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Jakarta Patch 3

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Jakarta Patch 3

The Jakarta Patch 3 release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta Patch 3 was released on September 13, 2017.
Build date: 09-05-2017_1648
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch3-08-23-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta Patch 3, refer to KB0623769.

Notable Fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




In Jakarta, setting the property 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' to 'false' causes issues with List v2 pagination and context menu This issue only affects List v2 users. When the property 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' is set to 'false', list pagination and the context menu do not work.
  1. Ensure that List v2 is active.
  2. Go to / and set the property glide.ui.escape_all_script to false.
  3. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  4. Filter the incident based on any date field with a "before" or "after" parameter.

Note that data is filtered but the list context menu and pagination are not working.

Activity Stream



Line breaks in multi-line string fields are removed in activity stream Line breaks in string type description field do not appear in UI16.

The following steps use the incident activity formatter as an example.

  1. Open an instance and ensure that you are using UI16.
  2. Navigate to Incident > All.
  3. Open an incident record.
  4. Click the menu icon and select Configure > Form Layout.
  5. Add the Description field.
  6. Do one of the following to configure the activity formatter and include the Description field:
    • Update the glide.ui.incident_activity.fields system property
    • Customize the fields on the activity formatter
  7. Open a saved incident record.
  8. Add the following text to the Description field:

    'All work and no play make\n\n'

    'Jack a dull boy\n\n'

  9. Save the record.

    Note that the text you added in step 8 is presented in a single line in the activity formatter.

  10. Switch the user interface from UI16 to UI15.
  11. Open the record from step 7.

Note that the text added in step 8 is displayed on two separate lines.

UI Components



g_form.isReadOnly does not work for most fields when marked read-only on their dictionary record

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Import / Export



Trying to create an xlsx format template (for update operations) fails for tables containing a currency output field Exporting an import template and attempting to save it as an Excel template file locally fails. The import template has zero bytes and cannot be opened.
  1. Navigate to Asset > Portfolios > Hardware Assets.
  2. Right-click a column header and choose Import.
  3. Select the Update option and click Create Excel template.

    Wait for the export to complete.

  4. Click Download and save the file locally.
  5. Try to open the xlsx file.

The file size shows zero bytes and an error message appears.

UI Components



Reference fields with & in their display value show as & when glide.ui.escape_text is false
  1. Make sure glide.ui.escape_text is set to false.
  2. Clear the cache, log out, and log in to verify.
  3. Create a group called A & B.
  4. Open incident.
  5. Change assignment group to A & B.

Expected behavior: The group shows as A & B.

Actual behavior: The group shows as A & B.




In List v2, a tooltip with the full text does not appear as expected when users hover over a truncated cell When the value is too long to display completely in the cell, an ellipsis is used to signify that the value is truncated. When users point to the value, a tooltip with the full value should appear. However, no tooltip appears in List v2.
  1. Navigate to sys_properties.list in List v2.
  2. In the Description column, point to a value that ends with ...

A tooltip that contains the full value is expected to appear, but nothing happens.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


Building history sets can result in a mutex lock and cause performance issues Multiple users accessing a record at the same time can cause performance issues because history sets are not allowed to build concurrently. Transactions get stuck while the first transaction builds the history set, which sometimes leads to the semaphore exhaustion on all nodes.

Agile Development


SDLC progress board UI issues The task board will not refresh automatically to show the entire task. Additionally, changing the state of a story and saving it will not result in the disappearance of the dialog box.



Archive rule on a table hierarchy does not archive the related records of children in the hierarchy The archival plugin allows only one archive rule per table hierarchy. When an archive rule is defined on a parent table in a hierarchy to archive/delete related records, the archival will only archive records in the parent and child tables in the hierarchy. It will not archive/delete the related records of child tables.

Cloud Management Application


Validation of input data before ordering Proper validation needs to be enforced on the order form. Users should be prevented from submitting blueprint catalog items without allowed patterns and values.

Cloud Management Application


MID Server discovery/operation intermittently fails with Request date header too old When the header's timestamp is older than 15 minutes from the request made, users may receive 403 errors for blob storage Azure requests.

Cloud Management Application


Only one security group is populated for AWS VM network selection All possible security groups should be displayed for an AWS VM selected network, but only one is displayed.


  • Set up CMP, service account, and cloud accounts for AWS. Then, run discovery.
  • Set up OS and compute profiles for AWS.
  • Create a blueprint to provision an AWS VM.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Order a catalog item for an AWS VM.
  2. On the order form, pick a network with multiple security groups.
  3. Look at the security group dropdown.

Only one security group is displayed instead of all possible security groups for the selected network.

Cloud Management Application


Blueprint imported through REST API Will not have deployment diagram Many users move their blueprints around from one instance to other by importing them through the REST API. This PRB causes blueprint diagrams to get lost during REST API imports.

Cloud Management Application


The attribute stackId is causing the deserialization to OrderDTO fail

Cloud Management Application


For the Virtual_Server_Datastore, attribute Datastore is missing
  1. Log into the application as an admin.
  2. Create blueprint VM on VMware.
  3. Navigate to Operations > Steps.
  4. Click on Virtual Server. provision operation.
  5. Search Datastore attribute and check the Show in form checkbox.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Generate Entities under related links.
  8. Click Virtual_Server_Datastore attribute link.

For the Virtual_Server_Datastore attribute, Datastore is missing. It does not reload any value from the pool if it is not fixed.

Cloud Management Application


OS Template: For VMware OS templates, the Guest OS attribute is not visible by default
  1. Navigate to OS Profile.
  2. Create a new OS profile called Centos.
  3. In the OS Profile Mappings section, click New.
  4. Select the cloud account and location.
  5. Type Centos Image Template in the select box and select the required Centos image.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. In the OS Profile Mappings section, click the image you selected for Centos.

The Guest OS should be a mandatory attribute that is always visible to the user, but users cannot see it.

Cloud Management Application


Virtual Server StorageAccount field is made mandatory for AWS provision This issue occurs for users with hybrid cloud setups and constraints are added. The storage account field is made mandatory, but it does not show up on the order form. Users cannot submit orders, and VMs on AWS do not work as expected.


  • Create an AWS cloud account and run discovery.
  • Set up an OS profile and compute profile.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to the Blueprint Module.
  2. Create a new blueprint (hybrid VM):
    • VM on logical datacenter
    • Select logical datacenter
    • Add the constraints AWS, Vsphere, and Azure
  3. Check the blueprint out, publish it to a catalog, and enable the Active check box.
  4. Navigate to the cloud user portal.
  5. Click Launch a Stack.
  6. Select the catalog item and click Launch.
  7. Enter valid data in the order form.
  8. Click Submit.

The Virtual Server Storage Account field is mandatory.

Cloud Management Application


Non-VM resources are showing up in searches for Resource Alias name
  1. Create a blueprint that contains a Storage Volume, a Virtual Server, and a vSphere Datacenter.
  2. Navigate to OS profiles.
  3. Click an existing OS profile (e.g. Centos).
  4. Click Cloud Script OS Profile Mappings > New.
  5. Select the blueprint.
  6. Click the search icon to select Resource Alias.

All VM resources are listed.

Cloud Management Application


The Event field should show up by default, and it should be mandatory
  1. Navigate to Blueprint.
  2. Create a new blueprint for a VM on Vsphere.
  3. Generate a form.
  4. Create a new form load rule.

The Event is added from the form layout, but the Event field show up by default and it should be mandatory.

Cloud Management Application


AzureVM Provision: Error message is not correct when password is not set in image credentials


  1. Set up the OS and compute profiles.
  2. Create a blueprint to provision a VM on Azure.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to OS Profile.
  2. Open the image template details.
  3. Next to the credentials select box, click the information button to open the associated image credentials.
  4. Leave the username as-is, remove the entered password, and save.
  5. Navigate to User Portal.
  6. Submit the order to provision a VM.

The error message does not display proper logs that reflect the password is not set.

Cloud Management Application


AWS tags are not being discovered Discovering resources in an AWS datacenter does not return existing tag values for those resources.
  1. Create an AWS Service Account.
  2. Discover datacenters.
  3. Run discovery against a specific datacenter with tagged resources (e.g. tagged EC2 instances).
  4. Examine the discovered VM's tag values.

There is no data present.

Cloud Management Application


Unable to add an existing script under response processor
  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Service Design > Resource Blocks and click New.
  2. Create a resource block named Test, fill out the fields, and submit it.
  3. In the Test resource block, click Resource Script.
  4. Create a new resource script of type Response Processor, and submit it.
  5. Navigate to Operations > Steps.
  6. Select ConnectAndCreateVirtualMachine and add a step such as ComputeInterface.createnode.
  7. Select ComputeInterface.createnode and click Response Processor.
  8. Click the + to add the response processor script.

The list does not show any script names for you to select.

Cloud Management Application


Azure discovery fails with "Missing service principal field: ClientId" when both v1 and v2 are installed When the pre-Jakarta Azure plugins are installed along with the new Jakarta Cloud Management plugins, attempts to discover Azure datacenter result in a root exception.

The following error occurs:

org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException: Missing service principal field: ClientId - if your Azure credential (service principal) was imported, please restart your MID server and try again. (script_include:AzureCloudAPIBase; line 341)

Cloud Management Application


Provisioned AWS virtual machine instances do not contain memory information in CMDB
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Create an AWS cloud account and run discovery.
  3. Create an AWS Virtual Machine blueprint and provision.
  4. After the provision is completed, check the cmdb_ci_vm_instance table.

Memory information is not stored for the provisioned Virtual Machine instances.

Cloud Management Application


Inconsistency in the activation of catalog items When importing a YAML blueprint, a catalog item is created and automatically activated. However, when creating a catalog item from a cloud template record, the catalog item is inactive by default and users have to activate it.
  1. Import YAML blueprint and navigate to the resulting catalog item.

    Observe it is already active.

  2. Navigate to cloud templates and paste in a YAML blueprint.
  3. Select ServiceNow blueprint as the type.
  4. Save the record.
  5. Click Create blueprint and catalog item.

Observe it creates a catalog item that is not active and you have to activate it yourself.

Cloud Management Application


Custom approval policy fails Custom approval workflow does not spawn from policy.

Cloud Management Application


Azure Alert implementation needs to get updated due to Microsoft changes

Microsoft has released a new version of their alert mechanism, and the current alert mechanism will no longer be supported starting on October 1, 2017. This affects Cloud customers who are using the com.sn_azure plugin with Azure Alerts turned on.

The Azure Alert mechanism syncs the status of CMDB Azure cloud CI's with the actual CI in the cloud. For example, a user runs discovery against Azure when one VM in the 'On' state. However, before the next discovery is run, the VM goes down or someone turns the VM off. Since discoveries do not occur continuously, Azure Alerts immediately provide the new VM status and keep the CMDB in sync with the actual cloud CI.

In order to continue receiving Azure alerts from Microsoft, users need the fix for this PRB.

Cloud Management Application


Disk attach only works for LSI controllers Currently, only disks with LSI controllers can be attached in vCenter. Disks with non-LSI controllers should be allowed as well.

Cloud Management Application


Azure private images are not getting discovered This problem occurs when Azure private images are created from a VM that uses a managed disk.



Communities wrapper script includes are only accessible within scope and are read-only protected Without the fix for this PRB, users cannot customize the Community product functionality.



User activity streams are not populated when activities are created Since the user activity streams are not populated, there is no activity feed or email notifications.



Subscriptions are not working for external users The following issues exist with subscriptions for external users:
  • When external users post in Community, they are not auto-subscribed to the content.
  • Clicking on Subscribe on Forum, topic landing pages, and content pages does not respond.
  • If an external user is not subscribed to the forum and posts content in the same forum, then the post can disappear from the activity feed on the home page and profile page.
  1. Log into Community as an external user.
  2. Posts a question in a forum (IPv6).

    Make sure the user is not subscribed to this forum. Observe that the post disappears after some time or after the page refreshes.

  3. Click on the question.

    Observe the user is auto-subscribed to that question.

  4. Click subscribe.

It is not responding.



The avatar is not showing correctly in the activity feed After the questioner marks a person's answer as correct, the avatar of this person is not displayed in the activity feed, which throws a console error.
  1. Log into Community as David Loo and subscribe to IPv6 forum.
  2. Log into Community as Abel Tuter.
  3. Post a question in forum (IPv6).
  4. Log in as David Loo and answer the question above.
  5. Log in as Abel Tuter, mark David's answer as correct, and navigate to Abel's activity feed.

Observe that David's avatar is not displayed in activity feed.

Core Platform


Download scheduled jobs for cds_client_name and cds_client_mapping are not active by default
  1. Activate the com.glide.data_services_canonicalization.client plugin.
  2. Go to the cds_client_schedule table.

The scheduled jobs for cds_client_name and cds_client_mapping are not active.

Customer Service Management


Approval workflow is not working as expected when a plugin is active This issue occurs when the Customer Service Management demo data plugin is installed and there is more than one approval group in the approvals workflow. If users have the sn_customerservice.customer role, they do not need to wait for other approvers to approve a record. Then, the workflow activity is approved.

Domain Support


UI15/UI16: Domain reference picker does not show 'global' option After activating the Domain Separation plugin, the domain reference picker does not show the 'global' option. The global domain placeholder cannot be selected by admin users.


  • Ensure the reference domain picker is activated on the instance.
  • Ensure Domain XXX is the default domain.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Change the domain from picker to TOP/MSP.
  3. Try to change the domain to Global.

    The global domain cannot be found. Clicking Reset to default sets the domain to XXX (no global domain).

  4. Open any record from sys_user table.
  5. Change the domain from XXX to Global.
  6. Save.

The admins cannot go back to the global domain using the reference domain picker.

Edge Encryption


Edge proxies fail to recover from network outages, exceeding the exchange queue size and never catching up to it once the network recovers After a network outage, the Edge Encryption proxy server fails to recover. The instance marks that proxy as unresponsive during the outage and online after the outage. However, users still cannot access the instance from that proxy. 502 errors are thrown from the client side for requests going through the proxy. In the proxy server log, the following error is thrown: Max queue size 1024 exceeded by HttpRequest.

Event Management


After a CI is changed to Maintenance, the old alert is reopened instead of creating a new alert
  1. Check the interval for evt_mgmt.active_interval (e.g. 900 seconds).
  2. Create an alert on a CI and close it, make sure the alert is not in maintenance, and close it.
  3. Wait for the duration of the evt_mgmt.active_interval (e.g. 900 seconds).
  4. Open the CI.
  5. Change the CI's status to In maintenance.
  6. After one minute, check the alert.

    It should be marked as Maintenance: True with the sys_updated_on updated.

  7. Send an event with the alert's message_key.

The event will be bound to the old alert. Instead of creating a new alert, the old alert is reopened.

Express to Enterprise


Records are showing up blank for admin users After an upgrade from Express to Enterprise, admin users no longer have the read/write access to different tables.

Facilities Service Management


The Floor Plan Filters popover is slow when there are many rendered options (10,000 or more)
  1. Install the Facilities Visualization Workbench plugin.
  2. Create 10,000 cmn_department records.
  3. Navigate to $
  4. Open the Filter popover and click around.

Notice the delays.

Financial Management


When a hierarchy has more than 10 levels, segments do not display on the Workbench UI When a hierarchy has 10 or more levels and users on the Workbench are trying to add segments through the manual rollup method, the "To Segment" dropdown will show only 1 or 2 options or nothing.
  1. Install the ITFM plugin.
  2. In the Workbench UI, find an account that has 10 or more hierarchy levels.
  3. Click on one of the boxes inside an account.
  4. On the Default Rollups tab, select Manual from the Rollup Method.
  5. Click Add rollup.
  6. Under the 'To Segment', the dropdown is empty or only shows 1 or 2 options.

The dropdown does not show all segments from itfm_bucket_allocation_account.

Human Resources Service Management


HR Ticket page performance issue when the number of records in the task table is more than 6 million When the task table contains more than 6 million records, the HR Ticket page experiences performance issues.
  1. Log in to an instance with around 5 million records in the task table.
  2. Activate the HR scoped Service Portal plugin.
  3. Go to any HR ticket page.

There is a performance delay in loading the ticket page, and all dependent REST APIs are timing out.

Import / Export


Load data using Oracle JDBC data source via MID Server fails with NullPointerException The issue is triggered when columns of TIMESTAMP data type containing NULL values are queried. Returning a NULL value in the result set causes later data processing to fail.

Import / Export


Large CSV/JDBC/XLS imports holds memory through Import process When importing data from large CSV, JDBC, or XLS files, memory usage increases and does not go down.

Knowledge Management



The page kb_article_view does not render properly in French language If the com.snc.knowledge_serviceportal plugin is enabled and French language is selected, the kb_article_view page in Service Portal does not render properly. Also, the Comments & Helpful section is missing from the page.
  1. Enable both plugins:com.snc.knowledge_serviceportal and com.snc.i18n.french.
  2. Follow the steps below:
    1. Change language to French.
    2. Open the following link:


      of the article>

The page should render properly with the Helpful and Comments sections showing. However, the page will not render properly. The Helpful & Comments Sections are missing. It also throws some JavaScript errors in the console.



With List v3 enabled for related lists and having the related record and source record open in separate tabs, editing the related record updates the source record fields
  1. Navigate to Incidents > Open.
  2. Open any incident.
  3. Add the "Problem->Parent" related list to the form.
  4. From the "Problems" related list, select Edit.
  5. Add any problem to the list.
  6. Open the added problem in a separate tab.

    The incident will be opened in one tab and the related problem in another tab.

  7. Change the short description of the problem and save the record.

Expected behavior: The short description of the problem will change and the incident fields will remain unchanged.

Actual behavior: The short description of both the problem and the incident fields change to the new value.



Duplicate tabs appear on a related list that loads after the form loads (List V3 enabled) When a related list is loaded after the form loads with List v3 enabled, a second copy of the related list tabs also load on the form.


  • Activate the List v3 plugin.
  • Enabled related lists to work with List v3.
  • Ensure there are a few v2 related lists mixed with the v3 related list on your test form.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to any item_option_new record (variable).
  2. Add the following related list:
    • Question choice: Question
    • Options: Question
    • Item variable assignments: Item Variable
    • Item variable assignments: Order Guide Variable
    • Variable layout: Variable, Updates, Versions
  3. Make sure you set your related list to load After the form loads.
  4. On the item_option_new record, reload the list and scroll all the way down to see the related list.

After several refreshes, a duplicate set of tabs is loaded. This issue is sporadic and requires multiple refreshes of the form.

MID Server


Some sudoers configurations will break snc_ssh A java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException error is thrown.

MID Server


MID Servers can persistently get TCP timeouts for a certain IP until the MID is restarted

MID Server


CyberArk integration does not work with VMware VMware Discovery does not work with CyberArk. VMware needs to add DomainName to account (identical to windows) - without a domain prefix, it cannot log in.
  1. Integrate with CyberArk.
  2. Add a VMware credential in CyberArk.
  3. Add the credential in ServiceNow.
  4. Discover the IP that hosts VCenter.

MID Server



MID Server operation stalls indefinitely on failed credential load due to 429 error

API transactions to the instance can fail during heavy traffic. If the database stalls briefly under load, the queue of 50 can pile up quickly, resulting in 429 errors coming back to requests. If this occurs when a credential load is in progress, the error is not handled and discovery stalls. Other operations can also be impacted, such as MID Server log writes where there is no queue and retry.

This does not impact ECC queue traffic because there are inbound and outbound queues that hold the traffic that does not get received or sent.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Password Reset Application


password_reset.request.max_ attempt_window sets expire date in the past if you set the property with a value over than 27 days When the password_reset.request.max_attempt_window property is set to a value longer than 27 days, users are able to retry password resets for an indefinite period of time.

Password Reset Application


After the deletion of a device from the enrollment page, clicking Submit redirects page to 'Notification Preference' with bad device reference When an SMS device is deleted from a password reset enrollment, the exit screen returns to a device notification form rather than the enrollment successful screen.

Performance Analytics


Workbench widget crashes on IE11 (PA Dashboards, Service Portal)

In IE11:

  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Add the workbench widget to a dashboard.

    The workbench widget causes IE11 to crash.

  3. Navigate to Service Portal Configuration > Designer.
  4. Add a new page and insert the workbench widget.
  5. Switch to preview.

The workbench widget causes IE11 to crash.



Jakarta upgrade issue with CMDB flattening. Errant CMDB dictionary records can prevent the successful completion of TPP migration




A specific StackOverflowError during a query can leave a node in the corrupt state During a database query, a specific StackOverflowError can lead to incorrect data deletion or insertion. Due to the unpredictable nature of the error, symptoms are varied and could include any or none of the following:
  • Multiple scheduled jobs (sys_trigger table) are mysteriously deleted.
  • Business rule records are mysteriously inserted (sys_scripts).



An ALTER that has already taken 24 hours is not finished as expected



Performance issues can occur for large tables on instances with many concurrent writes to the table being altered



Large table updates are not chunked, resulting in performance degradation



Translated fields on partition tables result in invalid SQL and the inability to query tables
  1. Have a field stored on a partition table per sys_storage_alias.storage_table_name (e.g. cmdb$par1).
  2. Make that field a translated type in sys_dictionary (e.g. translated HTML).
  3. Open the table that contains that field.

If there are no other fields that are stored on the same partition as the translated HTML field, the partition will never be joined and the SQL statement will fail.

Project Portfolio Management


JavaScript error on loading the planning console A JavaScript error occurs when the planning console is loading. This issue happens in Chrome and Safari.

Security Incident Response


Performance issues with the Qualys integration for Vulnerability Management The Qualys integration for Vulnerability Management needs to limit the data that is going to be imported.

Security Incident Response


Remove all references to "Intel" for McAfee integrations and update logo in Integration config

Security Incident Response


Splunk app cannot create security incidents with the sn_si_integration_user role due to scoped administration If scoped administration is enabled, the Splunk application on Splunkbase fails to create security incidents for users with the role sn_si.integration_user.
  1. Activate the Security Incident Response plugin.
  2. Create a user with only the role sn_si.integration_user.
  3. Log in as that user.
  4. Navigate to the sn_si_incident_import table.

The user does not have access to this table. Alternatively,

  1. Log in to the Splunk app.
  2. Click Create ServiceNow Security Incident to create a security incident.

A 403 permissions error message is displayed.

Service Catalog



On Jakarta, g_form.addOption with an empty value adds the label instead When the addOptions API is used in an onLoad catalog client scripts, the '-- None --' option is being set as the value of the select box field.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Reference variables autocomplete attributes defined on variables attributes are not honored in catalog reference variables Autocomplete is not working with the column set up in variable attributes. It is not returning any result and giving an error 'Invalid reference'.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog


Reference type variables with a reference qualifier are ignoring the reference qualifier in the lookup popup when the tree_picker attribute is set to true When the tree picker format is used for the list of records on the referenced table, after users click the reference lookup icon on a Service Catalog reference variable, the reference qualifier is not applied in some situations.
  1. Navigate to the Service Catalog module and create a new catalog item.
  2. Create a reference field variable with attribute set as tree_picker=true in default value column. For example, the table is referring to cmn_location.
  3. Make sure that variable has a reference qualifier condition as a simple one. For example, [Condition] [is] [Where City] [is one of] [Baltimore, Seattle].
  4. Save the catalog item and click Try it.

Expected behavior: The list should respect the condition defined under the reference qualifier variable (e.g. Baltimore and Seattle).

Actual behavior: The list of records only respects the defined table - it does not honor the condition defined when users set the tree_picker attribute as true. For example, when users type 'San Diego' (which is not part of the defined condition), and click on the reference icon, it displays the list of records belonging to San Diego.

ServiceNow Store Site


Issue with UTF-8 support to upload files After an app is uploaded, the app title shows up as '???' if it contains Japanese characters.

Service Portal


Table checkboxes need to be labeled for accessibility This issue affects Firefox/NVDA. Chrome/VoiceOver are unaffected.
  1. Navigate to the Service Portal.
  2. Click System Status.
  3. Examine the contents of the table.

Other than the service names, none of the values in the table are in the tab order.

Software Asset Management


Error message after receiving a Software Purchase Order Line After receiving a Software Purchase Order, users are sent to the Request form. The error message 'Invalid entitlement license metric type' is displayed.

Source Control Integration



Exceptions thrown during Source Control Commit can leave the local repository dirty, preventing further operations If an exception is thrown during source control commit (export), the local repository can be left in a dirty state, preventing any further source control operations.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Users are unable to enter further values into Watch List fields on templates after entering an invalid value When entering an invalid value in the Watch List field on a template, users get an error "Please enter a valid email address or User". After this occurs, they are unable to use autocomplete to assign further users to the field.
  1. Navigate to an existing change request record or create a new change request record.
  2. Add a user to the Watch List field and save the record.
  3. Create a new template.
  4. Use the "type ahead" or the magnifying glass icon to search and add a new user to the Watch List field. Keep adding users until you see an error message.

All the existing users will be cleared and new users cannot be added to the template.

Test Management


Adding test cases to a test plan causes an error The feature 'Add Test Cases from Test Suite' fails on test records.
  1. Navigate to Test Management > Test Plans.
  2. Create a new test plan and save.
  3. Open a new test plan.
  4. Click Add Test Cases from Test Suite.
  5. Enter a test suite name in the pop-up window.
  6. Click OK.

Transaction and Session Management


After upgrading from Geneva to Istanbul, timeout popup screen does not appear after timeout After a session times out, the timeout popup screen does not appear.

UI Components


The 'Edit tag' icon on the incident form is visible but does not work
  1. Log into the instance and switch to the UI15 interface.
  2. Open any incident records.
  3. Click the 'Edit tag' icon on the navigation bar.

Expected behavior: An input box should appear to insert a new tag.

Actual behavior: The 'Edit tag' button is not responsive when clicked.

UI Components



Incident priority lookup is not working after an upgrade to Jakarta After an upgrade to Jakarta, the Priority field does not automatically change when the values for the Urgency or Impact fields change.
  1. Open an instance in any version prior to Jakarta.
  2. Upgrade to Jakarta.
  3. Open an incident and try changing the Impact and Urgency choice list values.

Expected behavior: The Priority field should change automatically when the Urgency or Impact field changes.

Actual behavior: The Priority lookup does not get triggered immediately after an upgrade.

UI Components


CI reference field which depends on another CI reference field shows no upstream/downstream relationships with attribute tree_picker=true When a CI reference field depends on another CI reference field and has the tree_picker attribute set to true, the downstream/upstream relationship does not work correctly.
  1. Create the following dictionary records:
    • Label: CI1

      Name: u_ci1

      Type: Reference

      Reference: Configuration Item (cmdb_ci)

    • Label: CI2

      Name: u_ci2

      Type: Reference

      Reference: Configuration Item (cmdb_ci)

      Dependent: u_ci1

      Attribute: tree_picker=true

  2. Add CI1 and CI2 to the problem form.
  3. Open a problem and set CI1 to Blackberry.
    Note: This is an out-of-box demo CI with relationships defined.
  4. Click the magnifying glass next to CI2.
Expected behavior: A list of downstream and upstream relations allows users to choose a CI.

Actual behavior: An empty list of downstream and upstream relations appears.

UI Components



sys_Metadata_delete grows rapidly for sys_filter deletes and causes outages during upgrades

The Activity Stream field will add a 'mobile = true' sys_filter every time it is viewed. Once 11 or more such records have been created for a single user, the code starts to delete them.

For users who use the activity stream, this can result in tens of thousands of such records being created and deleted per week.

When these records are deleted, they stay in the table as sys_metadata_delete records because these records are tracked in sys_metadata. Also, they have sys_customer_update set to true, so that for versions affected by PRB951491, the node running the database upgrade can be out of memory.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



Defined related list does not display the correct number on the tab if there is a default filter on the list and List v3 is enabled

When multiple related lists are displayed in a tabbed layout on a form, the tab displays the count of records on that list in the format n, where n is the number of records in the list.

If using List v2, the number n displayed in the tab correctly reflects the number of records displayed in the related list if a filter is applied. So if the related list initially contains five records, and it is filtered so only three records are displayed, the tab shows 3, not 5. If List v3 is active and you view the same related list with the filter, the tab shows 5 even though only three records are displayed.

This behavior occurs with List v3 active if the List v3 related list setting is not off.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Update Sets


Unable to edit the sys_property glide.update_set.auto_preview as an admin

Visual Task Boards


Clicking assignee avatar from A-side automatically promotes to member In mobile, if a VTB assignee's avatar is clicked from the A-side, the user is promoted to a member of the VTB.

Using an iPad:

  1. Open a VTB board.
  2. Open the A-side by clicking the Member icon.
  3. Click an assignee's avatar.

Instead of taking the user to the profile page, the assignee is promoted as a member.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability Groups with a filter type of 'Condition' or 'Filter Group' may cause Vulnerability Inserts and Updates to slow down exponentially
  1. Load a system with Vulnerabilities and Vulnerable Items.
  2. Test the performance of an import of a known size.
  3. Create several Vulnerability Groups with a filter type that is not Vulnerability.
  4. Retest the import's performance.



Need to add protection against infinite loop when traversing all positive paths during Generate workflow activity The 'generate tasks activity' does not work as expected in normal and standard workflows. The activity does not work unless a user deleted and adds the activity again.



After an upgrade to Jakarta, the checkout page is blank In Service Catalog, the checkout page does not work when there is a workflow assigned to the item.
  1. Navigate to the requested item (sc_req_item) table and make the default value empty for dictionary entry 'Stage'.
  2. Open any catalog item.
  3. Fill out the catalog form.
  4. Click Try it.
  5. Submit the item.

Expected behavior: It should display the order status with the created REQ and RITM.

Actual behavior: It displays a blank page.



Stage field is empty in the list view with domain separation enabled wf_stage has a domain_master attribute pointing to wf_workflow_version. For different domain users, they will see an empty stage in the activity_stage field on workflow version.

Other Jakarta Patch 3 information

Security Operations
  • Splunk integration setup

    Before performing Splunk integration setup procedures, be sure to define an integration user with the sn_si.integration_user and sn_si.analyst roles on your ServiceNow instance. Additionally, in order to perform imports, you need the import_transformer role to obtain read and write permission to the security tables. The sn_si.integration_user role should be defined with the import_transformer portion of the role.

Now Platform
  • Use domain selection menus

    To return to your home domain, click the return arrow next to the reference field. Admin users can click the return arrow to return to the global domain.

Fixes included with Jakarta Patch 3

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.