appearing as expected

Core Platform


Exporting to CSV file from a list filtered using 'contains' or 'starts with' operators does not consider translations, and incorrect data is exported

CSM Communities


Communities form admins cannot see the Accept button in the answers section, and they cannot change Accept to true or false via kb_social_qa_answer_list For Community users with the sn_communities.admin role, the Accept button is not visible in any record in the Answers section. The answers that have been provided are also hidden due to security constraints. As a Forum admin, the users should have the ability to Accept an answer as correct.
  1. Install the Communities plugin.
  2. Provide the sn_communities.admin role to a user who does not have the admin role.
  3. Impersonate the user.
  4. Navigate to Community > Answers.
  5. Open any record.

The Accept button is missing for the user. If there is any answer provided, the record is hidden due to security constraints.

Customer Service Management



An upgrade to a newer version brings back demo data for the Customer Service Management Demo Data plugin

If an instance has the CSM demo Data plugin activated and has removed the demo data manually, an upgrade to a newer version brings back the demo data that was deleted.

  1. Activate the CSM Demo Data plugin.
  2. Remove the demo data and delete the records manually.
  3. Upgrade the instance to a newer version.

The demo data is brought back to the instance.

Data Certification



Demo data is causing certification schedules to rerun Certification schedules are unnecessarily rerun, which causes more instances and tasks.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



HP service manager classifier needs to have a stronger match criteria The ECC queue can get overflowed with unnecessary tasks, which leads to slow performance.




MID Server downgrading from Jakarta to any pre-Jakarta release fails Downgrading the MID Server from Jakarta or later to any pre-Jakarta release fails because of a failing pre-upgrade check.
  1. Connect a MID Server to a provisioning instance in Jakarta (MID Server up and validated).
  2. Request an upgrade to any pre-Jakarta release, for example, Helsinki.
  3. After downgrading to the pre-Jakarta instance, look at the MID Server record.

Note that the MID Server failed and is down.

Domain Support


Domain Separation (com.glide.domain.msp_extensions) installs Project Management v3

The com.glide.domain.msp_extensions plugin includes the install_project_management glidefix script.

This script checks to see if either Project Management v2 or Project Management v3 is already installed. If neither is installed, it will install Project Management v3.

Domain Support


The domain plugin should not be activated as a dependency of any other plugin The domain plugin should not be installed as a dependency of another plugin. The attribute allowed_as_dependency needs to be set to false.

Edge Encryption


GUI installer for the Edge Encryption proxy fails to download the requested Edge Proxy from any HTTPS instance




Content from style tags defined in email layouts are rendered as HTML when applied to a V1 notification In some cases, the style definitions for the unsubscribe and notification preferences links in the Unsubscribe and Preferences email layout are not rendering properly in Outlook clients. Style tags and definitions are visible in the email.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Embedded Help



Admin users do not have access to Embedded Help > Help Content When admins navigate to Embedded Help > Help Content in Jakarta instances, the list is not displayed. Users with the admin or embedded_help_admin roles should be able to view Help Content.

As the admin user, navigate to Embedded Help > Help Content.

Note that the list is not displayed.

For more information, see the product documentation topic Embedded help.

Event Management


Zabbix connector fails when a field (item) is missing on the trigger list The connectors fail while accessing a null field.

Event Management


Duplicate event rules are being created in Jakarta

Express to Enterprise


Istanbul and later - After a conversion from Express to Enterprise, the * ACL needs to grant access to admins by default Instances that are converted from Express to Enterprise show a security constraint error message for admins where no ACL is defined. This issue affects Istanbul and later instances.

Express to Enterprise


On converted instances, admins are prevented from access to many tables After converting from Express to Enterprise, admins cannot access many tables.

Financial Management


Data movement issue between Gl Cleansed and Groomed Table for new Entities The Cost Center data does not move up into the Groomed table after the bucketing engines runs, which prevents users from splitting buckets by cost center at the allocation stage.

Forms and Fields


Slowness after an upgrade to Jakarta List loading for "Cases Opened" or "All Cases" takes up to 10-15 seconds. This issue relates to the list containing a category field, which is set to a choice type field.

Human Resources Service Management


Users cannot edit V1 catalog when both V1 and V2 plugins are installed

Human Resources Service Management


Users are unable to acknowledge a policy if their password contains a "#" In the HR Service Portal, users are unable to acknowledge a policy if their password contains a "#". An alert "Password is Incorrect!" is thrown.

Incident Management



Cleanup of resolved/closed-related fields causes data loss for users who customized the incident state

A business rule was introduced to clean up the resolved/closed-related fields when the incident state changes and the new state is not resolved or closed. This business rule relies on the Resolved Closed and Canceled incident states to specify under which conditions the business rule should run. However, if the user customized the incident states, the rule will be triggered unexpectedly, cleaning up the resolved/closed-related fields when it should not.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

IT Operations Management



Data retention policy needs to be updated for Operational Intelligence plugin

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Knowledge Management



Parameters in URL are stripped when visiting any other page after 'kb_search' in Knowledge portal When the Knowledge Service Portal is enabled and some navigation menus are added to it, after visiting the kb_search page, all URLs for subsequent Service Portal pages are trimmed, which causes an error.
  1. Make sure that the Service Portal and Knowledge Management - Service Portal plugins are active.
  2. Navigate to Service Portal > Portals and open the record for Service Portal (/sp).
  3. Change the Homepage from index to kb_home.
  4. Go to /sp and search for "email".
  5. Choose Service Catalog in the header menu.
  6. Open any catalog item.

Note that the error message "Item not found" is displayed and the catalog item does not open because the URL is missing parameters.

Knowledge Management



When High Security Settings is not active, the import on the knowledge home does not take in any input
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. Select Import.
  3. Click the link + To select word files.

Pop-up to choose word files for import is not shown.

MID Server


MID Server pre-upgrade check may fail if the service user's group name is longer than 20 characters

If the service user is part of a group with a name that is longer than 20 characters, the MID Server may abort an upgrade.

MID Server


PowerShell probe does not time out properly and leaves orphaned PowerShell.exe process behind The ProcessRunner has no timeout which can result in hangs, notably in PowerShell. In addition, PowerShell is launched via the Command Shell (cmd.exe) from Java. Even when timeout is implemented, only the cmd process is killed, leaving the child process for PowerShell behind. There is no clean way to terminate the entire process subtree from Java.



Upon checkout of an SSH, PowerShell, and JDBC Orchestration activity, the command or SQL statement field is cleared out In the activity designer, if a user clicks the checkout button of any published SSH, PowerShell, or JDBC Orchestration activity, the command or SQL statement field is cleared out.
  1. Navigate to Workflow Editor > Custom.
  2. Click the Plus (+) button to add a new SSH activity.
  3. Fill out the form with sample data, and publish it.
  4. Click Checkout.

The command field is empty.




Published activities moved through an update set do not show up on the activity designer/workflow editor When the custom workflow activity is published more than once and transferred through the update set, the activity does not show up in the workflow editor because the publish field is set to "false".
  1. Create an update set.
  2. Create an activity, publish it, check out again, and publish.
  3. Close update set, moved it to another instance, and commit.

The activity does not show up in the workflow editor's custom tab.

Performance Analytics


When more than 100k records are retrieved, the browser comes to a stop and the session is unusable
  1. Collect a number of open incidents (or number of incidents) with "collect records" enabled.
  2. Navigate to the detailed scorecard's records tab.

The browser is stuck, and the records are not shown.

Performance Analytics


Records tab in detailed score cards shows: Number of rows removed from this list by deletion or Security constraints: 1, and this should be 0 If the score is 0 and there are no snapshots for an indicator, the Records tab in detailed score cards shows the following message: "Number of rows removed from this list by deletion or Security constraints: 1".

Performance Analytics


Exporting a detailed scorecard as PDF does not include the target and threshold details
  1. Run a job and get score collections.
  2. Navigate to a detailed score card and open an existing score card with data.
  3. Add a few targets and thresholds.
  4. Export the score card as PDF.

The PDF does not include the target or threshold details.

Performance Analytics


When changing the time zone to US/Samoa, the wrong date is shown on scores tab, breakdown scorecard tab, and the scorecards list date
  1. Set the property to US/Samoa.
  2. Collect PA scores.
  3. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Scorecards.
  4. Using the gear wheel, add the date column.

Instead of showing the last collection date, the previous date is showing. This also occurs in the detailed scorecard on the breakdown and scores tabs.

Performance Analytics



Dashboard breaks on loading with a browser console error Dashboard breaks on loading with a browser console error: "TypeError: SNC.canvas is undefined" when user returns as NULL based on a pa_dashboards_permissions record.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Performance Analytics Application


Migration does not start and keeps printing warning messages Migration is not running, and keeps printing messages "One of data collector, collection cleaner or scoresheet edit is running, migration job will check after 5 minutes" every 5 minutes.

Performance Statistics and Graphs


Oracle graphs do not load on the performance homepage



Rollback does not remove sys_documentation records




Chunk copying a large table on an Oracle database can degrade over time (e.g. during the TPP migration on a Jakarta upgrade) Chunk copying is a mechanism for moving data from one table to another. It is done in operations such as online alters and the TPP migration in Jakarta. On an Oracle database, the speed at which the chunk copying is done can degrade over time, causing these operations to take a long time to complete.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Adding an index (sys_domain_path, sys_id) should be ignored if an index (sys_domain_path) already exists



Automatically schedule a RRD reader/writer switch when Clotho plugin is activated




CMDB can be reparented to sys_metadata if a child table of CMDB is update_synch=true before the metadata reparent fix script is run

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




In domain-separated instances, report creators are unable to see any reports under 'My Reports' After upgrading to Jakarta, domain-separated users are unable to see their reports.
  1. Create report and set the report to Visible to me.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Administering reports.

  2. Upgrade from Istanbul to Jakarta.
  3. Try to view the report.

The reports are not visible under My Reports.

Security Incident Response


Disable automatic sharing through Trusted Security Circles by default

Security Incident Response


Trusted Circles: some properties are missing read/write roles

Security Incident Response


Show <Related lists> UI actions on security incidents do not work with List v3 Security Incidents have UI actions that allow you to filter the related lists being shown. For example 'Show Affected Items'. These do not work when List v3 is enabled for related lists.
  1. Enable Security Incident Response.
  2. Enable List V3.
  3. In the List V3 properties, enable list v3 for related lists.
  4. Open a security incident.
  5. Click one of the 'Show ..' UI actions, for example, Show IOC.

All related lists disappear. Clicking Show all Related Lists will show all lists again.

Server Side Scripting


Global functions which execute themselves during startup can cause nodes to fail while starting

Service Analytics


Improve anomaly detection models to reduce false positive Anomaly alerts Metrics need to be classified properly in order to avoid false positive anomaly alerts.

Service Analytics


Metric characterization for anomaly detection Anomaly detection does not work in certain cases, generating many false positive alerts. Metric characterization should allow customer to override upper and lower bounds for metrics.

Service Analytics


Add index to sa_metric_map table for metric_identifier Lookups for the sa_metric_table run slowly when there are more than 1 million entries. Adding an index will improve performance.

Service Catalog


ATF on record producers fails on the step Variable State Validation if the fields in the forms are being controlled by UI policies ATF tests can fail when a Variable State Validation step is set up. This issue occurs when running ATF tests based on a record producer where UI policies are set up to control the visibility or mandatory properties of fields in the record producer form.
  1. Open the record producer Service Category Request.

    This has a UI policy where if the Department option is selected, the Department related records are visible on the form. If Group is the selected option, then Group related fields are displayed.

  2. Create a new ATF Test record.
  3. In the Test steps, add the step: Open a Record Producer and add the Service Category Request record producer.
  4. Create a new step: Variable State Validation.
  5. In the Visible portion, add Department from the left slushbucket to the right one.

    ATF should check if the Department field is visible in the form.

  6. In the Not Visible slushbucket, select Group and add it to the selected bucket.

    ATF should check if the Group field/variable is visible in the form.

  7. Save the test.
  8. Run the test.

The test fails on the Variable State Validation step with the error message: FAILURE: Expected field 'IO:15e1fbcedb258b008948f72eaf9619cf' to not be visible but it was visible.

Service Catalog


ATF - Service Catalog: Client-side step configurations should be read-only

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Users cannot attach images to HTML fields on Service Catalog items in Service Portal
  1. Navigate to Maintain items.
  2. Search for iPad 3.
  3. Add an HTML field as a variable.
  4. Save and update.
  5. In the Service Portal, go to the iPad 3.
  6. In the HTML field, copy-and-paste to attach an image.

Notice the console error.

Service Mapping


Nslookup on Windows machine may return unpredictable results in case of DNS cluster The expected result is creating a connection for each of the DNS cluster's endpoints (4 in total). But the MID Server does not create these connections properly, due to the format of the response that is returned from the nslookup command (this CI is on Windows Server).

Service Mapping


When resuming discovery on a connection going to localhost, the system is replacing the value in the 'host' field in the endpoint with the IP of the computer This breaks discovery on the next tier.

Service Mapping


No command is executed for new host class When a host CI of a new type is created by the user, there is no command that is relevant for the OS class name.

Service Portal


The choices list results are not translated The options section of the 'Ticket Fields' widget does not show the translated version of the text for the select box choices.

UI Components



After Jakarta upgrade, read-only fields can be expanded and the user can see other dropdown values

In a Jakarta instance:

  1. Access a page that has a read-only field with a drop down menu.
  2. Click the read-only field.

The drop down menu appears even though it can not be selected from.

UI Components


Two forward slashes are found in the TinyMCE URL The TinyMCE Editor is missing in the knowledge records, which is caused by the double slashes in the TinyMCE URL.

Update Sets


Business rule does not trigger upon internal actions, such as sys_update_xml records inserted/updated by customizations In Jakarta, a business rule on sys_update_xml stops triggering when updates are triggered by another update, such as customizations on scripts.

Update Sets


Comparing two updates from Imported Update set shows incorrect content After a Jakarta upgrade, there is an incorrect UI to compare a local version to a remote update set version for conflicts. Local and remote content is flipped, and this occurs only after importing an update set as a retrieved update set and while previewing.

Update Sets


Importing an update set from another instance and using Compare to Current functionality has stopped working When attempting to use the Compare to Current on an object in an imported update set, the following message is displayed and the comparison screen never appears: "Unable to compare, no current record exists" This occurs for objects which are found on both the source and target instance.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Fewer 'changes applied' in an upgrade after database upgrade is restarted If a user performs most of a family upgrade to Jakarta and then the node restarts, there is one upgrade history record with more than the usual number of Upgrade Details, and far fewer 'changes applied' than expected.

Usage Analytics


Error messages "UA: Could not find app attrs for app" These errors appear while doing inserts, updates, or deletes on tables that begin with the prefix u_.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)



Vendor portal user authentication and SSO issues For external users, a mixed portal and platform authentication solution is inconvenient to use.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Visual Task Boards


Unable to drag additional assignee on VTB cards in mobile device

When viewing VTBs on a desktop, users have the ability to drag avatars over cards. Doing so will allow users to select the primary or an additional drop zone.

However, if the VTB is viewed on UI16 on a mobile device (iPad or mobile phone), then the option to drag avatars to the primary or additional drop zone is not available. Users are always set as the primary.

  1. Navigate to Visual Task Boards.
  2. Open a VTB.
  3. To add users as primary and additional assignees, try to drag more than one user on to the task card.

The user is unable to drag additional assignees. On mobile, users are only able to drag for the primary assignee.

Vulnerability Response


Scheduled job to async link non-vulnerability-based VI to VG removes all VIs that were not updated within last hour
  1. Create some vulnerable items.
  2. Create a non-vulnerability VGthat links to these vulnerable items.
  3. Wait for an hour.
  4. Run the scheduled job to link the VIs again.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability Response plugin activation does not complete due to an error on the index creation The Vulnerability Response plugin activation fails and gets stuck on the screen. This is caused by the failure of the index creation (on table: sn_vul_vulnerable_item, field: vulnerability).

Vulnerability Response


Qualys Appliance Import ignores new records and matches the incorrect CI when multiple IPs are involved

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability item 'desired_state' is undefined in Internet Explorer, but works fine in Chrome
  1. In IE, navigate to the Vulnerability Item.
  2. Click Close/Ignore.
  3. Fill out the state as 'Fixed'.
  4. Select the 'Fixed' substate.

Expected behavior: Two radio buttons should appear under the substate field and users should be able to choose a closing option.

Actual behavior: Radio buttons do not appear on the form and an error is displayed in the console. However, it works fine in Chrome.



WorkflowApprovalUtils.cancelAll() is not working correctly after PRB713188

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 5

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.